Excursions in Sochi: reviews, best guides, interesting routes

Top best excursions in Sochi

Post-Olympic Sochi from year to year proves to tourists that it is interesting as an all-season resort, and not just a beach coast.

Hundreds of excursions are held in Sochi, and their list is constantly updated with new routes - massive and original.

We have selected the best excursions in Sochi, which are suitable for families with children, and for extreme people, and simply for those who want to have time to see as much as possible during a short vacation.

Sightseeing tours in Sochi

They lead the top starting routes for getting to know Sochi - sightseeing tours, during which guides show must see places, the very postcard views, without which it is even difficult to imagine a visit to Sochi, and, of course, talk about the sights on display.

During sightseeing excursions in the center of Sochi - walking or pedestrian-car - you will see: the Marine Station - one of the symbols of Sochi, the Winter Theater, the Arboretum, the abandoned Ordzhonikidze sanatorium - a popular photo location, the Archangel Michael Church, Mount Akhun and other places. It is interesting that the routes of different guides and companies differ, and often sightseeing tours go beyond the center of Sochi and even include the Olympic Park in Adler and Krasnaya Polyana.

To Krasnaya Polyana

The Greater Sochi mountain cluster attracts tourists all year round - with high-altitude views and cable cars, waterfalls and other natural attractions, as well as with every year the developing level of service and new opening objects (for example, a water park has appeared in the mountains) and equipped mountain routes.

As a result, excursions around Krasnaya Polyana are as diverse as possible: from basic group tours by bus to individual escort with the ability to include the most interesting places on the route.

Excursions to Krasnaya Polyana are always in demand also because it is sometimes inconvenient to take public transport with a return on the same day, and tours save time and allow you to see more interesting sights.

Olympic Park


Instruction for tourists

program description

ROUTE: Moscow - Pereslavl-Zalessky - Rostov the Great - Yaroslavl - Semibratovo - Moscow

  • 08:00. Departure by bus with a guide to the private farm-cheese factory of Maria Koval, located on the territory of the Pleshcheyevo Lake reserve, not far from the town of Pereslavl-Zalessky.
  • 10:30. The cheese factory appeared in Pereslavl-Zalessky not by accident. In tsarist times, the Yaroslavl province was the main cheese region of the country. In the 19th century, more than 300 artisan cheese dairies operated here, and even a special breed of cows was bred for cheese making! The cheeses are made here using a handicraft method from cow and goat milk according to their own original recipes based on Italian, Dutch and French technologies. The cheeses are brewed exclusively from natural milk, made by hand and ripened in special rooms. Chevrotella and Chevron, Mozzarella and Ricotta, Levardin and Drunken Goat in a wine crust, black and yellow, white and red, with Provencal herbs and fenugreek seeds, Gouda and Roquefort. There is so much here!
  • During the excursion, you will see the cheese dairy and the cheese storage (through the viewing window), a detailed story about the traditions of cheese making in Russia and artisan cheese making ... And of course, tasting! You will have the opportunity to taste 9 different types of cheese, sliced ​​baguette with butter and yoghurt, all of our own production! And in the "company" shop at the cheese dairy you can buy your favorite cheeses and dairy products.
  • 12:00. Sightseeing tour of Pereslavl Zalessky - the birthplace of Alexander Nevsky and the cradle of the Russian fleet. The heart of Pereslavl is Red Square. Those who, having learned about this, will exclaim: "As in Moscow!", Will be mistaken only in the direction. This main square of Moscow got its name several centuries later in imitation of Pereslavl square! A living confirmation of local antiquity is the Transfiguration Cathedral, founded by Yuri Dolgoruky in 1152. This is the oldest building in northeastern Russia that has survived to this day.
  • The Cathedral is the only one of the first five white-stone churches of North-Eastern Russia that has come down to us almost completely intact. Many Pereslavl princes were baptized in the cathedral, including Alexander Nevsky, who was born and reigned here. Grateful descendants in honor of the amazing people's prince-hero built the most beautiful church of Alexander Nevsky and erected a majestic monument that you will surely see.
  • Departure to Rostov the Great.
  • Rostov is not without reason called the Great, because its mentions date back to the year 862 in the annals.
  • The serene Lake Nero, austere and elegant monasteries, quiet streets and the stately Kremlin help to break away from the hustle and bustle and touch the formation of Russia and Orthodoxy, flip through the pages of chronicles and history textbooks.
  • 14:00. Lunch at the city cafe (or free time).
  • 15:00. Excursion to the Rostov Kremlin. Fenced with powerful walls with towers, outwardly it really resembles the Kremlin - an ancient Russian princely fortress, but in reality for a long time it was the Bishops' court - the residence of the Rostov bishops and metropolitans. the residence of the Rostov bishops and metropolitans. The Kremlin is decorated with the Assumption Cathedral (XVI century) with a unique belfry, on which a set of 15 bells has been fully preserved, the Bishop's Court, Cathedral Square.
  • The program "Tasting of Rostov drinks" on the territory of the Kremlin in the Garden House or the Coffee House "Pogrebok". You will find not only a story about the traditions of making kvass, mead and sbitn, but also their tasting along with delicious Rostov gingerbread.
  • Departure to Yaroslavl.
  • 18:00. Accommodation at the hotel "Azimut" 4 * (Roslavl). Rooms of the "standard" category.
  • 20:00. Dinner at the hotel restaurant (or free time).

ATTENTION: Seating on the bus is fixed! 5 days before the start of the tour, the system will automatically allocate seats on the bus as booked (in turn).

If it is a matter of principle for tourists to sit in a certain place, then for an additional fee, it is possible to pre-select the free necessary places for the tour along the Golden Ring of Russia from Moscow (from those that are free at the time of booking).

  • The cost of choosing a seat on the bus for this program is 600 rubles./person
  • In case of an emergency, the available places are determined by the guide.

The company does not arrange room sharing for your safety and comfort. * This program is recommended for children over 6 years old.

Tour duration 2 days/1 night. The period of stay at the hotel for this tour is 1 day. Check-out time at the hotel is 12:00.

The tour operator reserves the right to change the order of excursions, and if it is impossible to conduct any excursion, replace it with an equivalent one, without reducing the total volume of the program. The company reserves the right to make changes to the tour schedule depending on objective circumstances.

If the number of tourists in a group is less than 20 people, a foreign minibus can be provided for transport services.

The tour operator is not responsible for weather conditions, traffic jams, road repairs, changes in the rules of travel to attractions.

Excursions in Sochi are a good option to diversify your beach vacation and see a lot in a short time. You don't have to plot routes and look for fun facts. Why reinvent the wheel when everything is already there. The most difficult thing is to choose ... a tour, a guide, a walking option.

Here I have collected the best excursions in Sochi - with reviews and an interesting program. They are sorted into groups for easier searching.

And more ... I would like to draw your attention to the fact that due to the risk of coronavirus, the demand for individual excursions has increased. In addition, the prices for many of them do not differ so much from group prices (especially if you are traveling with a company of 4 or more people).

Sightseeing tours

To Abkhazia - from Sochi

Roman has the best excursions! Among excursions to Abkhazia, I especially recommend tours with a guide Roman: they all have many positive reviews and are the most budgetary of the proposed individual tours. If for some reason you do not get on them, then pay attention to other offers in my selection: there are group excursions, and walks with private guides - also with good reviews and reasonable prices.

Trip to Lake Ritsa

The most popular excursion in Abkhazia is trains to Lake Ritsa. This is the country's business card, and you can find its views on many souvenir postcards. On the way to the lake you will look at the waterfall "Maiden's Tears", where you can make a wish, on the shores of the "Blue Lake" you will watch peacocks, if you wish, visit the dacha I. Stalin, and in the "Stone Bag" canyon you will take unforgettable pictures. You will also have a delicious lunch in the traditional apatskhe on the banks of the Ritsa, tasting the traditional mamalyga, khachapuri and mountain tea.

  • An individual 9-hour excursion with a guide Roman "Through Gagra to Lake Ritsa" has the largest number of reviews (over 140) and the best combination of "price-quality". A comfortable minivan will pick you up from anywhere in Sochi and bring you back. Additional services include high-quality photography from the best angles (with or without photo processing). You can read reviews about this excursion from Sochi to Abkhazia and book it on the tripster website. u.
At Lake Ritsa.
  • The 7-hour car ride with Adgur has not received many reviews yet, but it is somewhat cheaper. Its only significant drawback is that you will need to get to the border of Abkhazia on your own. You can get acquainted in more detail with the excursion program and reviews and order this car walk here.
  • Another individual excursion "Through Gagra to Lake Ritsa" - this time with a guide Maxim. More than 10 positive reviews, reasonable price, rich and interesting program. You can find out more about it and order a walk on the sputnik8 website. om.

The Golden Ring of Abkhazia: Gagra, New Athos, Ritsa

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