To the moon and back

Weightlessness during the flight on the IL-76 MDK

We decided to find out how soon we will buy tours to space, and how many decades we will have to save up for such a vacation.

Only Elon Musk could send a red Tesla Roadster into space for the sake of a test (and laughter, as he said) his most powerful rocket, Falcon Heavy. Behind the wheel, a mannequin in a spacesuit sits imposingly, on the dashboard is a quote from Douglas Adams' Guide to Hitchhikers in the Galaxy, “Don’t Panic” - all accompanied by David Bowie's song “Space Oddity”.

Musk also promises to send people into space - genetically modified colonizers of Mars and ordinary space tourists. All this seems fantastic, but knowledgeable people say that sooner or later it will become reality.

Rockets fly on money

Over the 56 years that have passed since the bold Gagarin “Let's go!” sounded all over the world, more than half a thousand people from 40 countries managed to visit space. Over the years, people have been able to build the ISS, go into outer space and even get to the moon. Today, the governments of almost all developed countries are working on the organization of space flights. For example, US President Donald Trump has increased NASA's annual budget to $ 19.5 billion. China does not spare money for space exploration. According to unofficial data, they plan to spend about $ 6 billion a year on this area. However, not only states are striving for space. There are at least a dozen private companies in the world that have serious projects in space, many of which are aimed at the development of space tourism.

Press Secretary of the Russian private space company "Dauria Aerospace" Vitaly Egorov immediately lowers all dreamers and enthusiasts from heaven to earth: for an ordinary person so far there is only one way to make a real flight into space, and it costs truly space money. The American company Space Adventures, in cooperation with Roscosmos, offers tourists a trip to the ISS for $ 50 million. Anyone who has previously undergone a thorough medical examination and a serious six-month training can go to the space station to admire the black sky and stars through the windows for 7-10 days.

By the way, Dennis Tito, an American entrepreneur and multimillionaire, was the first to fly on a space tour from Space Adventures and Roscosmos in 2001 for $ 20 million. In just 16 years, only 7 tourists managed to visit the ISS, and no one has flown to the space station for the last 10 years. Egorov explained this by the fact that so far there are simply no free places for tourists, but in the coming years, the queue into space should get off the ground.

Suborbital Billionaire Race

On the heels of Space Adventures and Roscosmos are two large companies owned by billionaires who have decided to arrange a big space race. Virgin Galactic Richard Branson invites those wishing to go on a suborbital flight. According to the businessman himself, at least 500 future astronauts have already purchased tickets for this space tour. What does Branson offer to his clients?

“For relatively little money - $ 250 thousand per person - the carrier plane raises a rocket plane that can accommodate 6 tourists to a certain height. Then the rocket plane "undocks" and on rocket engines rushes directly into space at an altitude of 100 km above sea level (conventionally, it is from this height that space begins). For a short time, travelers can enjoy space views, and when the rocket plane “falls” down, they fall into a state of weightlessness for 5 minutes, ”says Vitaly Egorov.

A very promising idea is also proposed by Blue Origin, which is owned by the founder of Amazon. om Jeff Bezos. The space system from Blue Origin consists of a launch vehicle that "launches" into space a controlled capsule, also designed for 6 people. The price of such a flight, according to various estimates, can vary from $ 100 thousand to $ 200 thousand

“Blue Origin is now the closest thing to getting it done. They already have rockets, they make capsules too. Probably, in the next 2 years they will send test pilots into space, and then they will start selling tickets for tourists, ”said the press secretary of Dauria Aerospace.

By the way, the Russian private company "CosmoCourse" is going to implement something similar.

To the moon and back

Cost: 280,000 rubles. for citizens of the Russian Federation; for foreign citizens upon request

Schedule: December 19-20, 9:00

Venue: CTC, Chkalovsky airfield, Moscow region.

Maximum aircraft capacity - laboratories - 14 people

You can order a gift certificate valid for 1 year.-Flights are not carried out on Saturday and Sunday -Flight in zero gravity on the IL-76 aircraft is carried out both for combined groups and for corporate events. For corporate events, the flight date can be agreed separately. Maximum aircraft capacity - laboratories 14 people

Zero gravity flight

For weightlessness, the plane flies along a certain trajectory. This trajectory is called Kepler's Parabola. First, the plane flies horizontally, then gains altitude, climbing along the trajectory of the parabola, when the upper point of the parabola is reached, the forces of gravity and the force of inertia equalize, and weightlessness occurs. Then the plane moves downward along the parabola trajectory, and the state of weightlessness lasts 25-30 seconds, this cycle is repeated 10 times per flight. The IL-76 MDKU aircraft A unique aircraft specially designed for cosmonaut training and laboratory research. It is built on the basis of the famous and reliable Il-76. Its walls are covered with soft materials and the floor is covered with soft mats. It is the largest aircraft in the world in terms of the size of the compartment, for conducting training flights in zero gravity.

In the program of our event:

Day 1. Preparation for flight Transfer from Moscow 15. 0 Arrival at the central checkpoint of the Cosmonaut Training Center. YU. . agarine 15.0 -16. 0 Excursion around the CTC, visiting the Mir station halls, centrifuge halls, ISS modules, inspection of the Soyuz spacecraft simulators 16. 0 -17. 0 Honey. inspection before the upcoming flight, consultation with an ENT and therapist 17. 0-18. 0 Safety briefing, familiarization with the peculiarities of the "overload-weightless" flight. Viewing an educational film. 18.0 Transfer to Moscow

Day 2. Flight day 8. 0 Arrival at the checkpoint of the Cosmonaut Training Center. YU. . Agarina 8. 0 Transfer to the Chkalovsky airfield 9. 0 - 10. 0 Pre-flight preparation on board the IL-76 MDK laboratory aircraft: setting and refining the flight task. Briefing on the actions of flight participants in emergency situations. Fitting the parachutes of the participants. Checking the aircraft readiness by the crew and the flight crew. 10.0 - 11.0 Takeoff. 11.0 - 12.0 Flight. 10 modes "overload - weightlessness". 12. 0 Landing. Presentation of certificates of zero gravity flight. 13.0 - 13.0 Dressing up. Transfer to Moscow.

Tours for the launch and landing of the spacecraft will be an original gift for the New Year and any other holiday, because they are associated with new impressions and a bouquet of positive emotions! You can go to the start and landing of the ship together with your friends and family. Then you will remember for a long time about the unusual time spent in good company!

The launch tour of the spacecraft gives you the opportunity to see with your own eyes an incredibly beautiful spectacle - the launch of the legendary Soyuz MS spacecraft into space. In addition, during the tour you will be able to get acquainted with the world's first and largest cosmodrome Baikonur, which is located on the territory of Kazakhstan. Tourists will have the opportunity to visit launch sites that are designed to launch real spaceships, see the removal of the rocket from the assembly and test complex and its installation on the launch pad. The tour to the start of the spacecraft is also an opportunity to visit the seeing-off of the cosmonauts. And the roar of a rocket taking off makes the heart beat wildly, and it is impossible to convey the emotions that rage in the soul when a space rocket takes off!

In addition, the launch tour provides an opportunity to get acquainted with the main attractions of the legendary Baikonur cosmodrome. For example, here you can see memorial houses with such discoverers of the space age as S. Korolev and Yu. Gagarin, the Baikonur Museum, as well as many other interesting historical monuments. Thus, it will be possible to become one step closer to space and everything connected with it.

The spaceship landing tour will be just as exciting. Returning the ship to its starting position is a difficult work of specialists, which participants of an unusual tour may be lucky enough to observe. The return of astronauts to Earth is a unique event that is awaited all over the world. This is truly a unique real-time space adventure.

The main task of such an expedition is to search for the descent vehicle of the SOYUZ MS spacecraft with a crew on board, which will land in the steppes of Kazakhstan. During the tour, you will have the opportunity to observe how the operation of the search and evacuation of cosmonauts - members of one of the ISS expeditions is carried out. And the most important thing is that you will have the opportunity to see the cosmonauts - the real heroes of our time.

It is not the first year that our company, the official aerospace tour operator "Land of Space Tourism", has been organizing space tours and adventures. Participants of our tours are not only Russians, but also many other countries of the world. Thanks to our exclusive tours, you can not only see how the launch and preparation for the launch are going, but also personally learn how the search and evacuation of the landed cosmonauts is going on. Such unique tours will be a great gift for the New Year, Birthday, wedding anniversary and other holidays, and will be appreciated by lovers of astronautics and avid travelers.

Throughout the launch and landing tour of the spacecraft, you will be accompanied by real experts of the space industry. This tour will especially appeal to those who are fond of aerospace and wish to fulfill their old dream - to see the start and landing of a real space rocket!

You can buy a hut. About 2.5-3 lam - a group of 14 people. It turns out, for one - about 250tyr.

by the way norms, inexpensive. have to fly.

You can give half of the monthly salary

And I will have to save 2 years: C

actually for one 185,000 on the site said)

A dream to be in zero gravity, but for that kind of money, I'd rather dream more

oh well. As for me, you can save up for this, it turns out like a vacation on some kind of paradise island. but damn it! but what a sensation.

strange that they are without helmets. I was like that in zero gravity with a friend. so I put my heel in his eye with a swing, I thought he wouldn’t wake up

PS: I spent 0.1 seconds in zero gravity (turned over on a tractor cart about 30 km/h)

Make someone a dice with harlem shake music)

You won't believe it, as if in weightlessness.

I just flew on it on the expedition, like on a transport. But the crew is really skillful. See, there are no windows? So in Adler and sat down, only by braking they realized what was on the ground. The pilot got used to it without a single jolt.

immediately thought of Harlem Shake when I saw a guy spinning another

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