Eastern dastarkhan: 5 delicious days in a gastronomic tour of Uzbekistan

Eastern dastarkhan: 5 delicious days in a gastronomic tour of Uzbekistan

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Oriental Bazaar Day in the very heart of Uzbekistan

The capital of Uzbekistan is famous for its sights. But besides this, tourists have the opportunity to visit large food and clothing markets. Here local traditions are intertwined with European modernity: bazaars are full of both traditional goods and imported from different countries of the world.

So which markets are worth visiting in Tashkent?

1. Alai bazaar is considered one of the old bazaars in Tashkent. A wide variety of gastronomic products is presented here: you can buy oriental sweets, fruits, or just eat national dishes in old teahouses. On the way, you can always look into a large jewelry complex, where an assortment of a wide variety of silver and gold jewelry is presented. And this is not all the delights of the bazaar. You should definitely visit the mall and look for some clothes made from Uzbek fabric.

2. The Chorsu bazaar is known as one of the largest markets not only in Uzbekistan, but throughout Central Asia. It has a rich history and important cultural significance for the country. Despite frequent modernization, the bazaar has managed to maintain its original architectural design and has not lost its cultural value for the people. At the shopping arcade of the Chorsu market you can find a wide variety of goods: oriental spices, food products, dried fruits, vegetables, cereals, etc. Tourists will also be able to buy something from national clothes or souvenirs. By the way, you can quickly get from the Alai market to the Chorsu bazaar by the metro, which deserves special attention as a landmark of our country (the entrance to the metro at the Abdulla Kodiriy station is 2 minutes from the Alai Bazaar, and the exit from the metro is at the Chorsu "located inside market - you will definitely not get lost, and the fare will not cost you much).

3. In the very center of Tashkent, one of the most beautiful bazaars of the capital is located - the Hospital Market, where a large abundance of oriental sweets, dried fruits, freshly baked flat cakes, delicious delicacies are placed on the shelves - in this situation, it is almost impossible to refrain from shopping. Of course, in recent years, the bazaar has undergone significant changes in its design and appearance, but it still continues to delight residents with the opportunity to buy goods at relatively low prices.

Advice for travelers: we also recommend visiting the Yangiabad flea market, which has been famous for its uniqueness and color for many years. You can find anything from old antiques to cutting-edge technical gadgets here. But we warn you that a walk through this market can take a long time - after all, such an abundance of goods cannot be seen in a couple of hours. The market is located on the outskirts of the capital, so you can get there either by public transport or by private taxi.

Day Master class on cooking national dishes in the city of Samarkand

On the second day of the trip, you can go to one of the ancient cities of Asia - Samarkand, known for its grandiose architectural buildings and a great milestone in the history of the peoples of Central Asia. You can get from Tashkent to your destination in 4 ways to choose from: taxi, bus, plane or train. Each method has its own pros and cons. Many people prefer to travel by tourist buses - after all, traveling with a company is always more interesting and fun. But if you want to get there without hassle, take the train or plane.

Samarkand offers to try a wide variety of local dishes. But it will be much more interesting to get acquainted with the rules for preparing traditional dishes. This can be done in special establishments, where the chefs clearly show the entire cooking process. Sometimes it takes a long time and guests are offered to drink strong Uzbek tea and enjoy sweets.

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