After the pandemic, gastronomic tourism will become the most important motivator for tourists "

Popular destinations for gastronomic tourism

Some tourists travel to enjoy exotic landscapes, others - to admire the monuments of ancient architecture. A separate category of travelers is gourmets, connoisseurs of cuisine. They prefer gastronomic tourism when visiting countries in order to get acquainted with their national cuisines.

Features of the gastronomic tour

For many people, the concept of a gastro tour is associated with a feast, gluttony, and a wine tour is associated with alcoholism. In fact, this is not the case. Such rest includes only acquaintance, tasting of national dishes and wines. This is an opportunity to try this or that dish, prepared according to all the rules, using natural correct products. Gastronomic tours are not only visits to cafes and restaurants, but also active and cultural recreation, visits to local attractions.

Where to go on a wine tour

Wine tour is a popular part of the tourist program, in which tourists get acquainted with the winemaking of a particular region. Adherents of such tours are true connoisseurs of wine, and not ordinary drinkers, as is commonly believed in society. Tourists visit grape plantations, factories for the production of wine, cellars with wine collections, participate in the process of creating drinks, get acquainted with the history of certain drinks, and taste.

During the trip, tourists also explore the surroundings, attend excursions to local attractions, participate in agricultural work and entertainment. As part of the tour, culinary and wine courses are usually held, after which the participant will be able to distinguish good wine from fake, learn how to combine a drink with different dishes. As a rule, after such a holiday, the tourist takes with him a bottle of vintage wine.

The peculiarity of the wine tour is that the tourist is completely in the countryside. Beautiful landscapes, clean air, healthy peasant food, local culture - all this makes the vacation unique and unforgettable.

Popular Wine Tour Destinations:

  • France. Undoubtedly, this country is the first in the list of wine connoisseurs. The main plantations are located in the province of Bordeaux, where beverages are produced and exported all over the world. Wine tours are also organized to Burgundy, Aquitaine, Provence, Champagne.
  • Italy. The Italian cradle of winemaking is sunny Tuscany. Several hundred wine brands are produced here. A food tour to Italy also includes an introduction to the famous pasta, pizza and cheeses.
  • Georgia. Winemaking for this country is an ancient art, the secrets of which are passed down from generation to generation. Fertile Georgian land gives life to more than 500 varieties of grapes and 80 types of wine. It was here that the technology of storing wines in clay jugs "kvevri", buried in the ground, was born. Also, Georgia is famous for the culture of the feast, colorful toasts. Wine tour to Georgia involves not only visiting grape plantations, but also excursions to ancient temples and castles.

Apart from these countries, wine tours are offered by Malta, Spain, Greece, Bulgaria. A budget trip can be made to the vineyards of Moldova. In Russia, famous vineyards are located in the Crimea (Massandra), Krasnodar Territory (Abrau Dyurso).

Popular Gastronomy Destinations

The following culinary destinations are considered fashionable among tourists:

  • Thailand. Thai cuisine is famous for its abundance of vegetables, fruits, soy products, seafood and rice. Popular Thai dishes: tom yam - mushroom and shrimp soup; tom kha kai — chicken and coconut milk soup; pad thai - rice noodles in a hot and sweet sauce.
  • Brazil. Brazilian cuisine combines the traditions of the Spaniards, Mexicans, Indians and Africans. A popular product is beans. On its basis, a well-known dish in the country is prepared - feijoada. There is also pork, smoked sausages, hot peppers, herbs.
  • Georgia. This country is popular not only among wine connoisseurs, but also among gourmets. A gastronomic tour to Georgia provides travelers with the opportunity to taste traditional dishes: khachapuri - cheese cakes, dolma - rice and minced meat stuffing wrapped in grape leaves, khinkali - a dumplings-like dish with meat and herbs, mtsvadi - Georgian shish kebab.
  • Russia. Gastronomic tours in Russia are only gaining popularity. Russian cuisine is also very tasty and rich: cabbage soup, hodgepodge, pies, pancakes, cheesecakes, zrazy. then there are ancient Russian dishes, there is also a cuisine that was formed in tsarist times: Olivier, beef stroganoff, vinaigrette.

How is Primorsky Krai already developing a gastronomic brand of Far Eastern cuisine today?

On June 10, a teleconference of the Eastern Economic Forum will take place in the Primorsky Territory, where experts will discuss the phenomenon of Far Eastern cuisine, its impact on the attractiveness of the region and gastronomic tourism in general as a driver of economic development.

On the eve of the event, Tatyana Zarechneva, head of the projects “Discover Vladivostok” and Pacific Russia Food, co-owner of the digital agency “Exactly! », Chairman of the Board of Directors of the non-profit organization Pacific Tourism Union.

On holding the VEF teleconference

Teleconference of the Eastern Economic Forum is taking place within the framework of the Far Eastern region development program. In 2019, the Primorsky Territory became one of the most attractive regions of Russia for foreign tourists, and the total tourist flow showed an increase of 9.3% compared to the same period in 2018. The organizers of the teleconference believe that the region can become an example for other constituent entities of the Russian Federation and present ideas and experience in organizing gastronomic tourism.

- Tatiana, what result do you expect from the teleconference on June 10?

- The fact that gastronomic tourism is included in the visiting theme of the WEF suggests that this type of tourism is being legitimized by state structures both at the regional and federal levels. The authorities understand the economic and social impact the development of regional gastronomy can have.

This is also a recognition of the work that has already been done by the gastronomic community of the Primorsky Territory - restaurateurs, chefs, marketing enthusiasts, who three years ago started from scratch to create a new brand of Far Eastern cuisine.

How the Pacific Russia Food gastronomic brand was created: concept, successful cases

- The gastronomic brand has been formed not one year, but decades. What global or regional gastronomic brands have you focused on when creating your own?

- Famous world cuisines - French, Italian, Japanese - were formed not even for decades, but for centuries. When we started this project, we first of all asked the question: is it possible to build a brand from scratch in a relatively short time? Having studied world cuisines, we found inspiring examples of what can be done when there is the enthusiasm and professionalism of all participants in the process - cooks, marketers, officials. For me, such examples are the new Basque cuisine and the new Scandinavian cuisine.

The Pacific Russia Food brand was launched in May 2017. Then we gathered a community of Vladivostok restaurateurs and conducted an initial inventory of what we have: we determined how the Far Eastern cuisine of the region is valuable and unique, formulated its concept and the main message: "Clean energy of seafood and taiga."

- How did you define this concept?

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