Chechnya relies on tourism: how the republic will attract tourists

Gastronomic tourism in Chechnya

Main impressions

If you want to feel the Caucasian hospitality, see uniquely beautiful landscapes and ancient historical and architectural monuments, hear mysterious legends from the lips of local residents, then our mega eventful 8-day tour will be the best choice: <

- in Dagestan we will take a boat ride along the Sulak canyon, visit the Sarykum dune, visit the ancient Derbent and the high-mountain villages Chokh, Gamsutl, Gunib

- in Chechnya we will visit the revived Grozny and see the famous Grozny City, the largest mosque in Europe, as well as the pearl of the Caucasus - Lake Kezenoy-Am and the ancient city of Khoy;

- in Ingushetia we will marvel at the picturesque landscapes and medieval architecture of the "country of towers and legends" in the Dzheyrakh gorge

- in Ossetia, exploring the Kurtatinsky, Karmadonsky Alagirsky and Tseysky gorges, we will recharge our batteries, enjoy the stunning landscapes, breathe in the clean mountain air. And in the evenings we can walk around the beautiful city of Vladikavkaz, which is often called the Caucasus Petersburg.



Arrival in Makhachkala no later than 11:00. Meeting and gathering of the group.

Moving to Derbent - one of the most ancient cities in the world. (133 km).

Lunch (Included in the price).

Sightseeing tour of Derbent, one of the oldest cities in the world, located on a narrow passage between the coast of the Caspian Sea and the foothills of the Caucasus. According to various estimates, the city is from 4 to 5 thousand years old. The city has experienced turbulent historical events; one of the most important sections of the Great Silk Road ran here. For many hundreds of years Derbent has been a crossroads of civilization connecting East and West. Nowadays, the entire "old town" is an open-air museum. Here is the oldest Juma mosque, the most ancient Christian temple, the house of Peter I, the Khan's palace, the Dag-Bara fortress wall and, of course, the mighty citadel of Naryn-Kala - the "Sun Fortress", which for thousands of years protected Derbent from the invasion of nomads. Walk through the magals of the old city. The opportunity to taste the world's most delicious national Miracle and Khinkal!

Traditional dinner in one of the city restaurants (additional charge on the spot)

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Tea Express Anniversary

Today is exactly 5 years since that unique tourist event that affected the entire North Caucasus in 2015!

TEA EXPRESS is the first legendary railway tour in the North Caucasus. How much effort and energy our team spent on its implementation, how many emotions and unforgettable impressions were presented to the first and subsequent tourists - it is impossible to convey!

More than 200 people visited 7 republics of the North Caucasus, got acquainted with the kaleidoscope of cultures, the variety of Caucasian cuisine and boundless hospitality.

I decided to publish that small part of the photographic materials that reflect the energy and richness of tours in the North Caucasus! . u

Unknown Chechnya Continued Expeditions

Every year, on the May holidays, the NIE "Unknown Chechnya" made expeditions to Chechnya, and even planned an international expedition to Turkey. (more on that later).

As you know, in 2011 we united, created the NIE "Unknown Chechnya" in order to study and get to know our unique land. It was like this before, but this year, due to the worldwide pandemic ? and self-isolation, we cannot conduct an expedition, so we will have to conduct an online expedition across the Chechen Republic, or rather, to the most amazing places that, without exaggeration, can be attributed to the wonders of our planets and human evolution.

Well, ready, let's go: One of the mysteries of our time is the fossil of a polyethnological baby, which is supposedly more than 100 million years old, more than three meters in height and more than seven meters in diameter. Perhaps this find would be a sensation for any region in the world. And since this sensation is located in the mountains of the Czech Republic, we want it to become the property of the whole world

Tours in Russia are gaining popularity, and tourists increasingly want to see not promoted places, but to discover little-known corners of the country. Such travelers looking for unusual routes and vivid impressions should be offered a trip to the Chechen Republic. Various types of recreation are available here - from sightseeing to active and even beach recreation, and the tourist infrastructure has been actively developing lately: new hotels are being built, unique architectural objects appear (for example, where else can you see a high-tech mosque?), Will soon meet guests the first ski complex. On the eve of the winter season, together with Visit Chechnya, we analyze the largest cities of Chechnya - Grozny and Argun - and present a selection of must-see places.

In Chechnya, national identity is combined in a special way with new trends. Timati's Black Star Burger restaurant prepares exclusively halal burgers, and the Firdaws Fashion House presents collections of clothes in Chechen traditions, the shows of which are attended by media personalities.

Grozny city

The name of the city of Grozny comes from the fortress of the same name, built in 1818 by General Ermolov during the Caucasian War, on the site of which a modern and prosperous city is located today. Today Grozny is the cultural, scientific and industrial center of the south of Russia. Grozny has risen from the ashes and amazes guests with the beauty of buildings and the luxury of mosques. The old part of the city is very cozy and invites you to long walks along green alleys and parks with fountains.

What places in the city are a must visit?

High-rise complex "Grozny-City"

The Grozny-City high-rise multifunctional complex is located on the picturesque bank of the Sunzha River in the center of Grozny. This is one of the most striking sights of the city and recently its new symbol. High-rise buildings, illuminated by bright lights, resemble famous world megacities.

The complex of high-rise buildings covers an area of ​​4.5 hectares and consists of seven buildings.

  • 42-storey residential skyscraper - Phoenix Tower. There is a shopping center on the first two floors.
  • Two 25-storey and two 18-storey residential buildings.
  • Two 30-storey buildings - the five-star Grozny City Hotel with a helipad on the roof and the adjacent office and business center, on the roof of which there is an observation deck with a beautiful view of the city.

In 2016, construction of the second phase of Grozny-City 2 began. The multifunctional Akhmat Tower, the second tallest building in Russia and Europe, will be located here.

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