Czech cuisine: gastronomic tourism in Prague

Christmas magic in the Czech Republic

Where to spend a great winter vacation? Tours to Prague are the only right decision for the whole family! This is a popular tourist destination that attracts travelers with the opportunity to spend time with the benefit of body and soul.

Winter holidays in the Czech Republic will be like a fairy tale that has come true. It is incredibly beautiful here, and numerous excursion programs will not let you get bored.

To Prague in winter

"The City of a Thousand Spiers", as the capital of the Czech Republic is often called, looks impressive under a fluffy blanket of snow. Do you want to be convinced? Then our tour operator offers to buy last minute deals to Prague in January, and, without delaying for a long time, make a memorable trip!

Frosty weather is typical for the city in winter - the thermometer ranges from 0 to -10 degrees.

There is high humidity and unpleasant winds often blow, so experienced travelers are advised to take warm clothes with them on sightseeing walks.

You can also go to the Czech capital in February. In this winter month, the air temperature rises slightly, the sun peeps out more often, transforming cityscapes.

Tours to Prague for 5 days in February will allow you to enjoy shopping to the fullest, because in the first weeks of the month, numerous sales start in large shopping centers and boutiques.

Prague Attractions

Why do tourists go to Czech resorts? Everyone has different goals, but tours to Prague, first of all, gained popularity thanks to the most interesting excursions to cultural, architectural and historical monuments. Winter is the ideal time of the year for a cognitive and good Prague-style holiday!

Prague covered with white snow is a solemn and very special sight. For vacationers, local guides arrange walking tours, which usually last 2.5-3 hours.

Getting to know the old streets, exploring the Old Town and Wenceslas Square in Novy Mesto, walking along the Charles Bridge and Old Town Square, going to St. Vitus Cathedral and the National Museum - there is simply no time left for idle sitting in the hotel room!

The country annually meets a large number of guests who come to admire its beauty. Tourism in the Czech Republic is based on favorable natural conditions, an abundance of mineral springs and numerous attractions.

Hot Czech tourism

It is impossible to sit still and do nothing in this country. No matter how much you have to be in it, there is always something to do. Tourism in the Czech Republic is one of the most profitable sectors of the economy. The most frequently visited city is Prague. Tourists do not get tired of walking around the numerous castles and streets of the old city. Once in the southern regions of the Czech Republic, you can enjoy excellent local wines. Outside the cities, there are such resort towns as Bohemian Switzerland, the Giant Mountains, Sumava and so on.

Czech Resorts

Tourism in the country is not limited to sightseeing, everyone strives first of all to visit beautiful places, nature reserves and mineral springs. Resorts in the Czech Republic provide an opportunity to relax, improve your health or do your favorite sports. Karlovy Vary has been considered the most popular spa town since ancient times. Rogaska Slatina is also famous among tourists.

Ski resorts in the Czech Republic

The best ski resorts in the Czech Republic are distinguished by a high level of comfort, good condition of the slopes and developed infrastructure. The most popular is Spindleruv Mlyn. The slopes of this resort are equipped with lifts, are illuminated at night and are designed for different levels of professionalism of the vacationers. Snowboarders will be able to experience the jumps, and ski lovers will be able to walk through the winter forest.

The Krkonose resort is located on the slopes of the highest mountain in the Czech Republic - Snezke. This recreation area operates more than a hundred hotels and about fifty restaurants. While relaxing and skiing, do not forget about the sights of the Czech Republic, which can be viewed in between exciting sports activities, visits to restaurants and cafes.

Medical spas in the Czech Republic

The presence of mineral springs makes your stay in the country not only pleasant, but also useful. All spa resorts in the Czech Republic have their own specialization, and almost everyone deals with the musculoskeletal system.

Czech Republic is one of many European countries, ideal for educational tourism. On the territory of the state there is a huge number of ancient castles, architectural monuments, ancient temples and shrines. Here you can feel a special atmosphere of comfort, tranquility and benevolence. And thanks to the location of the Czech Republic, many people come here for a quality wellness holiday.

What is important for a tourist to know, besides where the Czech Republic is located

There are a number of important points that need to be clarified before going to the Czech Republic on vacation.


The Czech Republic is located in the very center of Europe. Austria, Germany, Poland and Slovakia are located around. The country is surrounded by mountain ranges from almost all sides, and the highest point is Mount Sniezka (1602 m). Many rivers stretch throughout the territory: Laba, Vltava, Morava, Odra. Due to this location, many tourists visit the Czech Republic precisely to explore the local natural beauty.


The seasons are clearly separated here. In winter, the Czech Republic is warm, but there is a lot of rainfall, the average temperature does not drop below -4 ° C. Such weather allows not only spending time at health resorts, but also at ski resorts.

The Czech summer is quite sunny, warm, and most importantly not too hot. Moderate temperatures allow you to travel around the country in order to explore the sights and unique natural sites.


The main currency of the Republic is the Czech crown. In addition, you can pay with euros or a bank card, but the rate will not be so profitable. You can make an exchange at the airport, banks, special exchange offices or other places where tourists gather.


Most of the local hotels meet the declared level, and prices in some can be much cheaper than the average cost of living in other European countries. The best hotels are located in the central areas of cities, closer to famous attractions. In the Czech Republic, it is rare to find an "all inclusive" system and evening entertainment at the hotel.

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Blog Highlights

A Culinary Experience Publication in Psychologies Magazine.

Many people travel to Prague to study culture, art and history. Others, on the other hand, come specially to enjoy the fabulous local cuisine. But even if food is not the main thing for a tourist in Prague, trying to eat there, in the same way as the locals, can be a very important part of the trip.

How to get to Prague?

If arriving at Prague airport, transfers to the city are fast, efficient and easy to book. Prague airport transfers can be arranged privately or collectively, leaving an overall pleasant and relaxing experience. In less than a couple of hours, the tourist will already enjoy the wonderful views and taste delicious dishes.

An overview of Czech cuisine

Offering a fabulous mix of German and Hungarian goulashes, schnitzels and strudel, Czech cuisine also boasts many interesting elements of its own menu.

The main options include three national dishes: "vepro" - pork; "Knedlo" - boiled flour meatballs and "zelo" - cabbage.

Pork is usually lightly seasoned and baked, smoked, or breaded. Dumplings are prepared in one of two ways: either thin and porous, or dense and thick. Expecting kale to be regular German sauerkraut is a mistake.

Czech cabbage is boiled and served with a delicately flavored sugar sauce - very tasty. Every restaurant here has its own standard of main courses, and these are the unchanging Czech dishes that should really be tasted.

"Сmunda" - a dish of hot potato pancakes

Rostene and uzeniny are spicy sausages that often and popularly complement any menu, while cmunda is a hot potato pancake topped with boiled Moravian pork and spiced with red cabbage. The main dishes are often served with sauces, they seem heavy and bland at first, but with spicy meats and spicy cabbage, they are deliciously delicious.

And of course, booze ...

Regularly spice up food with abundant local drinks, usually for Prague. The Czech Republic has an unwavering tradition of producing excellent beer. Plze "Prazdroj" and "Staropramen" who were born here. Let me tell you the Czech beer is very different from the beer of Western Europe and America. It is generally a lager type, but several breweries brew ale.

Beer is the national drink of the Czech Republic

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