Space travel at space prices from space tour operators: dreams come true

Space tourism: what's there to watch

And is there all inclusive in tubes?

Space tourism used to seem like something space, sorry for the pun. Today, when private business has burst into manned space exploration, travel to Mars is no longer a fairy tale. Tourists have access to suborbital space flights - flights on a ballistic trajectory that do not involve entering orbit.

Elon Musk plans to launch two stations in the near future, from which tourists will be sent into space. Today, two variants of space travel have been developed:

  • The first includes the launch of a vertical rocket with a capsule spacecraft, a capsule separation, an autonomous flight with a parachute landing
  • The second involves an airplane flight - almost like this the same to which we are accustomed. At an altitude of fifteen kilometers, it starts from a carrier, with the help of a rocket engine, it gains an altitude of up to one hundred kilometers and descends, followed by landing at the airfield.


By the way, space travel will be available not only from the United States. This year, the Kosmokurs company received a license from Roscosmos to organize space travel. The company will soon present its variants of shuttles and suborbital aircraft.

Experts say that space tourism will become widespread enough within 5-10 years. Sites for sending "civilians" into space will be organized in Russia, China, Europe, Canada and Australia. It is likely that with the development of the space business, not only suborbital tours will appear, but also full-fledged sorties into low-earth orbit.


The first space tours were incredibly expensive - from $ 25 million. Despite this, there were still 7 people who booked a trip at such a cost. According to forecasts, after the launch of Elon Musk's space stations and the popularization of this type of tourism throughout the world, the cost will decrease 100 times and amount to 250 thousand dollars per person. In principle, if you do not travel anywhere and save your whole life, many will be able to afford it.

What will a tourist see in space?

The main question that worries tourists (after the cost, of course): what will we see? Suborbital flight involves movement at a speed of about 8 kilometers per hour at an altitude of several tens to 100 kilometers. This height is enough to see our planet as seen from space. It is planned that the ships will make several turns around the earth, so it will be possible to see the Earth from different angles. The flight itself will take a small amount of time: from half an hour to several hours. But this will not prevent you from getting unforgettable emotions: in 1 day, astronauts observe 16 sunrises and 16 sunsets, something similar is waiting for you.

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Space tourism: what's there to watch

Second proof that the gap between rich and poor is widening

Preparing for flight

This is not for you to jump with a parachute, so you will have to prepare for a long time and thoroughly: depending on the complexity of the chosen trip, you will have to spend from 6 to 9 months for training. Upon completion, you will receive a medical report stating that you can/or cannot fly.

Select a space tour operator

Yes, you heard right: science fiction becomes reality) Space flights are already offered by several companies! Here's a list:

  • Blue Origin
  • Virgin Galactic
  • Space Adventures
  • SpaceX
  • Roskosmos <

Tour program selection

Cosmotours of different duration, height and cost are offered to choose from, so depending on your desires and possibilities, you can choose. Here is the assortment:

  • altitude 90 km, 3 minutes in zero gravity/105 km and 5 minutes in zero gravity (suborbital flight)
  • altitude 260 km, flight duration 1 day - around Earth (orbital)
  • altitude 380 km, flight time 7 days - around the Moon
  • voyage to the International Space Station
  • spacewalk and accommodation on the ISS

Well, write about the cost? Or already scary?

Is it dangerous?

Do you know why astronauts eat only from a tube? It turns out, not at all because food can fly off the plate! It's just that the radiation level is so high that everything that is not in a special tube becomes instantly irradiated, i.e. poison.

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