Delicious journey

Delicious journey

The chairman of the board of the association, Irina Klimkina, noted that now the program includes five areas: cultural and educational, active, health, cruise and ecological tourism. “Taking into account the global trends in the tourism industry, we believe that it is gastronomic tourism that can become a locomotive for the development of domestic and inbound tourism in Russia,” experts say. "

“In fact, this initiative is the first, but long overdue, step to form the foundation of domestic gastronomy and gastronomic tourism. The industry today lacks a legal definition, methodology, research base and human resources. Today, gastro-tourism is a rapidly developing area of ​​tourist activity in the world, which not only attracts tourists to a particular country, but reveals the cultural, historical and mental potential of the country. The phenomenon of gastro-tourism requires a long study, including within the framework of think tanks and universities. I consider it expedient to include the industry in the federal target program and the strategy for the development of tourism for the long term, ”said Vasily Gerneshiy, director of the RUDN Institute of Hotel Business and Tourism.

Systematic work is needed to introduce gastro-tourism

According to the creator of the largest industry portal TourDom. u Tatiana Dmitrova, there are a lot of initiatives in the tourism industry, but a small share of them is being implemented. Because the industry has low negotiability.

“Gastronomic tourism is a“ lucky exception ”in my opinion. Because there is a group of enthusiasts, professionals, practitioners who think systematically and strategically. They thought of everything in their initiatives. And so that gastronomic tourism is studied at the institutes, and that such a concept, definition appears in general. For the state to pay attention, include this type of activity in its target programs and national project. This is very important because tourism in most developed countries starts with gastronomy. It is fundamentally important for people to try authentic cuisine while traveling. None of us travel to Italy to eat Chinese fast food or run to McDonald's. An ordinary traveler goes for authentic culture, new sensations that create a new climate, beautiful views, gastronomy, history and culture. Gastronomy in this line is almost in the first place. A lot of research has been done. And all countries, one way or another, are fighting to preserve this part of the attractiveness of the tourist product. In our country, such a movement began quite recently thanks to Margarita Polonik and other enthusiasts. And thank God that it turns out at the state level and at the regional level to support these people and pay attention at least to the need for systematic work on the introduction of gastronomic tourism. But from paying attention to the result is a long way to go. And, of course, I would like these steps to be as effective and consistent as possible, so that this idea really gets support, ”she notes.

“The generation that knows Russian cuisine was not brought up”

According to the president of the Association of Restaurateurs and Hoteliers of the city of Sochi Anna Netyagina, this issue needs to be dealt with. “We lost a lot of time. We have not brought up a generation that knows Russian cuisine, we have not brought up a patriotic attitude towards our food. And an insufficiently correct attitude to culinary specialties is in our blood. Indeed, in tsarist Russia, European chefs and dishes were valued. In the hungry years of the beginning of the 20th century and the post-war period, there was no time for culinary delights. And at the turn of the 2000s, with the fall of the Iron Curtain, the Russian table was filled with an abundance of foreign dishes. And so it happened that we know Western culinary specialties, but we have almost forgotten ours. But this is a very serious engine for attracting a tourist flow. Russia is multifaceted and interesting in terms of gastro-tourism. The Black Sea coast and the Kuban can act as a locomotive in promoting regional specialties, because we have an incredible combination of products that are incomprehensible to a European. Guests taste the dishes, are surprised and want to feel this taste again. Such a mixture of national traditions in the kitchen is a serious feature, ”says the specialist.

“The culture of European cuisine settled down very quickly in the minds and heads, because their concepts were very clearly formed. They have a clear understanding and taste of food. There are positive examples and concepts that are known in our country as well. It is all the more important to hurry up with the formation of the concepts of "gastronomic tourism", "gastronomic specialties". And these concepts are important to operate within the country, within the world. I repeat once again: the Black Sea coast is ready to become pioneers in the formation of regional specialties! We have a foundation, we have a foundation. And this is really important ”, - comments Netyagina.

Strong motivator

According to Margarita Polonik, General Director of Travel Gourmet by Novikov, this initiative is actually a response to the urgent need for a comprehensive positioning of Russia in the international tourism market. According to research, national gastronomy is a strong motivator for tourists when deciding where to go. Therefore, against the background of the growing popularity of gastronomic routes in Russia, attention began to be paid to this industry. Regional gastronomic tours began to appear.

“In order for gastrotourism to develop more actively and become the same important motive for the arrival of foreign tourists as cultural heritage sites known throughout the world, it is necessary to single it out as a separate type of tourism, to form a complete methodological and regulatory framework , develop long-term predictive strategies for the development of the industry with a focus on international standards. Using the best world practices will expand the research base and come to the best forms of work in the industry. These initiatives are the foundation for the development of domestic gastronomy and gastronomy in particular. Consequently, there will be new people who know how to create, promote and sell a product. Now, Zarina Doguzova, who, taking into account the specifics of her previous activities, has all the qualities and competencies to promote our country as a promising tourist destination, has become the head of the key industry state institution - Rostourism. The industry has high hopes for it, ”she said.

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