7 trips to 7 cities of the Vladimir region

The best souvenirs and gifts from the Vladimir region

Most often, tourists buy souvenirs in Vladimir with the symbols of the city - the Golden Gate, cathedrals and monasteries. In Suzdal - birch bark bast shoes. What is being brought from Gus-Khrustalny is clear from the city's name. But Kovrov is famous not at all for carpets.

We have made a convenient shopping guide for you in the Vladimir region. You will find typical souvenirs even without us. Well, we will remind you of the most important thing and tell you what interesting, healthy and tasty things can be bought as a keepsake in the above cities.

So, what to bring from the Vladimir region?

Clothing and jewelry

Sales in the Vladimir region in terms of timing most often coincide with the all-Russian ones. However, from time to time there are exceptions. As a rule, clothing stores in Vladimir and Suzdal launch discounts in mid-January, and the second wave of sales falls on the summer - somewhere in the second half of July.

Modern Shopping

Vladimir is the largest and most modern city in the region, so many people come here to go shopping. Not from Moscow or St. Petersburg, of course, but from small towns in the neighborhood. If you are interested, go shopping in the shopping centers of Vladimir. Most popular shopping centers:

  • Megatorg
  • Shopping arcade
  • Cruiser
  • Globus
  • Grand

Choose any - they are not very different from each other. Clothing stores in Vladimir are also found outside the malls - as a rule, large chain stores and mono-brand ones like Zara, Zolla, O'STIN, and so on. All of them are located near the center.


Tourists often bring headscarves from Vladimir. Silk, cashmere, downy - as a gift for women and girls, the very thing. Prices start at 300 rubles.

Trips around the "Small Golden Ring" of the Vladimir region

Seven cities, seven thematic trips, seven vacation days - this is a short description of this trip along the "Small Golden Ring" of the Vladimir region: it combines 7 cities, each of which is associated with one main topic - one of pages of the history of Russia.

Various holidays and festivals are held in each of the cities of the Vladimir region. Plan your trip to take part in the most interesting ones: "Pancake Fun with Goose Fights" in February-March, "Cucumber Festival" in July and "MeadovuhaFest" in September in Suzdal, Tsvetaevsky Poetry Festival in July in Aleksandrov, Peter and Fevronia Day in July in Murom, "Gorokhovetskaya Rybalka" in July in Gorokhovets.

What to drive around the Vladimir region

The Vladimir region is riddled with railway branches and covered with a network of bus routes, so it is convenient to travel along it. Having settled in the capital, in Vladimir, you can go to other cities by train or bus early in the morning, and have time to return in the evening.

White-stone Rus: Vladimir

It is better to start a trip around the Vladimir region from its capital. A walk through ancient Vladimir is a journey not so much in space as in time, an acquaintance with the grand ducal white-stone Russia.

“The Kiev prince Vladimir Svyatoslavovich (aka Red Sun) liked the plateau on the high bank of the river, and at the end of the 10th century the ruler founded a village over the Klyazma. And by the middle of the 12th century, the city becomes the center of the entire North-Eastern Russia "... And right there in front of you is a" living "illustration for the guide's story - the Golden Gate, remembering those times, is one of the seven entrances to the fortress city.

It is very easy to navigate in Vladimir: all the main interesting places, starting from the Golden Gate, are located around Bolshaya Moskovskaya Street, which runs parallel to the Klyazma River and the railway. This street will lead to Cathedral Square to the main temples of the medieval city: the current Assumption Cathedral and the Dmitrievsky Cathedral - the home church of Prince Vsevolod the Big Nest, it will also point the way to the Nativity of the Mother of God Monastery. If you want to travel from the times of white-stone Rus to several centuries ahead - welcome to the Museum in the Water Tower, located not far from the same street, dedicated to the life of the townspeople of the XIX century ...

A day on Vladimir is insultingly small, you can spend a whole week in it alone. But our route has already been planned - we will not deviate from it.

Orthodox Rus: Suzdal

After Vladimir we go to Suzdal - a city very similar to the capital of the region with white-stone churches, but completely opposite to it in mood. It is quiet, provincial: just walk a couple of streets from the center and you find yourself in a real Russian village with small wooden huts, decorated with carved platbands, surrounded by vegetable gardens.

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