Ecotourism in Lithuania

Summer holidays in Lithuania: what to see and where to go

If you move away from the stereotypes of good rest, you can find an interesting and tempting option. It's about ecotourism. And it was a happy coincidence that there is a country very close by, well-known and unknown at the same time.

Lithuania receives thousands of guests every year who want to spend their holidays in the countryside. The combination of quite European comfort, low prices, resort climate and nature carefully preserved by residents has made Lithuania an international center for ecological tourism.

Dunes, beaches, pine trees, sea ...

Ecotourism needs no special introduction. Suffice it to mention that the most valuable thing in this direction is the opportunity to give up for some time those “benefits of civilization” that have long been considered some special values ​​of our life.

A week or two on a detached farm puts this value system in place. Suddenly you begin to understand that the most important in life are the crystal clear water in the lake, the smells of the forest, herbs, flowers carried by the wind, and a sip of milk with a crust of warm rye bread only from the oven.

Ideal places for rural tourism

There are four large districts in Lithuania that receive guests in rural hotels, farmsteads or estates. In each of them, the specificity of the rest is different. But any area, any house that hosts tourists has one thing in common: you will be welcome.

Curonian Spit

Ecotourism on the Curonian Spit is, of course, connected with the sea. It is an ideal place for families with young children. The mild climate does not require acclimatization, endless beaches beckon to spend the whole day building sand castles.

And send the male part of the family on a fishing trip to enjoy the famous Baltic herring with no less famous Lithuanian beer at dinner.

The ancient resort center Druskininkai is located in the south of Lithuania, read about it and all its attractions here.

Gemiteis Park

Everyone who ever ordered a tour, no matter if it is a tour of Vilnius or in some other city, knows that as they talk about their hometown locals, no travel agency will tell . Therefore, we have prepared in this article a selection of unusual excursions in Vilnius from the inhabitants of the city who were born and grew up in it. You are waiting for non-standard excursion programs in Russian, familiarity with the old town, the tasting of Lithuanian beer and much more.

Excursions in Vilnius - Group, City Overview

In this article, a selection of excursions in Vilnius, which in our opinion one of the best on all Russian-speaking space. In addition to sightseeing excursions on the historical sights of the Old Town, you are waiting for those who are waiting for life stories, gastronomic tours with the Guru of Lithuanian brewing and other unforgettable adventures in the Lithuanian capital.


For those who prefer to study their own reviews and choose a suitable tour, go to the entire list of excursions in Vilnius.

Well, now we suggest familiar with our selection of excursions in Vilnius.

Historic center Vilnius

The historic center of Vilnius is a narrow streets, tiled roofs, a sea of ​​flowers and the spirit of the Middle Ages. In these houses, a special aura, always quietly and calmly. You will familiarize yourself with the history of the city, which a few hundred years ago was the capital of the Great Principality of Lithuania in Europe. The Russian-speaking guide will tell about the intersection of Eastern and Western culture and will introduce the city architecture.

The pedestrian tour starts from the Cathedral Square and the Chapel, the most significant place in Vilnius. You will open a stunning panorama of the city business card - Hill Gediminas, from where the city's development went.

Excursion to the historic center of Vilnius <

What is included in the program of excursion: <

The uninitiated Lithuania seems to be a small country that is all known about. Often, tourists believe that in addition to some of the most popular and promoted attractions, there is nothing here, but this opinion is wrong. If traditional tours in Lithuania no longer imagine interests for you, you can try popularity of tourism types - ecological and rural.

Marketing director of the travel agency Keliauk Lietuvoje ("Travel in Lithuania") Indre Tracimaite-Sheshkuven notes: There are routes that are capable of impressing not only foreign tourists, but also the Lithuanians themselves.

Lithuanian Observation Towers

A recent poll showed that Lithuanians and foreigners like to relax in nature. Lookout towers and nature trails are perfect for this, as they are completely free.

There are about 30 observation towers in Lithuania now. Not all tourists can afford to admire the Baltic republic from a bird's eye view - from an aircraft, but you can do this from the observation deck, many of which are located in the most beautiful national parks.

As noted by the representative of Keliauk Lietuvoje, one of her favorite towers is located in the regional park in Birziai (northern Lithuania) and is called Kirkiliai.

And the highest is the new observation tower near Birštonas - the resort town of Kaunas County (Regional Park of the Nemunas Delta). Its height is 45 meters, and a magnificent view opens up from there.

Lithuanian nature trails

In Lithuania, about 200 educational trails have been laid through picturesque corners. For example, the trail in Joniškis region (north of the republic) is worthy of attention; it is the longest trail with wooden flooring. Its length is four kilometers; the trail is easy for tourists with children.

The shortest educational trail is Amalva (Marijampole County). It passes through a swamp, its length is only 121 meters.

The favorite educational trail of the expert Keliauk Lietuvoje is located in Shilut County and also runs through the marshland.

"It seems that you are in Africa: a completely different landscape than the one you are used to in Lithuania. The feeling that a zebra or a giraffe is about to appear," the expert notes.

If you are planning to travel to Lithuania, this article is for you. We will tell you what souvenirs you can bring from Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda, Palanga and other cities of this country. Our goal is to make your shopping in the Baltics as comfortable and interesting as possible. With the list below handy, you won't be missing out on anything.

In Lithuania, tourists usually buy the same as in Estonia and Latvia, but this country also has unique souvenirs that will be problematic to find elsewhere. We will try to guide you on prices and tell you where to go shopping. We hope this saves you time and money.

Let us remind you that the national currency of Lithuania is the euro. It is not difficult to find exchange offices and banks, but it is much more profitable to go to Lithuania with the changed money. Don't forget about the tax-free system. Look for stores marked with the Global Blue logo; in them you can get receipts for VAT refund in the amount of 21% (the main condition is a one-time purchase for 55 euros). You can get your tax refund at the border.

So, what can you bring from Lithuania?

Clothing and cosmetics

Lithuanian sales are a real paradise for a shopaholic, because prices in the season of discounts are sometimes reduced by up to 80%. Remember that summer sales in Vilnius, Kaunas, Šiauliai, Klaipeda and other cities of this country start in June, and winter sales in December.

European Brands

It is really worth bringing clothes from your favorite European brands from Lithuania. The choice here is wider than in Russia and Belarus, and the prices are lower. All new collections appear first in the EU countries, and only then are transported (with a surcharge) to the CIS countries. Shopping in Vilnius, Kaunas and other cities is best during the sales season.

We advise you to stroll through the Akropolis shopping malls (they are found in almost all major cities of Lithuania), the Mega shopping center in Kaunas, Saules Mestas in Siauliai or Big in Klaipeda. In these shopping centers you will find both familiar to the look of brands and those that are already (or not yet) sold in Russia and Belarus.

Lithuanian brands

You can buy clothes from Lithuanian manufacturers in ordinary shopping centers. The most famous company is Grizas. Perhaps, only the clothes of this Lithuanian brand are worth bringing home from Lithuania. At least other local firms are not in demand in Europe.

see and try


Gastronomic tourism is great, take my word for it!

In Thailand I threshed rice, in Sardinia I milked sheep. In Carinthia and Brandenburg he dug asparagus, and in South Korea - ginseng. In Crete he collected olives, in Extremadura, pepper, in Beaujolais, grapes.

In Antibes I rolled croissants, in Hungary I pruned vines, in Styria I picked pumpkin seeds.

In the north of Italy he kneaded dough for panettone and stirred polenta, in the south of Germany he cooked spezle, in Lithuania he made zeppelins, and in Estonia - marzipan sweets.

I drank coffee in Istanbul, Belgrade and Trieste. I know how a cup of Italian espresso differs from a cup of Filipino coffee and a cute animal who also loves these beans.

I drank wonderful rakia in Serbia and Macedonia, magic grappa in Piedmont and Friuli, fantastic schnapps in Germany and Austria, and I know what is the difference between these drinks and our vodka.

In Verona, at Vinitaly, I represented Russia in the jury of an international wine competition, and I know what a professional blind tasting is.

In many countries of the world I have acquaintances winemakers and cheesemakers, cooks and butchers, bakers and fishermen.

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