1 day

14. 0-15. 0 Check-in, accommodation in rooms with all conveniences. Dinner. Acquaintance with the instructor. 15.0 - Briefing. / p> " /> 1 day

14. 0-15. 0 Check-in, accommodation in rooms with all conveniences. Dinner. Acquaintance with the instructor. 15.0 - Briefing. / p> "> 1 day

14. 0-15. 0 Check-in, accommodation in rooms with all conveniences. Dinner. Acquaintance with the instructor. 15.0 - Briefing. / p> ">

Adygea and Lago-Naki

Aktivtour in Adygea, 7 days

Main impressions

Since childhood, rereading the poems of Pushkna and Lermontov, we imagined the country of the Circassians: sunny, incomprehensible, almost fabulous, where brave warriors, skillful riders and beautiful Circassian women with a thin waist lived. She got lost among the high mountains, far from the bustling world, preserving her traditions and magnificent nature. If you have ever been to Norway, then it is not difficult to imagine Adygea, you just need to double the height of the mountains and waterfalls, and instead of fjords, imagine endless valleys. It is quiet, calm and absolutely safe here, and the hospitality of the locals will amaze you, leaving the best impressions about these places: “Happiness comes with a guest,” say the Circassians.

What will we do on the tour

If you want to relax, gain strength and get to know another interesting corner of Russia, go on our journey!



Departure to Krasnodar by train or plane Recommended: - direct flight from St. Petersburg Aeroflot (Russia) SU-6315 departure at 07.00 - direct flight from Moscow (Vnukovo) UTair UT-575 departure at 10. 0 the railway must be watched by yourself. Appears 90 days before departure.

12:30 meeting of the group at the airport of Krasnodar. transfer to Maykop - the capital of Adygea (150 km). Dygeya is located "inside" the Krasnodar Territory. You will get a short acquaintance with Krasnodar and the way towards the Caucasus Mountains. On the way, you will learn about the history of the local lands from ancient times to the creation of the Republic of Adygea. You will see the "Krasnodar Sea", which swallowed up the ancient Adygeyan auls and learn their history. What rests at the bottom of a huge reservoir?

Stop at the Adyg courtyard. troubles and tasting of Adyghe dishes. The people here are very welcoming. Locals captivate with ease of communication and goodwill. We will be visiting the Adyghe family. The hostess herself will show us objects from constant use and explain their meaning. He will tell you how the family lives and how it works. He will show his small farm and even demonstrate the process of making Adyghe cheese. After getting to know the farm, all guests are invited to the table. You will be presented with the main dishes of the Adyghe cuisine. Adyghe cheese in different versions, must be served to the table.

Arrival in Maykop. Accommodation at the hotel.

For those wishing to taste local beer in the restaurant at the brewery. Initially, the plant was called "Slavic beer-mead brewing" and was founded in 1882. And the first brewer was a Czech - Anton Rubezh. His craftsmanship, as well as the soft crystal clear water coming from the mountains, ensured a high quality drink. The modern enterprise decided to revive the famous beer brewed according to the classical technology from natural raw materials. As the creators themselves noted: "This story, though alcoholic, is kind ... and at the same time intelligent, European, but not pretentious." Roma tasting, in this cozy restaurant you can order snacks and meals according to your wishes. free time.

Tour program

14. 0-15. 0 Check-in, accommodation in rooms with all conveniences. Dinner. Acquaintance with the instructor. 15.0 - Briefing. excursion to the natural park "Khadzhokhskaya gorge", a walk to the Krasnoye lake and its environs. This is a natural monument that was created by the river millions of years ago. This place will not leave indifferent any visitor. Here we will see all the power of the natural elements. The ferocity of the river on the one hand, and, at the same time, the pacified surface of the water on the other. We will also get acquainted with some representatives of the fauna of the Caucasus, endemics and animals from the Red Data Book. The sheer gray streaked gloomy walls of the canyon abound with cauldrons and niches, washed in the stony mass by the violent water flow. The gorge is crowned by a natural stone bridge, which gave the name to the village. Almost all routes to the mountainous part of Adygea start from here. The wild beach and the Azish-Tau ridge will impress even an experienced tourist. The wild beach is located in the Rufabgo gorge, hidden from the eyes of curious tourists, it attracts with its mystery and seclusion. The Azish-Tau mountain range closes the northeastern part of the Lago-Naki plateau. Starting at the confluence of the Rufabgo stream into the Belaya River, it stretches twenty-five kilometers to the southwest. The ridge is covered with pine and fir forests, yew and boxwood are also found here. The length of the route is 4 km. 8.0 - Dinner. 20. 0 - Gathering around the fire, getting to know the group.

For those wishing to visit the thermal springs - free transfer.

10. 0 - Excursion "Rock Garden".

11. 0- Horseback riding - 2 hours of horseback riding (optional, optional).

15. 0 - Excursion to the Red Lake - swimming, sunbathing, taking pictures.

For those wishing to visit the thermal springs - free transfer.

10. 0 - Departure for rafting down the Belaya River on rafts.

15. 0 - Exit to the "Piggy bank" climbing wall. Descent from the cliff 50 meters by the Dyulfer method. On request, a visit to the Mishoko extreme park (via ferrata trolls) is paid independently).

20. 0 - Gathering around the campfire. Thematic evening.

For those wishing to visit the thermal springs - free transfer.

10. 0 - Departure for the route - high-mountain plateau Lago-Naki. Visiting viewing platforms with picturesque views of the main Caucasian ridge. Rock "Iron" - 1850 m. Above sea level. Visit to the Caucasian Natural Biosphere Reserve.

In a week you will try a varied combination of active and health-improving excursions in the picturesque nature in Adygea and the Krasnodar Territory. What awaits you: Active rest in Adygea Canyoning, horseback riding, rafting, descents with Alpennin equipment, trekking, visiting equipped and not equipped caves, visiting thermal springs, extreme parks, all this and much more, accompanied by certified specialists.

Tour program

Tour cost per person is indicated in rubles:

  • 15% - children under 14;

free - children under 5 years old (no claims for services).

The price includes:


- Khadzhokh gorge - 500 rubles for adults, 250 rubles for children; - Garden of stones - 50 rubles - Museum "Belovodye" - 150 rubles -Horse ride: 2-hour -1200 rubles, 5-hour -2000 rubles

- Guam Gorge (locomotive) - 500 rubles for adults, 250 rubles for children (discount for beneficiaries) - Monastery (underground temple) - 100 rubles for adults, 50 rubles for children - Azishskaya Cave - 500 rubles for adults, 250 RUB for children (discount for beneficiaries) - Rufabgo Falls - RUB 500 for adults; 250 rubles for children;

  • Visiting thermal springs in excess of the program - 300 rubles - 1 hour; 500 rubles - 3 hours (paid independently). Transfer to the sources and back is free.
  • Sports insurance (may be issued upon prior request).
  • The cost of an individual transfer by prior arrangement for up to 4 people:

- 3000 rubles - from/to Krasnodar Airport - 3000 rubles from/to Krasnodar railway station - 1000 rubles from/to Maykop station

Tour Information:

Transfer on the day of arrival later than 12. 0 paid by vacationers on their own and not compensated

Main impressions

The ring route with tents, passes through the territory of the Caucasian Reserve, includes a visit to the high-mountain plateau Lago-Naki at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level, Lake Psenodakh, Oshten peak and the famous tourist shelter Fisht.

What will we do on the tour

This is an active hiking program in the picturesque places of the Caucasian reserve. You will visit a unique natural area, get acquainted with the Red Book species of plants and unique landscapes, learn to set up a tent and cook food in the field.



Arrival in the city of Rasnodar. Gathering of the group: the station square, a monument to Lenin at 9. 0. Transfer Krasnodar - Khadzhokh. Acquaintance with the guide. Getting food, group equipment.

Excursion to the Rufabgo waterfalls.

We pass under the slopes of Mount Oshten to the beautiful gorge of TsiCa. Here, the grasses are taller than human growth, and the famous sphagnum bog attracts.

Setting up the camp. Learning how to cook food on tourist primus.

Wake up early. Climbing to the top of Oshten. We meet dawn at the top. The Fishta glacier is underfoot - eternal ice and snow.

Putting the backpacks together. Today we have a busy day - the transition to the Fishta shelter. We will visit Lake Psenodakh, Fisht-Oshtenovsky Pass and descend into the valley of the Belaya River.

Late rise. Relaxation. Radial hike to Fisht-Oshtenovsky glacier. Lunch under a beautiful waterfall. Return to the camp. Dinner. You can heat the bathhouse and take water procedures.

This is the Caucasus! You can arrange a belly party for yourself in almost any institution in Adygea. Local cuisine is an abundance of meat, dairy products, vegetables and spices. In summer, they prefer salads, hominy and ayran, in winter they lean on rich soups, lamb, chicken, potatoes and sauces with garlic and pepper.

Full board in a hotel or sanatorium will cost 1000 rubles per day, but you can only book breakfasts, and arrange lunch and dinner in some cafe overlooking the mountains. The average bill for a full-fledged hot dish, dessert and drink is 300-400 rubles.

We have chosen what is worth trying in Adygea in the first place. Make yourself a real gastronomic tour.

Every year a holiday is held in the republic - the Festival of Adyghe cheese.

Rafting Workshop


Adyghe tea

The northernmost tea in the world became a brand not so long ago - less than 10 years ago, but has already won a bunch of awards. In winter, the temperature in the mountains, at 500 meters above sea level, drops to -20 degrees, in summer the air warms up to +40. Growing bushes in such conditions is difficult, and therefore a packet of tea is expensive here - from 1,500 rubles per 100 grams. But experts say that it also has a special taste - tart and bright. In winter, it is customary to add herbal preparations to the mug - for immunity.


One of the valuable drinks of Adygea is traditionally considered to be the main natural resource - water! The products of the Maikopskaya lemonade factory are made on the basis of water extracted at a depth of 572 meters. It contains iodine and fluorine in sufficient quantities. The source is low-mineralized and allows you to use the natural benefit both for personal and prophylactic purposes without the prescription of specialists.

Video tour of Adygea

Project of the TV channel "BelRos" "Map of the Motherland"

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