Combined ethno-tour in Buryatia "Baikal of a thousand faces" new

Tourism in the Republic of Buryatia

Route: Ulan-Ude - ethnographic museum of the peoples of Transbaikalia - with. Arbagatay - Ivolginsky Datsan - Ethnographic Museum "Steppe Nomad" - Atsagatsky Datsan - settlement ovy Enkhaluk - Ulan-Ude

Tour duration: 7 days/6 nights

Activities: year-round

Number of people in the group: on request

Tour cost: from 41,000 rubles per person


Download the tour program in pdf format:

For centuries, a strong connection between nature and man has been created on Lake Baikal - the indigenous people paid tribute and respect to their powerful neighbor, and the lake, in turn, showed its favor and generously shared the gifts of nature.

This special bond runs in the veins of the current generation - preserving their traditions and passing from person to person, unique communities have been built.

Baikal is truly thousands of faces, for in every heart of every Siberian lives in one form or another the strength and strength of a mighty Friend.

Return to your roots, listen to the natural connection, meet amazing people, see Baikal - all these discoveries will allow you to make an ethno-tour in Buryatia "Baikal of a Thousand Faces".

The Republic of Buryatia is the quintessence of the “Swiss Alps”, the hot “Italian” sun and the original Baikal culture. The warriors of Genghis Khan once passed through this land, and today they come here to discover a new world and find harmony with the help of Buddhism, see the most ancient, deep and beautiful lake, sunbathe on clean sandy beaches and go fishing.

In winter, tourists prefer ice skating on the world's largest ice rink, and after that - swimming in hot healing springs. A separate pleasure is a photo hunt for seals basking in the sun.

Buryatia is a place untouched by civilization, wild taiga trails, extinct volcanoes in the Oka Valley, snow-capped peaks of the Barguzinsky ridge, as well as a diverse fauna. In the Republic of Buryatia, you can find reindeer in the Bauntovsky region, yaks in the mountain Oka, camels at the springs in the Tunkinskaya valley.

A place where you can combine different types of recreation and at the same time be able to look inside yourself, solve ancient mysteries and learn more about the world - will be to the taste of all caring and curious travelers.


In the capital of Buryatia, the city of Ulan-Ude, founded in the 17th century, has preserved almost 200 monuments of history, culture and architecture. Only here you can see the traditions of Russian merchants, the unique culture of the Buryat people, traces of the Mongol Empire, where the Buddha's teachings came from, ancient artifacts of the Hunnic civilization and amazing monuments of Soviet architecture.

Despite the fact that the city was constantly under the influence of neighboring regions, it managed to preserve the national Buryat flavor.

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Climate and weather in Buryatia

Urban weather

It is not for nothing that Buryatia is called a solar republic — a bright sun shines here 300 days a year. According to this indicator, Buryatia is not inferior, and sometimes surpasses the southern regions of Russia. Let's go sunbathing!

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The basis for the development of tourism in the Republic of Buryatia is natural recreational resources, the most valuable of which is Lake Baikal (. aikaltravel.u).

Baikal is one of the leaders in the development of ecotourism, the fifth most attractive region of Russia for foreign tourists.

The main types of tourism are health-improving, cultural, ecological, adventure, rural, religious. Active types of tourism are developing: rock climbing, freeriding, snowkiting and kitesurfing, mountain biking, mountain skiing, mass ascents to the highest point of the Eastern Sayan Mountains - Mount Munku-Sardyk. Popular photography, hiking, water, horseback riding, mountain and bike tours. Today, tourist organizations of the republic are ready to present a wide range of excursion tours within the framework of the transboundary routes "Tea Way", "Eastern Ring", "Trans-Siberian Express", "Baikal - Khubsugul - the great lakes of Asia".

The attention of tourists is attracted by the national holidays Sagaalgan and Surkharban, within which folklore festivals, sports competitions, religious and cultural events are held.

Since 2003, all the main indicators of the tourism sector have a positive trend. During the period from 2003 to 2007 the tourist flow to Buryatia increased by 60%. In 2007, according to statistics, Buryatia was visited by 229.3 thousand tourists, including 19 thousand foreign tourists from 60 countries of the world (Mongolia, China, Germany, USA, etc.). The growth rate of arrivals was 40%. The Unified Federal Register of Tour Operators from the Republic of Buryatia includes 24 travel companies. There are 383 collective tourist accommodation facilities on the territory of the republic, including 20 sanatorium-resort institutions and 120 guest houses. In educational institutions of Buryatia, specialists for the tourism sector are trained in 16 specialties.

In the Program of socio-economic development of the Republic of Buryatia for 2008–2010. and for the period up to 2017, tourism is recognized as one of the strategic directions of the economy. Today it is already obvious that in connection with the protection of Lake Baikal, the development of all types of industry in Buryatia is limited and will probably be limited even more in the future, therefore, unlike the vast majority of other regions of Russia, the development of tourism for Buryatia is a vital way of economic development.

The mechanism for the formation of a modern tourist and recreational complex on the territory of the republic is the cluster approach. The core of the cluster and a tool for stimulating regional economic growth is a special economic zone of a tourist and recreational type, which is being created in the Pribaikalsky region. In accordance with the concept of the TR SEZ in Buryatia, the emerging zone encompasses five destinations, which, mutually complementing each other, form an integrated all-season tourist product: the fishing village "Turka", the resort "Peski", the medical and SPA resort "Goryachinsk", ski resorts "Mountain Bull (Summit 1771)", "Bezymyannaya Bay".

But in addition to these specially equipped areas, it is planned to develop regional tourist zones in 7 cluster territories, which will make it possible to spatially diversify the tourist offer and involve areas that are not included in the SEZ TR into the tourist turnover. On each territory there are plots from 100 to 800 hectares, on which modern all-season resorts will be created and places of mass recreation will be improved.

For these purposes, the republic is improving the regulatory framework for the creation of regional tourist zones, for the organization of places of mass recreation in the Central ecological zone of the BNT and a favorable investment climate. Undoubtedly, the introduction of the concept of “special economic zones of the regional level” into the Federal Law “On Special Economic Zones in the Russian Federation” will allow at the regional level to carry out legal regulation of the creation, functioning and management of regional zones.

At the expense of budget funds, roads will be reconstructed along the shores of the lake. Baikal, power lines, local airports, construction of berths, treatment facilities. The creation of the SEZ infrastructure will improve the transport accessibility of local villages, improve power supply to local consumers and increase employment. And in these matters, the full support of the federal center is required.

The government of the republic is taking measures of state support for investment projects in the creation of tourist infrastructure. During the construction of hotels, entertainment and leisure facilities, state support will be provided in terms of preferential taxation, subsidies for the repayment of bank loans, and a reduction in land tax. Substantial support is planned in the training and professional development of personnel in the hotel and restaurant business. In order to attract tourists to Buryatia, in 2009 a new Internet portal "Tourism and recreation in Buryatia" will be launched in 5 languages, an advertising campaign is planned in specialized tourist publications, including foreign ones, and participation in tourist exhibitions.

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