Food prices in Thailand; Thai cafes, street food at makashnits

Food prices in Thailand; Thai cafes, street food at makashnits

Our gastronomic tour will take place on one of the most beautiful islands of Thailand Samui - in the province of Surat Thani.

You can enjoy the whole palette of tastes of traditional Thai, French and Japanese cuisine, feel the atmosphere of national Thai markets, food courts, cafes and the best scenic restaurants of the island.

In addition to restaurants and cafes of traditional Thai cuisine, you will find a French bakery with real French desserts from a native French chef and owner, as well as a traditional Japanese restaurant by a native Japanese chef and owner.

What will we do on the tour

** 1. Tom Yum Gung **

Soup with fresh shrimp, straw mushrooms, tomatoes, lemongrass, galangal and kaffir lime leaves.

The base of the soup is low-fat, rich chicken broth with the addition of nam-pla (traditional fish sauce), coconut milk, chili and original tom yam paste. Sometimes young shoots of corn and pieces of fresh poultry are used.

Tom Yam combines various flavors: spicy and sweet and sour, spicy and salty. It is the clear leader of Thai cuisine and a visiting card of the kingdom.

Som Tam is the most famous salad in Thailand.

Crushed chili and young garlic are mixed with tamarind paste, fish sauce, dried shrimp and peanuts are added. As well as lime juice, young cherries and cane sugar, bean sprouts and young papaya.

A unique sweetish aroma combined with a mischievous sourness will reveal the entire spectrum of freshness of the ingredients.

Pad Thai is definitely the leader of Thai cuisine.

Handmade noodles with shrimp or chicken, pork or crab, duck or fried egg. The ingredients are: crushed roasted peanuts, Nam Pla sauce, soy sauce, green onions, lime pieces, cane sugar and young bean sprouts, chili and garlic.

How many peoples - so many traditions. It's hard to argue with that. One way to get to know a particular culture better is to sample the local cuisine. Thailand will provide such invaluable experience. Local buffets and restaurants provide a special atmosphere and original approach to food. In this article, we will understand the principles of Thai public catering and select the most interesting places in Pattaya.

How Pattaya Unlimited Buffets Work

Local buffets are like a buffet. Only the products are mostly raw. You will have to cook meat and seafood yourself. You can also choose ready-made meals.

In many restaurants, visiting times are strictly negotiated. It usually does not exceed 90 minutes. For violation of the schedule, you will have to pay a fine equal to the payment for the visit. Knowing this feature, beginners should cook only the simplest dishes in such restaurants or be content with ready-made ones. For an additional fee, you can use the services of a professional chef.

We should also say a few words about drinks. Non-alcoholic - sometimes served free of charge. Their assortment is quite wide. These are all kinds of soda, cocktails, juices, as well as coffee and tea. Alcoholic - from lighter beer and wine to fairly strong alcohol.

All seasons steak buffet

This establishment is open to customers every day from 11 am. Each visitor is charged 319 baht (10.1 USD). But the system of discounts for children is very curious. It does not depend on age, but on height. So, if the child's height does not reach 1 m and 10 cm, then only 175 baht (5.0 USD) will have to be paid for it.

There are raw fish and grilled meats on the menu. You shouldn't expect any special exoticism among seafood. But you can safely count on shrimp, crabs and squid. Side dishes are also quite traditional: pasta or potatoes. Alternatively, you can order an assorted vegetable stew. Among the ready-made first courses, even borscht is served! And, of course, there are Japanese rolls. Each visitor can choose a suitable sauce for himself.

But there are no desserts here. An alternative would be fruit distributed in portioned containers. Drinks are immediately included in the cost of the visit. Only alcohol is paid separately. The stay here is short - only 75 minutes. Before leaving, be sure to clean up everything after you, otherwise you will be fined 175 baht (5.0 USD). It is not difficult to find an institution: it is located on the 5th floor of the Central Festival shopping center.

Hajime Restaurant

Welcomes visitors from 11 am to 10 pm. will offer 2 types of service. The first is shabu shabu. Self-cooking in a grill pan. It will cost 379 baht (12.3 USD). The second is teppanyaki. Includes barbecue + grill. For this you will have to pay an additional 120 baht (3.4 USD). The service in this establishment will surprise you. Raw foods do not need to be collected on your own. The miracle robot will take care of everything. It is only necessary to set the required set of products.

A smart car will deliver everything directly to the table. The menu always includes poultry, marine and freshwater fish species (including predatory specimens). King prawns and octopus are also available. A wide selection of vegetables and mushrooms. Desserts, fruits and drinks are presented separately. This restaurant is considered Japanese. An hour and a half is allotted for everything about everything.

Red kimchi bbq buffet

Everyone knows the phrase "Thai cuisine", but only those who have visited this country at least once have had a chance to taste and find out what they eat in Thailand. And those who live there or spend the winter are even more lucky - for them this exotic food is becoming commonplace. I know that some of the Thai cuisine has time to get bored during the winter, but I haven’t gotten tired of it for all these years, so I can only give a positive review. Now in Moscow I sometimes try to cook something Thai or just go to a Thai cafe.

Only I have never eaten in Russia, really, normal Thai food, that Tom Yam, that Pad Thai, are very different from what I am used to in Thailand. But it may well be that you will like Russian Thai food more, as it is more adapted, after all, any Azite food is specific.

About Thai food

Food Cult

One can safely say that there is a cult of food in Thailand. Not only are the Thais themselves not at all embarrassed to eat absolutely everywhere (soup or roast is often eaten directly from a plastic bag, sitting at a bus stop or just on the sidewalk), it is also impossible to take a step so as not to bump into the food for sale - it is everywhere. One can thank for this, first of all, the so-called makashnitsa (this is any kind of seller who carries his “kitchen” with him on wheels, whether it be a bike or just a bicycle). I will talk about them separately below.

Is it dangerous to eat in Thai cafes?

It is customary for Thais to eat only freshly prepared meals and not leave cooked food for the next day. So even in a scary at first glance look of street cafes, food will be fresh and tasty. In general, food is often prepared right in front of you - be it fried pancakes, pad thai, or even soups. This can be seen especially clearly in the food courts of hypermarkets, where, right in front of you, noodles are fried in a sauce to order, the ingredients of tom yam are thrown into the broth, and the salad dressing som-tam is pounded in a mortar. In addition, Thais put a lot of hot peppers, curries and other spices in their food that kill excess germs.

At first it was scary to buy food from these dubious cooks, but after trying it once, we realized that often food in makashnitsa or simple cafes (including fukdorts) is even tastier than in a licked European cafe. And never once in all the time spent in Tai we personally did not get caught up in anything and did not experience problems with digestion, although we boldly tried to eat in different seemingly not presentable places.

So don't worry about food safety in Thailand. Do not rush to try everything right away, but you do not need to be afraid of Thai food, bypassing it. You just need to score on unsanitary conditions.

What to try with food, main dishes

It may seem like Thai food has little variety, but this is far from the case. Sometimes you are even surprised at the boldness of their culinary art in mixing seemingly incompatible products and tastes. All dishes are based on rice and its derivatives. Moreover, the rice itself is of several types (brown, crumbly white and sticky), and rice pasta amazes with the variety of its forms. For Thais, rice is like bread for us, it can be served with anything. And there is a great multitude of this anything! I will not say that I tried all Thai cuisine, but a couple of dozen dishes for sure. The most favorite are still Pad Thai and Khao Pad.

  • Pad Thai Kung - rice pasta with vegetables, sprouts, shrimps and sauce. Occasionally they might write Fried noodle on the menu, but most likely it won't be Pad Thai.
  • Kao Phad (fried rice) - fried rice with vegetables, chicken or shrimps.
  • Tom Yam is a sour and spicy soup, usually with shrimp and mushrooms (Tom Yam Kung), but maybe with chicken (Tom Yam Gai).
  • Tom Kha is also a soup, but less sour and less spicy compared to Tom Yam, with a large addition of coconut milk. Also served with either shrimp or chicken.
  • Som Tam (Papaya salad) - a spicy salad of green (unripe) papaya interspersed with small shrimps. If not warned, it will be very spicy. In its various varieties, there is also the addition of eggs, rotten crab, etc.

Please note, if you do not warn you when ordering a dish that you need no spicy (no spicy), then get ready to be a fire-breathing dragon. But do not worry, if you live in Thailand long enough, then you gradually begin to get used to the spiciness of the dishes, and then this is not even enough. By the way, sometimes when passing by the cooking food, the eyes start to watery from the pepper, and you just wonder how they stand there calmly over the stove.

Travel is different. Exotic, cultural, beach, romantic ... And there are gastronomic! Going to Italy, France, Spain or, for example, um ... to Thailand or Turkish Istanbul, you can not only relax and have fun, but also enjoy the mind-blowing goodies! Do you want to know how to please yourself and your stomach in 7 of the most delicious countries in the world, where food is elevated to a cult.

Italy: Neapolitan Margarita, prosciutto with melon, cacucco of fish species ...

Amazing Italian cuisine leaves my mind. Taste buds are looking forward to the holiday!

And now, without which Italy is not Italy ... Without a real Neapolitan Margarita - the ancestor of all pizzas. The thinnest dough with San Marzano tomatoes grown near Vesuvius is brought to a hot state in a wood-burning oven, and then covered with mozzarella di buffalo cheese, basil and drizzled with olive oil ... Oh, mamma mia! She brings me to ... Although I haven't eaten my prosciutto di parma yet!

... My # 2 culinary Oscar contender! Transparent slices of salty ham are served in Italy with ripe, aromatic melon. A glass of sweet rosé wine ... Mmmm ... Be-lis-si-mo!

From pasta devilishly dangerous for the figure, but divinely delicious Carbonara with goat cheese and bacon. And in Italy, they cook amazing risotto! Try it with truffles, seafood ... And if you want some soup, feel free to order thick Tuscan cacucco - from 5 varieties of fish, with the addition of red wine. You will also find artichokes in Roman style, the national Italian gelato ice cream with fruits, berries, chocolate and nuts ...

France: foie gras, onion soup, Provence cheeses, oysters ...

France is the home of gourmets! And French cuisine is rightfully considered the most exquisite and highest. Caution! Traveling to France is fraught with the development of your fine taste and attitude towards food as an art. Dishes are eaten here slowly, listening to their feelings and with great pleasure!

Many people go to France to enjoy ... Foie gras - this time! The liver of an overfed goose or duck is extremely healthy and tasty. The most delicate pate will masterly set off pear or fig marmalade, kiwi or currant berries. I recommend complementing all this beauty with a light Sauvignon Blanc with a gooseberry aroma ... Mmm! Tres bien!

# 2 in the list of French must eat - onion soup with a crispy cheese crust. Rooster in wine (kok-o-vein) with a baguette - that's three! The famous cheeses of Provence - four! Well, five - the crown of bliss ... Oysters! Yes Yes! My favorites are concave or crooked, from Arakshon, with a hazelnut flavor. It is unforgettable to enjoy them in the fresh air, accompanied by lemon juice, rose wine or even champagne. Too exquisite? In any French cafe you can eat mussels and fries. Simple, but also with a nautical note. Bon Appétit!

Spain: jamon, gazpacho, paella, sangria ...

Why is everyone so passionate about Spain? For its sunny beaches, passionate disposition, flamenco ... And, of course, for the famous Iberico ham! It is not in vain that the Spaniards sing an ode to this delicacy, calling it their happiness and pride, and also “pata negra”. I overeat them to the full and make sure to buy them with me - to friends and colleagues. Not sure what kind of jamon is? Explaining! This is a dry-cured ham from a special, black breed of pigs. Try a bite and dance with pleasure! Chilled sherry is the best for jamon.

Features of Thai cuisine

When traveling, you can't do without tasting local dishes. Gourmets will appreciate the offered treats at their true worth.

Initially, you should carefully try foods and dishes that are unusual for the body, otherwise your stomach may get sick. Thai cuisine has a number of features:

  • the main component of most dishes is rice;
  • large portions necessarily contain protein products (seafood or meat);
  • an unusual combination of ingredients ( for example, prawns with honey);
  • each recipe combines bitter, sweet, sour, salty, and spicy flavors;
  • Thai cuisine uses a lot of spices, so their dishes will seem to be unaccustomed spicy;
  • bakery products are not popular with the local population, so you can buy bread and pastries only in supermarkets.

Where to eat deliciously in Thailand

The developed catering industry includes a variety of establishments that are ready to serve customers around the clock. It is worth highlighting a few favorite places of vacationers:

  • Makashnits. Famous mobile trays offering a variety of dishes that are prepared directly in the presence of the client. There is no need to worry about the quality of the products, since the authorities strictly control the observance of sanitary standards in all establishments. The popular resorts of Pattaya and Phuket offer fairly affordable prices. You can eat for 15-50 baht, depending on the chosen dish.
  • Street cafes. The interior of such establishments is simple (plastic chairs and tables). However, this does not affect the abundance and quality of food. The cost of a portion for one is 100 baht
  • Restaurants. Meals in gourmet establishments are not affordable for everyone. Prices are several times higher than in other establishments, and the quality of food is worse. The pricing policy of restaurants starts at 600 baht per person.
  • BBQ cafe. The establishments offer visitors to cook their own food from the selected products. You will have to pay 100-200 baht for this. Sometimes they set a stay limit of 60 minutes. For the subsequent stay in the institution, you will have to pay extra.
  • Food courts. This is a collective name for several cafes and establishments located in a certain area (for example, in a large shopping center). At the entrance, visitors receive a card on which they put a certain amount of money. When ordering dishes, their cost is written off from it. The balance of the card can be obtained at a specially designated cash desk.

Popular Thai Food Videos

This video shows the most popular Thai food.

TOP popular Thai dishes

Going on vacation in 2019 is worth tasting a number of local dishes. They will appeal not only to adults, but also to young guests of the kingdom.

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