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Understand Catalan cheese and taste it with a glass of wine in the best shops in the city

Individual excursion for 1-4 people Price: € 50

Gastro Tour for "Forbidden": Discover the Cheese Places of Barcelona

To understand the cheeses of Catalonia, it's not enough just to run into a Barcelona supermarket. I suggest you walk through the iconic cheese places of Barcelona, ​​where, believe me, everyone knows about this product! In a couple of hours you will get your bearings in the intricacies of local cheeses and taste the varieties selected especially for you with a glass of wine. And I, as a cheese fan, who understands this product no worse than professional sommeliers - in wine, will gladly tell you about the varieties, tastes, aging and aromas of Catalan cheese.

Yana Barcelona guide Usually responds within 1 hour. Hey! My name is Yana. I have been conducting excursions for more than 5 years, of which about 3 I live in Barcelona. My profession is my passion, I like to create and conduct interesting trips, create impressions, share my vision of my beloved city of Barcelona and all of Catalonia.

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Cheese tastings in the heart of Eixample and the Old Town To discover Barcelona's cheese delicacies, we will visit the city's most interesting cheese shops.

  • First of all, let's look into an old cheese shop in the Gothic Quarter, where the hospitable hostess will offer several delicious types of Catalan, French and Italian cheeses with a glass of Spanish wine, and at the same time will tell you about the intricacies of cheese production ...
  • Then we will stroll through the colorful quarters of Barcelona with different historical fillings, and on the way we will visit an old grocery store, located in a beautiful Art Nouveau building, where you can also do cheese shopping.
  • In the Eixample district, you will find a modern cheese shop, which is often visited by Catalan hipsters: here we will arrange a second tasting and understand the huge variety of local cheeses. And then, if you have time, you will get acquainted with the farm cheese of Catalonia at the local market.

Everything you need to know about Catalan cheese Cheese is a rather complex and interesting product, the peculiarities of which are not easy to figure out on your own. During our gastro tour, you will learn what factors influence the taste of cheese (it is even more difficult here than with wine!) And hear about the history of cheese making. Let's talk about the production of Catalan cheese, its geography and flavors. I will also answer the question why Russia does not produce cheeses that you will try at tastings, and I will tell you what types of cheese are usually served for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Food excursions in Barcelona are just as popular as sightseeing. There are a lot of people who want to try jamon, which is a visiting card of the country, or local wines. If you are one of those, then this review will help you choose an option to your liking.

Food excursions in Barcelona are just as popular as sightseeing. There are a lot of people who want to try jamon, which is a visiting card of the country, or local wines. If you are one of those, then this review will help you choose an option to your liking.

Wine, jamon and cheese tasting

A gastronomic excursion may include a tasting of only ham, or perhaps with wine, in addition there are samples and cheese. In such cases, the guide-translator will tell you about the variety of cheeses, tell about jamon, and introduce you to the production process. Then you can taste local delicacies with a glass of delicious local drink.

They are held on the territory of Barcelona, ​​for example, in the Spanish village, where national traditions continue to live. After the tasting, it is possible to visit shops and craft workshops.

On average, such tours last 1-2 hours and cost from 35-90 euros, depending on the number of tasted delicacies, where they are held and in what order - they often order individual ones.

By the way, you can choose the option when in the wine cellar of the Spanish village you can not only taste 3 varieties of wine, but also learn from the mouths of professionals everything about tasting and how to recognize the quality and its age.

There are gastronomic and off-site tours outside Barcelona.

Torres Cellars

The program provides for tasting only weak drinks. The venue is the Penedes wine region. It all starts with a visit to the visit center (a ticket to it must be paid additionally): here they will show a film about the history of the Torres family, who are one of the leaders in the production of brandy and wine. Through the audio-visual tunnel, in a short period of time, you can rush and learn all the stages of grape ripening.

Food Traditions of Catalonia in a Food City Tour

Excursion rating: 100% Individual excursion for 1-6 persons Price: € 100

Delicious Barcelona

We are sure that it is impossible to get to know the culture of other countries and peoples without local cuisine. At the same time, traditional Spanish dishes - tortilla, gazpacho, paella - are prepared differently in each region. We will tell you about the peculiarities of Catalan cuisine, reveal the history of its most popular dishes in the most suitable places in the city and teach you the correct sequence of meals from the point of view of the Spaniards.

Daria Barcelona guide Leads 3 excursions Usually responds within 1 hour. Hola! Greetings from Barcelona! My name is Daria, I am a professional guide with a higher education in history and a delivered speech thanks to many years of work on television. She was in love with Barcelona at first sight, walked it far and wide, I know what guidebooks won't tell you about. Living in Barcelona allows me to explore this city every day, discovering its amazing features over and over again. Going on an excursion with me, you can be sure that you will receive answers to any questions related to the history of the city and its attractions, as well as to ordinary everyday situations. I will tell you where to eat deliciously and buy original souvenirs, how to get to the object you need and plan your vacation correctly. If necessary, I will help to overcome the difficulties of the language barrier. Provides 3 excursions

Individual excursion for people

Duration: 5 hours Children: Allowed with children Best Price Guaranteed If you find a price lower, we will refund the difference. More

Description of the excursion

What awaits you

? ? Where does your meal begin ... A gastronomic journey through Barcelona will, of course, begin with an aperitif. It is known that Catalans drink a glass of vermouth to whet their appetite. We will tell you about the history of Catalan vermouth and teach you how to drink it correctly. After that, we will take a look at the classic tapas bar in Barcelona. Here you can taste the real Spanish snacks - pintxos. This is tapas from the Basque Country. Find out why pintxos were never offered as a free addition to drinks. And after what decree of King Alfonso the Tenth, the size of the classic tapas quickly decreased.

? ? Boqueria Market and Catalan Lunch In Europe's oldest food market, Boqueria, you will learn about the history of the main dishes of Spanish cuisine. Find out what Bakalao is and why Catalans still love it. Let's talk separately about the world famous jamon - it's best to try and buy it on the market. And you can indulge yourself in real Catalan cuisine by having lunch in one of the oldest restaurants where you should try boutifarra - a special sausage usually served with beans. Seafood lovers in Barcelona will love traditional Catalan fish dishes - we will definitely show you the best places for this.

? ? Spanish Sweets No real Spaniard finishes a meal without a sweets. After lunch, we will invite you to taste Catalan cream in one of the most authentic pastry shops in Barcelona. This traditional Catalan dish, akin to French crème brulee, is made with milk and eggs and baked until crispy. In addition, during the tour, you will get acquainted with the main Spanish Christmas sweet called "turron". Find out how it appeared, what it is made from, and if you wish, taste and buy it as a sweet souvenir from Spain.

Traditional Spanish tapas can be safely called a national treasure! Wherever you are in Spain, you will be offered to try tapas everywhere.

And you can't refuse: such behavior will be considered offensive, as if you were giving up fresh cutlets while visiting your beloved grandmother.

Tapas in Barcelona. Photo: . lickr. om/photos/davidcharding

The growing popularity of tapas among tourists has turned them into a fashionable trend today: I have not tried tapas - I have not been to Spain. However, tapas prices vary depending on the establishment.

In order not to overpay for pop tapas in Barcelona, ​​it is best to make friends with local Catalans, who will happily show you their favorite places with excellent food and reasonable prices.

This is the treasured three of excellent budget establishments worth visiting in search of the best culinary traditions in the heart of Catalonia.

Los Toreros

Restaurant Los Toreros. Photo: . lickr. om/photos/55935853 @ N00

In one of the narrow streets of Barcelona, ​​Los Toreros welcomes lovers of real tapas (€ 4-6 per serving) and wine at a reasonable price. Although the restaurant is literally a few steps from the most crowded street in Barcelona - La Rambla - few know it.

What dishes are popular on the island of Mallorca, read here - these are very tasty dishes made from simple ingredients.

Here in Los Toreros, pleasant service and a simple, unpretentious, homely atmosphere. The interior has not changed since the store was first opened on this site, and the walls are still decorated with images of bloody scenes of battles with bulls, in fact, which determined the name of the restaurant.

At Los Toreros restaurant. Photo: . lickr. om/photos/old-curmudgeon

Explore the secret streets of Barcelona on a 3-hour food tour. Explore the atmospheric districts of Born and Barceloneta with an experienced guide.

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