What awaits tourists in; covid; Turkey in 2020: Honest Reporting from Antalya

Space tourism without leaving the Earth

Alanya is the heart of resort Turkey. Great climate, good prices, lots of entertainment - a tourist's paradise! However, Alanya is not only all-inclusive package tours. We will tell you how to go to Turkey on your own: relax or live. We will share our personal experience, tell you about the subtleties that should be taken into account before traveling on your own. We tried to write everything in as much detail as possible so that even beginners would not be confused.

Alanya is a district in the province of Antalya. And the city of the same name (in Russia it would be called a regional center). The Alanya district includes the city itself and suburban resort villages: Incekum, Konakli, Avsallar, Mahmutlar and others.

Where to find flights

It is most convenient to follow the tickets on the Aviasales service. If you are not tied to dates, check the entire month's schedule to find the lowest price. Read the baggage information carefully. Most flights are taken by Antalya Airport, which is located 140 km from Alanya. Gazipasa airport is much closer to the city, but the choice of convenient flights there is usually not so good.

We got from Russia in three different ways:

  • Direct flight. Usually charters from the cities of the Russian Federation to Antalya are expensive, but in the off-season you can get to the generous sales.
  • Via Istanbul. Domestic flights in Turkey are inexpensive. We spent about 3000 rubles for two with luggage. You can also see Istanbul. We have left detailed instructions on it in this article.
  • Tour. Go to the website "Travelata" and see the tours from your city to any resort in the province of Antalya. From time to time you come across all inclusive packages at the price of a flight or less. In order to save money, many even take tours for 2 days to the first hotel they come across (and sometimes do not check in at all). We didn't do that: we chose an excellent resort, rested on all-inclusive at a good price, and didn't fly back.

Boundary and Test

Russians can stay in Turkey without a visa for 60 days. Then you can leave and return for another 30 days within six months. In total, you can spend 180 days a year in Turkey, but with interruptions. Or apply for a residence permit. It is better to deal with this on the spot in a Russian-speaking agency. You can fly to Alanya without insurance. We have never been asked to show it. But now the world is restless, so even we are insured (we take the policy on the Cherehapa website - the prices are good, the service is proven, the papers are sent by mail).

In 2020-2021 in Turkey, a tourist may be asked for a certificate of the absence of COVID-19. So far, they have not asked, but the rules of entry are constantly being adjusted. Stay tuned before departure!

Transport in Alanya

Passengers flying to Alanya usually arrive at Antalya airport. There are 3 ways to get to the desired hotel or apartment:

  • Buses. You can get from Antalya Airport to Alanya by buses. First you need to get from the airport to the bus station. Bus number 600 runs from 05:30 to 01:00 (but in the off-season the schedule changes - the last trip can be delivered at 20:00). In an hour you will reach the bus station. At the box office, buy a ticket for the nearest bus to Alanya. The last bus leaves at 20:00. The ride takes about 4 hours. Dolmushi (Turkish minibuses) go from the Alanya bus station. Write down the address of your complex and show it to local drivers. They will tell you where to sit.
  • Taxi. It is always expensive in Turkey. You can bargain, but it will take a long time to bring down the price. We ourselves do not like this option, because there is a more convenient way.
  • Transfer. Once we arrived with almost no things and got there by buses - I didn't like it, it took a long time. Now we always take a transfer from Antalya to Alanya. The best prices, in our experience, are with GetTransfer. The ride takes about 3 hours. It turns out to be especially beneficial if you are traveling with a family or a company (it will not be much cheaper on buses).

Where to rent an apartment

It becomes dangerous for Russians to travel to Turkey on vacation In the event of an aggravation of the situation, citizens of the Russian Federation may become hostages of the "Turkish Sultan", as well as suffer from radical Turks who do not obey Erdogan

- We perceive Ukraine as a key country in terms of the security and stability of our region. And within this framework, we have always supported, supported and will continue to support the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, including Crimea, ”Erdogan said.

In this regard, political scientist Ildus Yarulin in an interview with the resource Ura. u advised Russian citizens to stop traveling to Turkey.

- In Turkey, and so the situation is not very simple, including in relation to the Russians, and now it will be even worse. Therefore, it is necessary to make a decision to reduce tourist trips so that the citizens of Russia in Turkey do not become hostages of a rabid crowd. We have already seen the assassination of the ambassador (in 2016, the Russian ambassador to Turkey, Andrei Karlov, was shot dead during the opening of the photo exhibition in Ankara. - Ed.) And the downed planes. What else can the Turks do in a state of such euphoria? - the political scientist asks.

The end of the war? Which of the militants is still in Syria and what can be expected from them

Turkey today is a state hostile to Russia, military expert Konstantin Sivkov believes. He notes that under current conditions, Erdogan is not an ally and partner, but an enemy of Russia, which means that at least people who are professionally connected with Turkey, but have a pro-Russian position, may suffer.

- First of all, people who are connected with politics, with the expert community, working in this area and holding a pronounced pro-Russian position, may suffer if they come to Turkey. There is nothing new in Erdogan's actions, he is fighting against us at three points: in Libya, Syria and now also in Nagorno-Karabakh. He is actively driving Russia out of the Transcaucasus. Of course, in these conditions, the attitude towards our tourists can be negative, - the expert noted.

The situation can change a lot now. Since the press of Turkic-speaking countries is extremely sensitive about the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh, manifestations of aggression are possible, especially against Russians of Armenian origin, said Nikita Mendkovich, an expert at the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC).

Cosmonautics Day is approaching. For some, this is not a holiday at all - after all, the day is still a working day, while others will limit themselves to watching the film "The Taming of Fire" for the hundredth time. We are sure that the Galaxy deserves more attention, so we offer you places in different parts of our planet that are worth visiting in order to feel closer to space.

Life in orbit

Let's start with the main one - with accommodation. While commercial hotels in orbit are only at the project stage, and certainly not everyone will be able to get to the ISS, a compromise solution can be found on Earth: space-style hotels.

Cornelia Diamond Golf Spa * Belek, Turkey

The buildings of this hotel on the Turkish Riviera resemble the outlines of spaceships and flying saucers from science fiction films. However, the entire set of the resort hotel on the Mediterranean coast is available.

Those who want to spend their holidays closer to nature will be glad to see the lush coniferous forest nearby, gourmets will appreciate 7 restaurants, pampering spa, and athletes - an excellent golf course designed by the multiple world champion golf by Nick Faldo.

Barcelo Hotel Sants * - Barcelona, ​​Spain

Located in the center of Barcelona, ​​this hotel is remarkable not so much for its proximity to the Sagrada Familia and direct connections to the airport, but for its special design. Plain concrete and glass on the outside hide real orbital rooms with panoramic windows and hatches, like on real spaceships, and designer furniture. For earthly pleasures - Mediterranean cuisine in the El Bistro De Sants restaurant.

Travelodge * - Saskatoon, Canada

This budget chain hotel in Saskatoon, Canada, has decided to stand out and offer its guests not just accommodation at attractive prices, but themed rooms. Not without space.

A small personal rocket, a starry sky, posters with photographs of planets and other amusing details await guests in the “space” room. For those who travel to Canada with children - the very thing: the little ones will be delighted.

Astronaut's breakfast

Before leaving for the flight, you need to eat properly, and in the right space places.

Half-empty beaches, masks and food through glass - Sobesednik correspondent. u found out if the covid in Turkey is as terrible as it is painted.

On the Internet, disputes continue: is it dangerous to fly now to rest in Turkey or not. Rumor has it that the coronavirus is raging in Erdogan's country, and the real statistics on it are hushed up. Sobesednik correspondent. u went to the Turkish shore and saw everything with my own eyes.

Always be masked is my destiny

Flying to Turkey this year at my favorite time of the year, in the velvet season, was scary.

First, the strict requirements of Rospotrebnadzor, which obliges all those flying abroad to register with the State Services and take a test upon return. Secondly, rumors that tourists who have come into contact with coronavirus patients on the way are not even accommodated in the observatory (resting on a balcony in Turkey is still better than nothing), but are expelled to Russia.

Registration on the State Services website and filling out a questionnaire for those arriving from abroad took not ten minutes, but a good half hour, and it's good that I didn't do it at the very last moment before getting into a taxi. The travel agency warned in advance: it is no longer possible to take a backpack in hand luggage at the request of the Turkish side, you can only get on board with a small bag, and this is sad - like many tourists, I carry a lot of things in my hand luggage.

At the check-in counter - I flew a charter flight of "Russia" - an airport employee looked into my bag and, not finding anything unnecessary there (you can carry audio, video equipment, documents), gave the go-ahead. Due to a cursory "search" at the counter, the line moved a little slower than usual.

Surprisingly, the plane of "Russia" took off minute by minute, usually charters are always late for at least twenty minutes, but now there are few flights, and everything is very organized. Both at Sheremetyevo and on the plane I had to wear a mask all the time. Those who filmed it were reprimanded by the flight attendants.

"How can we find your profile ?!"

Upon arrival in Turkey and upon returning to Russia, tourists must submit a questionnaire. On the way "there" they are received by the flight attendants, and it is not a problem not to pass the questionnaire - the flight attendants cannot control everything, they have enough work to do without these papers.

But I honestly passed the questionnaire. True, by accidentally confusing the number of your seat on the plane. The amendment failed.

Dear tourists from distant space, I certainly understand the season, discounts, masks with gloves for conspiracy, little people are sitting at home. But isn't it time for you to go home, otherwise we will soon have nothing to eat :)

The appearance of a new attraction does not mean the disappearance of the old one.

Yes, the asteroid is coming to us, it is coming to us.

Planet Capture

Space pigs go to the store

Colonization Day Three

Here's a honeymoon in Hawaii

good and bad travel news from the last week

I follow foreign and Russian media on the situation with international and domestic tourism. In the second collection I again share the bad and, of course, good news about the world of travel: . e/covid_and_tourism/220

All news have been translated into Russian.

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