Agritourism in Poland: where to go

Agritourism in Poland: where to go

To really get to know Poland, taste it.

Here is a selection of Polish dishes to surprise you.


This is the main ingredient in the most popular Polish soup Flaki: tripe, or tripe. The front of the beef stomach. Sounds appetizing?

Flask soup is known as the perfect hangover cure. Maybe this is one of the reasons for the popularity of this soup?

It took me a while to get myself to try the tripe soup. I did it out of pure curiosity.

Was it delicious? Well, to be honest, this is not my favorite Polish soup. But I still recommend that you try the flask, it's an unusual experience, and who knows, you might want some supplements.

Another Polish dish that surprised me:


For some, a gastronomic shock, but for Poles, pasta with strawberries and jam is a popular dish for children and adults.

Milk with sugar and other seasonal berries are also added to the noodles to make a SOUP!

"We're going to the village for the weekend!" - this phrase is becoming more and more popular among those who are looking for a secluded, calm and natural holiday in Poland. The tourist destination "Agrotourism" is growing by leaps and bounds.

Well Forgotten

What until recently seemed like a relic of the past has now taken on a new form. A trip to the village is no longer the lot of those who have to plant potatoes or also have to harvest them, but those who want to do it. Voluntarily. Someone, hung with gadgets, gone headlong into the disembodied and often soulless world of social networks, instant messengers and other "pseudo-life", someone, often injecting two norms at their work, - many of us, realizing that our strength is running out, begin to look for the possibility of their replenishment. An innate instinct tells us that this can be done only by “disconnecting” from civilization, only by changing the environment to a calmer one. The one that is familiar at the level of memory of generations. This mechanism of seeking tranquility in familiar surroundings has been inherent in us for millennia. Indeed, in such an aggressive environment we have been living for some 100 years.

The inhabitants of Poland, having played enough "civilized" entertainment such as sitting on the Internet and endless hours at the video consoles, began to look for a simple and understandable recreation - outside the city, on foot, on a kayak, on a bicycle, on horseback - but how anything, just not to sit at home. Longing for home comfort, for carefree walks in the woods, for healthy cuisine made from home-made products, hordes of townspeople turned their eyes to the village, to the gray antiquity of barns, distilleries, mills, to traditions and a serene pastime away from the "blessings" of civilization. Many do not even think about where to go for Christmas or Sylvester (New Year). They choose Agrotourism.

Many guest houses had to start from absolute zero. Someone continued the work of their parents and turned the household farm into a place of rest, while someone simply found the determination to shake off the dust from the old rest house or camp site, which at one time received guests on trade union vouchers. Someone remade old warehouses or mills for the needs of vacationers, thus giving these buildings a second life. Be that as it may, but today in Poland you can find such a country vacation that will appeal to the whole family. There are places where guests will be offered to plunge into the atmosphere of traditional Polish life with its attachment to land, water bodies and forests. And there are those where you can feel like a monk in the literal sense of the word. Polomedia decided not only to tell its readers about the possibility of such a vacation in Poland, but also to show such places. Dosed, of course.

Crossroads of three borders

Not far from the city of Suwalki and very close to the junction of three borders - with Russia (Kaliningrad region) and Lithuania - there is a small agrotourist resting place, which does not really have a name. By the way, this is quite typical for Poland, where a private family enterprise can be quite calmly called simply: "Jan Kowalski's Firm" Almost like an individual entrepreneur in Russia. This is also the case in the quiet village of Burnishki, where the farm of the Janusz and Iwona Rudziewicz family (Gospodarstwo Agroturystyczne Janusz i Iwona Rudziewicz) is located on the very shore of the picturesque Lake Vizainy. The farm, offering its guests a carefree vacation in a picturesque area of ​​the Suvalka region, is an operating farm. What is shifted, first of all, to the kitchen menu. Here the tourist will be fed with everything that a real farm has to offer. All its own, all natural. Cheese, butter, sour cream, cottage cheese, and the bread on which this yummy is spread - all this is made from homemade products.

In addition, vacationers, if desired, can participate in the life of the complex. For example, work on a par with the owners with cattle, milk goats, feed rabbits, chickens, and the like. As they say, the best rest is a change of activity. But if this option is not suitable, then you need to take advantage of what the local nature has offered. This includes fishing, hiking and biking trails, boat trips and campfire evenings. By the way, boats and bicycles are free here. You can ask the hosts to arrange a trip to Vilnius. They will gladly arrange it.

Staying in the agritourism farm of Janusz and Iwona Rudziewicz will cost only PLN 60 per adult. Children from 3 to 7 - PLN 30, and up to 3 years old - free. The price includes three meals a day. Number of rooms - 5, showers with toilets - 3. Total seats 12. There is an option to rent the entire room for 35 zlotys (this is if someone travels alone, and there are 2 places in the room). For those who find three meals a day with homemade food insufficient, the International Competition of Culinary Arts "Neighbors at the Table" is held 32 kilometers from Burniseki at the beginning of September.

In addition to Polish, you can negotiate with the owners in German and Russian.

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