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Space sims aren't for everyone. This axiom does not depend on genre, year of issue, graphics or ease of management. The fact is that gamers treat gaming projects about space with a certain distrust and do not want to spend their time on flights in outer space. Just look at the most popular games, whether it is estimated by the number of players online or sales of digital copies, and you will not notice space simulations there. Leaving Star Citizen aside, this game is above all laws, rules and regulations.


The most popular games today are PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, League of Legends, Dota 2, Fortnite with their Battle Royale and all multiplayer products of this type. They are gaining fame for a variety of reasons, but they certainly deserve it. Everyone wants to come home or to a computer club, sit down at a computer and fight. Express yourself somehow, throw out negative emotions, communicate with friends and get moral satisfaction from this. Space simulators provide a slightly different experience, which makes them less in demand among gamers.

Plus, space simulators, and indeed games related to space, have two key problems that prevent them from becoming so massive and popular.

The first reason is implementation complexity. It is quite difficult to create a map for CS: GO or League of Legends, you need to think over a lot of details and moments, draw graphics, test and release. However, this is a certain set of elements that will be sanded and will not be touched anymore. Now imagine how much effort and time it takes to create at least a solar system. Create planets, organize locations, textures, living creatures, vegetation on these planets, add some activities or just make them more or less interesting.

Now let's add transport to the planets - we need a ground version, flying vehicles, different spacecraft and stuff like that. If the game is based on the study of the galaxy, then you need to come up with a lot of mechanics, details and graphic components. As a result, it is much easier to create a shooter than to develop a really good space game.

The second reason is the popularity of below stamped shooters and MOBAs. Yes, now many fans of EVE Online will say that space simulators have a huge audience, but online even the coolest and longest-playing EVE at its peak amounted to 50 thousand people. For comparison - Dota 2 is now in decline and 400 thousand people on the network are considered a scanty figure, while PUBG visits two million every day. Naturally, the developers do not have much desire to create a heavy project about space, when it will still have ten times fewer players than the modernized version of the mod for Warcraft. And, if there are few players, then it will be more difficult to get a worthy profit.

Because of these two difficulties, there are really very, very few space-themed game projects on the market. There are various indie games where only the name remains from space, there are games of the 2000s, where the graphics were redone and now they play on the feelings of the grown-up generation. There are not enough powerful and interesting products that I would like to play. Today I will tell you about five games that, in my personal opinion, are the best representatives of their genre.

Plus, after the main part of the article, there will be a bonus for those who want to play something about space, but do not want it to be the basis of the entire gameplay.

EVE Online

I think even if you've never played EVE Online, you've definitely heard of it. The network constantly flashes data about the cost of ships destroyed during the battle for some important resource, planet, or simply during a clan war. And, as it seems to me, this is a vivid example of a really good and full-fledged game about space, with all the ensuing possibilities.

There are a lot of active players here who go about their business - building the economy, fighting, extracting resources, building ships, making money, communicating, developing strategies for development and even waging political battles. Yes, this game has its own politics, its own strong clans and they are constantly fighting for resources, benefits, profitable locations and territories.

The newest direction of modern tourism is travel in space. Optionally, you can choose a single tour or as part of a group. Of course, the number of tour operators willing to offer their clients such an unusual route is very small.

But all of them have a typical standard approach to providing such a service. The traveler first pays the required amount. Further, there is a long preparation for a future flight, which is followed by the actual space travel.

The first tourist flight into space took place 17 years ago - in 2001. The first to take a risk to make a trip not in scientific and not for research purposes millionaire Dennis Tito.

Is space tourism tourism or space travel?

A traveler who has paid for a space tour gets a unique chance to travel to low-earth orbit or into open space. The demand for such tours is growing, despite their high cost. The companies themselves that offer such services say that flights are made for a variety of purposes.

Someone is looking for a thrill, but fed up with the usual trips around the world. Someone is interested in science and wants to see the planet from space with their own eyes. There are many of those who want to learn something completely new and at the same time inaccessible to most people. Finally, it is very prestigious to casually drop the phrase at a party: "Yes, I recently flew into space ...".

Even the most incurious people find it difficult to resist the temptation to experience the feeling of weightlessness, to feel like an astronaut. And the direction of additional services in space is also gaining momentum.

Getting married in orbit is romantic, isn't it? And you can also celebrate a birthday or corporate party on a cosmic scale. It is worth deciding to make a trip into outer space in a spacesuit, because who knows if it will be possible to do it in the future. The cost of such services is not affordable for ordinary people. However, show business stars, politicians and billionaires such trifles as the sky-high price never stopped on the way to pleasure.

Not so long ago, the British company Excalibur Almaz announced that in 2015 it would provide its customers with the opportunity to make not just a flight into space, but even complete a revolution around the Moon, and maybe even a landing onto its surface. Alas, the project turned out to be a fraud, and today Takafumi Horie, a billionaire from Japan, is forced to try to get his money back from Excalibur Almaz through court. We are talking about the $ 50 million spent on "secret Soviet space stations."

What's new in space tourism

Alas, the biggest obstacle to the realization of the dream of space travel is their prohibitive cost. Not everyone can pay for such a tour. According to various estimates, the cost of the flight amounts to $ 20-40 million. At the same time, for the pleasure of leaving the board and going into outer space in a spacesuit, the tourist will have to pay about $ 15 million in excess of the cost of the tour.

Hello everyone! The open world in games allows the player to explore it and choose his own style of play. Usually such games can drag on for a long time. And if the action of the game also takes place in space, then this opens up even more possibilities.


Despite such an old release, this game can give odds to many modern projects. At the very beginning, the player has at his disposal only a weak ship, which is not capable of much. And in order to find something better, you need to earn money with which you can buy new equipment or a more powerful ship.

The player decides what to do: go through the storyline or simply explore other systems in search of new discoveries. Well, a lot of other things. Here you can also land on planets and stations, where you can take tasks, buy equipment for the ship and just engage in trade. The space battles themselves are excellent, the controls are quite comfortable. In general, the game is rich in events. Well, if this does not seem enough, then there are many modifications that improve the game and add a lot of new things.

Elite Dangerous

As in other games of this genre, the player chooses his own style of play: play alone, with friends or participate in large-scale battles with other players around the world. The game world has approximately 500 billion planets to explore. So the player is given a wide range of opportunities where he can influence the internal processes of the game, or simply travel across the galaxy and enjoy beautiful views.


The game can immediately captivate players with beautiful graphics and rather responsive controls, thanks to which it is not so difficult to get used to the game. Our task, in addition to researching star systems and collecting resources, is to find out the truth about the main character, because from the very beginning we are given almost no information about him. Well, just survive, since losing the game forces you to go through it from the very beginning.

Eve Online

One of the best MMO-RPGs with a space theme. Players are presented with great opportunities, where they can simply explore the game world or they can unite in alliances and participate in wars. The economy of the game is completely controlled by the players and allows any player to influence it. It is also worth noting that there is no "perfect ship" here, each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. Of course, the game is also not devoid of disadvantages, but they are unlikely to greatly overlap the advantages.


Another good game from Russian developers. The plot of the second part is the same as in the first, but with some reservations. In this game, we also decide who to be and how to interact with other races. Of course, you need to monitor the state of the ship and equip it with new equipment and combat drones.

Here you can highlight the opportunity to take enemy ships on board in order to capture valuable resources. Boarding is a kind of first person shooter. This also applies to the capture of planets, on each of which we can land and walk on the surface, finding useful items.

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Many games of different genres dedicated to the great and immense space. Therefore, we suggest you take a look at some of them and choose something for yourself.

Nice relaunch of the famous Prey series. This action game allows you to try on one of the best scenarios both in movies and in games, namely, try to save your life while on the space station and beyond.

In a circle of immense space, gloomily and silently watching your attempts to resist unknown creatures who want to destroy you.


Mass Effect Series

The famous cosmoopera, which makes it possible to explore different corners of the galaxy, visit planets and space objects. And this, not to mention, space battles, meetings with representatives of different races and interesting stories.

An excellent series of games that makes you feel like a space explorer. So to speak, become a discoverer and enjoy all the beauties of the galaxy.


An iconic MMORPG dedicated to space that allows you to become the commander of a small ship and progress to the admiral of a huge battleship or the head of the guild.

Open world space games are released in various genres. There are action games, MMOs and space strategies. Players prefer arcade games where there is competition.

Network battles in outer space are exciting. When the hero begins to deal with his own spaceship, all problems fade into the background. Huge locations, there is an opportunity to create something new and conduct research.


Release date: May 6, 2003. platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux. genre: MMO, space, open world

Open world space games look fantastic, especially this MMO-style project. It gives you the opportunity to develop your own race and engage in battles with aliens. The player is provided with tools to obtain new resources.


Everything in the game is built on interaction with other players. The world is closely connected, therefore, to find resources, you cannot do without comrades. Communication means also play an important role. The spacecraft should be equipped with the latest technology.

  • space battles;
  • upgrading the crew;
  • buying resources;
  • building bases.

It's interesting to research technologies for building complexes in the game. The player has the right to independently extract resources and go after them to uncharted planets.

Game setup

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