13 popular breakfasts in Thailand

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Forget croissants and oatmeal with bananas - a typical Thai breakfast is completely different from a European one. Famous traveler Mark Vince named 13 dishes that Thais most often eat in the morning

: Jock

Thai equivalent of cereal with milk. Rice grains are boiled until they turn into a thick porridge like oatmeal. Then an egg is broken there and pieces of pork are thrown. Sprinkle the finished dish with ginger flakes with herbs. The jock is served hot.

: Kao tom

Kao Tom is the younger brother of the jock. In it, instead of round-grain rice, long-grain rice is used, and much more water is used. When the rice is tender, the soup is ready. Kao tom is served with the same additions as jock: pieces of pork, egg, ginger and parsley.

: Kao new mu ping

If jock is Thai cereal, then kao nyu mu ping is a variation on the theme of an egg and sausage sandwich. So high in calories that you can not eat until lunch. Fatty pork pieces on a stick are perfect for a quick snack on the go. The main thing is not to forget to take a sticky rice briquette with you.

: Pantongo

Pantongo is a Thai donut made from sweet dough that is deep-fried until crisp. The inside of the pantongo is soft, like a classic cheburek. The dough for a Thai donut is lighter than for a European one. Therefore, it is not covered with glaze, but eaten just like that or with a sweet sauce.

: Nam tao ho

When soy milk is poured into a soup bowl, we get tao ho. It is lightly sweetened and mixed with jelly cubes. Great for a light breakfast!

: Dim Sum

Traditional Chinese snacks in Thailand have gotten used to eating for breakfast. Among the many types of dim sum, steamed buns and dumplings with pork filling have taken root the most.

Food in Thailand - food prices, cafes, street makers

National cuisine is one of the main features of Thailand and the great pride of the Thais themselves.

The combination of sweet, sour, salty and bitter is appropriate and very harmonious here. The flavor of Thai food is manifested in the versatility of its tastes and aromas.

Popular dishes

Food in Thailand is mainly rice, fish and seafood, meat, vegetables and dairy products. The secret lies in spices and herbs, which Thais add generously, so when ordering a dish at a restaurant or buying at the market, it is better to warn the seller or waiter that you do not want to turn into a fire-breathing dragon by saying a simple and short "No spicy".

Streets, markets, shops, food courts, cafes and restaurants offer tourists hundreds of Thai dishes, we have compiled a list of the main and most popular of them:

  • Soups Tom Yam (spicy in chicken broth) and Tom Ka Gai (based on coconut milk).
  • Pad Thai side dishes (fried rice noodles with shrimp, tofu and special sauce) and fried rice with any toppings.
  • Hot Kung Massaman, a sweet curry dish, served with potatoes.
  • Salad Catfish There.
  • Pla Plu, the same fish that is fried in a lot of salt.
  • Dessert Kao Newg Ma Muang, delicious mango with glutinous rice and coconut cream.

It is best to try Thai cuisine in small cafes, here they will bring you large portions, and their cost will be much lower than in restaurants, this will not affect the taste and quality.

Prices and where to eat

Food in Thailand is sold at every turn, there are a myriad of gastronomic establishments - for some unknown reason, Thais practically do not cook at home, and therefore they go to cafes and inexpensive restaurants with no less pleasure, not attaching much importance to the local interior.

Tourists prefer places that are more well-groomed, and sometimes frankly fashionable, but the latter are unlikely to give the atmosphere of real Thailand. If you really want to get to know the local cuisine, visit those cafes that locals go to.

So, how much will it cost to eat in Thailand?

  • Lunch for one in an inexpensive cafe - from 100 baht ($ 2.9).
  • Lunch for two with alcohol - from 600 baht ($ 17).
  • Lunch for one at McDonald's (big mac + potatoes + cola) - 180 baht (5.2 $).

You can also find many free ways to organize your leisure time - and, moreover, not at all worse than for money. Tai is a land of entertainment, and I do not get tired of making sure of this, once again coming to Asia. Here a lot of attention is paid to fun, active and mobile rest, it seems that Thais know a lot about good mood and give it to tourists.

Family Fun Thailand

Thailand is a real paradise for families with children, I noticed that young travelers are very welcome here, the staff of hotels and cafes always take care of them. Family entertainment is not deprived here either, I advise:

  • visit the elephant village in the center of Pattaya - you can watch the animals, ride them, participate in the show where elephants play football and demonstrate tricks, prices start from 650 baht;
  • go to the tiger zoo near the town of Siracha - this is something like the Taigan safari park in Crimea, only more colorful, tigers, crocodiles, elephants, camels and other southern residents live here, entrance - 250 baht for children, 450 - for adults;
  • relax in a Thai Disneyland on Phuket Island - there are a bunch of attractions, pavilions styled in Thai folklore, as well as already loved by everyone trained elephants, where without them;
  • see the bear museum - appeared in 2013, teddy bears do not sit on the shelves here, but “live” their lives in 12 thematic zones, a ticket costs 300 baht for children and 500 for adults;
  • visit in the miniature park Mini-Siam - a park where the main attractions of Thailand are presented in a reduced copy, by the way, there are European Eisk zone with monuments from another part of the continent, entrance - 350 baht.

Of course, Thailand has oceanariums, dolphinariums and amusement parks - these are classics of any popular resort. Most of the entertainment for children is concentrated on the island of Phuket, this is where most families go on vacation.

Adult entertainment in Thailand

If everything is clear with children's entertainment, then adults - beckon with the taboo topic of fans of “strawberries”. There are no taboo topics in Tae, so there are plenty of cool entertainment for adults too:

  • Alcazar show, in which transvestite girls participate, showing colorful and bright numbers;
  • Tiffany show is another show, where cabaret artists in beautiful costumes sing, dance and act out;
  • Calypso Cabaret is an evening entertainment in Bangkok with dancers who can move in a way that will take your breath away.

For adult entertainment, it is better to go to Pattaya - there are bars, discos and other colorful establishments at every step, they work until dawn, and hundreds of girls offer their services to single tourists. True, on closer inspection, half of them turn out to be guys, but these are trifles.

More breathtaking entertainment in Thailand

Food in Thailand is characterized by the fact that food in the country is relatively inexpensive.

Thai cuisine is influenced by Chinese, Indian and Portuguese culinary traditions, but nevertheless has its own national character. Thai cuisine is a combination of sweet and sour: many Thai dishes are added with sugar and sour fruit juice.

Food in Thailand

The diet of Thais consists of rather spicy dishes based on rice, meat, seafood, fish, noodles, vegetables.

In Thailand, you can enjoy spicy-sour shrimp soup cooked in coconut milk (Tom Yam Kung), spicy salad based on green papaya and peanuts (Som Tam); pork kebabs drizzled with peanut sauce (Sate Mu); chicken fried in cashews (Kai Phat Met Mamuang).

Where to eat in Thailand?

  • night markets (here you can buy, for example, inexpensive and very tasty chicken kebabs with a sweetish sauce);
  • cafe you can order almost all famous Thai dishes);
  • cafes and restaurants where you can taste dishes of different cuisines of the world, including European.

When you visit Thai restaurants, you can taste authentic spicy and sweet Thai dishes - just say “Thai spicy, please” when ordering. And if you are not a fan of spicy food, say: “No spicy” or “Middle spicy”.

If you are one of those who are not averse to trying such exotic food as fried insects, the taste of which resembles burnt smoked meat, then you can find them on the menu of Thai restaurants, at fairs, parties, markets. If you are not a fan of insects, then be sure to try the soup made with shark fins and crocodile steaks.

Drinks in Thailand

Popular Thai drinks are Thai iced tea, beer, rice wine, local SamSing rum and whiskey (Mekhong).

Beer lovers can try the local foamy drink, which is quite strong (6%). You can find European varieties in Thai shops and bars, but such beers are much more expensive.

Thailand is undoubtedly one of the most popular holiday destinations among Russian tourists. The proof of this is the year-round charter flights from various cities of the country.

Holidays in Thailand are attractive for affordable prices, diverse entertainment, attractions, endless beaches that are unlike each other, where you can relax at almost any time of the year.

A trip to Thailand will be equally interesting for young people, middle-aged and older people, families with children. Those who want to spend time with a noisy company or, conversely, retire from the hustle and bustle and enjoy the surrounding beauty. The main thing is to choose the right resort for your vacation.

Things to know when traveling to Thailand

Where is the best place to relax in Thailand

You can enjoy a sea holiday in a hospitable country:

  • On the Andaman coast, the most popular resorts are Phuket island and Krabi province;
  • On the shores of the Gulf of Thailand, you should pay attention to Cha-Am, Hua Hin or an island Koh Samui;
  • On the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand - Pattaya, Rayong, Koh Samet and Chang islands.

Thailand on the map

General information about holiday in the country


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