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Excursions in Khabarovsk: prices and description

Going on an excursion to Khabarovsk, the recognized capital of the Far East, it is important not to overlook the numerous "highlights" of the city. Only here you can admire the majestic Amur cliff, an incredibly beautiful and powerful river, a magnificent embankment and a real masterpiece of engineering - a giant bridge across the Amur.

Being the cultural center of the region, Khabarovsk is very versatile. In the city, you can visit an operetta, a performance at the Puppet Theater or a dramatic performance, visit the zoo or one of the unusual museum exhibitions. Thus, the living inhabitants of the Amur are presented as exhibits of the Museum-Aquarium, and the Museum of Archeology contains more than 160 thousand unique archaeological finds.

Many tourists note the special beauty and livability of local parks, ponds and architectural monuments are not uncommon. In the central square alone, the green zone occupies 8.5 thousand square meters. m.

In the capital of the Far East there is one of the largest churches in Russia - the golden-domed Transfiguration Cathedral with a height of 83 m, as well as the old Church of Innocent of Irkutsk.

Sun, sea, beach ... It is with these three words that many associate vacation. Probably, everyone, without exception, will agree that this is the most effective way to escape from the gray working days and recharge with positive energy for the year ahead. But in addition to recreation, a trip to another country also implies cultural enrichment due to acquaintance with local customs and traditions. No culture in the world is complete without its unique dishes, and so-called gastronomic tours have been organized for many years. YASIA decided to find out whether Yakutia will be able to attract foreign tourists thanks to the national cuisine?

Yakutia is a land of indescribable beauty

Yakutia is one of the most unique regions of the planet, annually attracting the attention of more than 100,000 tourists not only from other constituent entities of Russia, but also foreigners. Many are attracted by the famous Lena Pillars, the “eternal” Buluus glaciers, the picturesque Kuruluur waterfalls, the Turuk-Khaya rocks, the “Kingdom of Permafrost” complex, which amaze the imagination. It is impossible to enjoy such beauties anywhere in the world.

The national Yakut cuisine is also unique in its own way, analogs of which cannot be found in other parts of the world. Is it possible to make sure that no less promising gastronomic tourism begins to develop in one of the largest regions of the country, whose popularity has only been gaining momentum over the years?

Happiness is within you

France, Italy, Korea, Japan, India, Georgia, Abkhazia and other countries of the world attract hundreds of thousands of foreign tourists who are fascinated by many aspects of culture - from architecture and art to incredibly beautiful landscapes and various wonders. The latter include national dishes and recipes.

It's no longer a secret that people are rather curious creatures, eager for new discoveries and experiences. The Louvre, the Colosseum, St. Paul's Cathedral in the Vatican, Angkor Wat, the Egyptian pyramids and other monumental structures of human genius inspire awe and awe, which are transformed into an ocean of positive impressions. The same thing happens when tasting a delicious dish. This is facilitated by the hormone dopamine - one of the hormones of "happiness". Therefore, it is not surprising that there are people visiting countries and continents with a gastronomic purpose.

For more than a hundred years now, the world-famous Michelin Guide has been published, which is one of the most influential guides in the restaurant business. To be in this rating is the dream of any chef and restaurant owner. It was originally published as a "memo" for travelers - it listed hotels, eateries, workshops and other places that would make life easier in a completely unfamiliar city or country. But since 1920, restaurant ratings have been added to the guide.

Now the "Red Guide" is the "bible" of the true gourmet. The mere fact of mentioning the establishment means an influx of visitors, ensuring commercial success. Some travel agencies even organize separate tours of Michelin-starred establishments.

Therefore, gastronomic tourism is a very promising area that can attract an additional flow of foreign tourists in any region, including Yakutia. Michelin star or not, food that is different from regular cuisine always attracts attention.

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