Virgin Galactic has published a video of the SpaceShipTwo flight

Virgin galactic

Relatively recently, a note was published on Habré that not a single license for space tourism has yet been issued in the United States and the world. That is, there are already ships that can carry tourists into the orbit of our planet, but there is no permission for such flights yet.

Rather, it was not. Virgin Galactic recently received permission for "space transportation" from an organization such as the US Federal Aviation Administration. Initially, experts had doubts that this organization would issue a permit to operate Virgin Galactic (the permit was expected last year, then in January of this year), but, as we can see, everything worked out.

True, the agreement provides for the need for Virgin Galactic to constantly work with NAS (National Airspace System). In addition, measures are being discussed to ensure the safety of launching spacecraft from the Spaceport America cosmodrome. The latter is insured by Virgin Galactic for 20 years. The spaceport, by the way, received its own license, the Launch Site Operator License.

The company already has an agreement with the California state to conduct test launches of the SpaceshipTwo spacecraft. So now it only remains to wait for test launches, followed by commercial flights.

By the way, Elon Musk's company, SpaceX, is also in talks with the Texas spaceport about the possibility of 12 spacecraft launches a year. Currently, SpaceX is paying more attention to working with NASA, launching its ships to deliver the necessary equipment, food and astronauts to the ISS.

Virgin Galactic hopes to have its maiden flight by the end of this year (it is worth recalling that the price of a ticket for such a flight is $ 250,000). So we are waiting.

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Virgin Galactic Holdings, Inc., a combined aerospace company, develops manned spacecraft for individuals and scientific research in the United States. It manufactures aircraft and spacecraft. The company's spacecraft activities include commercial human space travel, commercial research flights, and spacecraft payload development. Along with this, she is engaged in the design, development, production, ground and flight tests, post-flight maintenance of spacecraft.

Sector: Aerospace and Defense Employees: 721

? Where does he make money

Virgin Galactic began selling tickets in 2008, well before significant advances in spacecraft design and testing were demonstrated. Despite the fact that 12 years have passed, the company claims minimum returns and that at the end of the second quarter of 2020, the total number of astronaut tourists is about 600 people, and the total amount of deposits is $ 80 million.

The cost of pre-order tickets is $ 250,000. The amount is rather big, but it is much less than Roscosmos will take with Space Adventures (from $ 40 million for a space flight, $ 3 million for a space walk). Already, anyone can make a $ 1,000 deposit in the One Small Step program and reserve a seat. For this money, you will be offered to fly 110 km in suborbital space and four minutes of zero gravity together with five other passengers.

The company now has approximately 1,500 bookings based on two previous ticket campaigns and hopes to start working with this booking list after Branson's flight, which is expected in Q1 2021.

? Arguments in favor of the company

- Pioneer. It is the first company in the world to conduct regular manned suborbital space flights for individuals, scientists, businesses and at the request of the government. The company is at the forefront of this emerging industry with a new generation of reusable spacecraft.

- Virgin Galactic says it expects its maiden space flight from the America spaceport between November 19-23. The flight will include a revenue generating payload as part of NASA's Advanced New Flight Opportunity Program. In an update posted on its website, the company said preparations for the test flight "are proceeding well" and that the upcoming tests should provide some of the data the company needs to obtain final FAO approval of its space flight license. The mission will also generate revenue, which is rare for Virgin Galactic at its current stage. The launch will include three NASA payloads in the cockpit that will collect data while the spacecraft is at altitude. The flight will also give the company the opportunity to test its suite of cockpit internal cameras and other customer service elements. If everything goes well, then we can expect the growth of quotations. More

- Virgin Galactic says the company has made significant progress with its second SpaceShipTwo, which it plans to launch in the first quarter of 2021.

- Good financial health, no long-term debt, enough money and capital. Almost all of its debts are short-term in nature, and the bulk of them consists of customer deposits. These deposits are customer commitments that will be paid as soon as the company starts sending tourists into space.

Virgin Galactic posted video of SpaceShipTwo flight

On February 22nd, Virgin Galactic conducted a new test of the VSS Unity spaceplane (SpaceShipTwo), intended for suborbital tourist flights. The test was notable in that three people were on board for the first time. In addition to pilots Dave McKay and Michael Masucci, Beth Moses, Virgin Galactic's Chief Astronaut Instructor, also took off. ttps://kiri2ll. ivejournal. om/1170413. tml

Virgin Galactic recently published a very spectacular video that allows you to imagine the flight of the spaceplane. VSS Unity separated from the WhiteKnightTwo carrier aircraft at an altitude of 13 km. Next, the pilots activated the rocket engine and proceeded to climb.

The video demonstrates how, after that, VSS Unity rushes up to the very edge of the atmosphere. The sky turns black and the bend of the earth's surface becomes clearly visible. In total, during the flight, VSS Unity developed a maximum speed of 3.4 M (3650 km/h) and reached 89 km, setting a new altitude record for SpaceShipTwo.

At the end of the video, you can hear the phrase “Welcome to the space club” being spoken by one of the pilots. The fact is that Virgin Galactic considers the 50 miles (slightly more than 80 km) mark adopted by the American Air Force to be the boundary of space. At the same time, according to the current definition of the International Aeronautical Federation (FAI), the boundary between the earth's atmosphere and outer space is 100 km above sea level. This mark is known as the Karman line. Blue Origin, the main competitor to Virgin Galactic in the suborbital tourism industry, has repeatedly emphasized this fact, stating that its customers will be considered as participants in space flights without "footnotes" indicating the calculation methodology.

Bayan-non-Bayan is cool. Romance of space.

again they use a wide angle lens to show that the earth is round.

And the ISS crew is quietly sad.

Branson is a tough guy and businessman, I hope he makes space tourism available

rogue in amusement parks ride a horse, and the elite fly into space on weekends

it seems to me that it will be, if the mask with its space hotel also pulls up)

New technologies are cool, of course, but in my opinion, it's pretty boring to fly into space like this. Risks are high, expensive, and entertainment is minimal. Now, if only you could jump on the moon, or at least go out into open space and fly around the space station.

Let's assume that the video is an add-on

Billionaire and Virgin Group founder Richard Branson is on the verge of bankruptcy. He intends not only to mortgage his own island, but also to sell part of the shares of the space company Virgin Galactic in order to save the Virgin Atlantic airline, which can bring at least some money. Another Western financial and marketing bubble is bursting before our very eyes. What does this mean?

The Western financial world is rich in entrepreneurial talent. Certain heights were achieved, for example, by Elon Musk, who founded both Tesla and SpaceX, and a number of other smaller fashion startups like Neuralink, which promises to implant chips in the human brain or Starlink, which intends to provide satellite Internet to all of humanity.

Among the successful billionaires is the Briton Richard Branson, who started his business back in the 1970s by selling counterfeit music, opening an underground recording studio and buying a nightclub for gay men. This business eventually grew into an empire of almost 400 companies united under a single brand called Virgin.

The philosophy of all fashionable Western startups is based on one thing - to attract as much investment as possible for a futuristic project that promises huge profits in the future. Investors as a whole people are very greedy for such a thing, even if they sometimes guess that they are investing, most likely, in a bubble of empty words and promises.

The coronavirus, meanwhile, is already starting to dot the i's. Branson was in big trouble, as the only truly profitable assets in his empire were the airlines - Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Australia and a number of others. The global epidemic deprived them of their income, and now an enterprising billionaire is looking for ways to save them, starting to cut his empire alive.

The sweet life is over

Richard Branson, among other things, is known not only as the owner of everything under the Virgin brand, but also as one of the few billionaires living and working on his own island in the Caribbean. Branson owns 300,000 square meters of Necker Island. meters, which are part of the British Virgin Islands. The businessman organized a paradise life for himself there and repeatedly boasted that he worked, lying in a hammock and did not understand at all how he could work in an office environment.

Back in the 2000s, Branson came up with the idea of ​​selling the dream of suborbital tourist flights to investors. Thus was born the Virgin Galactic company, the main purpose of which was precisely the organization of such travel. Suborbital flight is not a flight into space, but simply flight at an extremely high altitude of about 100 kilometers or a little over 100 kilometers. For comparison, the orbital altitude of the ISS is about 408 kilometers above the Earth.

For such flights, the company built a tourist spaceport in the USA in 2010 with the pompous name "America", and also began to develop its own suborbital aircraft - SpaceShipOne, SpaceShipTwo and a number of others. The spaceport had not yet worked, the planes had not passed all the tests, but Branson, in the best traditions of the genre, had already started selling tickets for flights to wealthy people.

By 2009, Virgin Galactic accepted applications from more than 450 wealthy individuals, of which more than 150 people made a deposit, booking a flight for an unknown date on a non-existent ship and no one knows where. The cost of one ticket was $ 250,000. It is easy to calculate that having sold tickets to 150 people, the company received $ 37.5 million only then, although then there were even more buyers.

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Should there be "I will be released in 2023" on the territory of Russia?

What missions in the city are planned by private space companies - h

Virgin Galactic Tourist Launch - Founder Richard Branson is slated to be the first passenger on board the VSS Unity spaceplane from the newly erected Spaceport America, tentatively scheduled for Q1 this year. After that, commercial operations will begin - at the moment more than 600 people have made a pre-order for the opportunity to touch space.

- The first flight of the Dream Chaser from Sierra Nevada Corporation - the device of this company is the world's only private orbital non-capsule spacecraft. The winged vehicle will launch vertically on the latest Vulcan Centaur rocket later this year, but will complete its mission by landing on an airstrip, as Space Shuttle ships have done in the past. The company plans to have a fleet of such "space aircraft", one of the tasks of which will be to supply the ISS.

- Electron 1st Stage Rescue by Rocket Lab - Proven by a series of successful launches, an American company with New Zealand roots will attempt to return the first stage of its light rocket using parachutes mounted on it and a helicopter picking it up in flight.

- PLD Space's Miura 1 is a Spanish startup preparing to launch a suborbital launch vehicle this year, with the aim of creating a more powerful reusable space rocket Miura 5 on its basis. It is designed to deliver 300kg of payload to LEO. It is assumed that a parachute will be used to rescue the first stage of the rocket, followed by a splashdown in the ocean. After which it will be pulled out of the water and transported by ship to the port.

- Launch of the first private space mission with people on the ISS by Axiom Space - the ship of the private company Ilona Mask SpaceX, which has already flown three times to the ISS, will be used (presumably in the second half of 2021) to deliver a crew of 3 tourists, among which will be Tom Cruise, and one astronaut. Axiom plans to organize up to two professional and private expeditions to the ISS per year, while simultaneously implementing a project to build its own space station.

- The SpaceX Starship orbital flight - the first launch into orbit of a prototype Starship spacecraft designed to colonize Mars and perform the entire spectrum of near-earth space operations, should take place in 2021, according to the statements of the company's general designer Elon Musk. The launch of the most lifting (100-150t in reusable version), large (40 floors high, 9m in diameter) and, for the first time in history, a fully reusable rocket, should without exaggeration mark a new era in the development of astronautics.

Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo test failed

A few minutes ago, the flight of Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo manned suborbital spaceplane ended. The ship was supposed to separate from the carrier aircraft, turn on the solid-propellant engine and enter a suborbital trajectory, and after a while land on the landing strip at the Mojave spaceport.

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