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Tom Cruise plans to make a film in space

Rumors that Tom Cruise is going to shoot a movie in space have appeared repeatedly. This time the information was confirmed by the head of NASA Jim Bridenstine. Ars Technica has learned how the filmmakers plan to cope with the technical challenges and what role Space X will play in overcoming them.

In recent years, materials about the actor's space plans have appeared several times in the media. British tabloids even claimed that Cruise was preparing to fly on a space shuttle and could have died aboard Columbia in 2003, but NASA denied this information.

In 2018, rumors began to circulate that the next installment of Cruise's Mission: Impossible franchise would be filmed in space. Director Christopher McQuarrie quickly made it clear that these were nothing more than rumors. The actor himself explained that with such a film there would be many difficulties: “How to get the necessary equipment there? Shoot the desired sequence of shots? And even if we imagine that we have coped with all the technical difficulties - how to fit this into the scenario of the "Mission"? "

“It's not time yet,” Cruz concluded in an interview with Collider in August 2018. But it seems that two years later, the actor changed his mind.

Deadline has recently released another piece on possible filming in space. And unlike previous situations, the information was confirmed by the head of NASA Jim Bridenstine. The day after the Deadline article was published, he tweeted: "NASA is delighted to be working with Tom Cruise on a film aboard the International Space Station!"

What has changed since 2018? Perhaps the team's current optimism is related to the success of Elon Musk's space project. On May 30, SpaceX sent its first team to the ISS - astronauts Douglas Hurley and Robert Behnken. And while the main purpose of the launch was to demonstrate to NASA that the Crew Dragon is capable of successfully delivering astronauts to and from Earth orbit, this event also ushered in a new era of commercial space travel.

“NASA doesn't want to be the owner and operator of the equipment, nor do we want to be the only customer,” Bridenstine said after SpaceX's historic launch. "We prefer SpaceX and other companies to attract new customers - not from NASA." And Hollywood just fits that definition.

Space tourism

The White House has instructed NASA to return astronauts to the Moon by 2024. To free up resources for the implementation of this project, the agency decided to transfer projects in low-earth orbit to commercial partners. In June 2019, it announced that it would make the space station available for commercial projects and "push these capabilities forward like never before."

"Private astronauts will be able to travel to the space station on American ships, and companies will make the associated profit," said then-NASA CFO Jeff DeWitt.

Tom Cruise plans to make a film in space

A selection of the best space and space travel movies selected by our attendees: Alien: Covenant, Star Wars: Rogue, The Martian, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Interstellar, Guardians of the Galaxy, Gravity, Ender's Game, Prometheus, Europe , Apollo 18, Star Trek, Moon 2112, Pandorum, Hell, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Solaris, Mission to Mars, Armageddon, Lost in space, The Fifth Element, Apollo 13, Last days on Mars, Captured by space, Guys what you need.

Alien: Covenant ()

Genre: Fantasy, Thriller, Adventure, HorrorCountry: USA

The surviving members of the Prometheus team, Elizabeth and the android David, have taken the first step towards solving the mystery of the engineers. Now it's time to find out the rest of the truth, which is hidden on the home planet of the whitish giants - Paradise.

The Martian ()

Genre: Fantasy, AdventureCountry: USA, UK

Mars mission "Ares-3" in the process of work was forced to urgently leave the planet due to the impending sandstorm. Engineer and biologist Mark Watney sustained damage to his spacesuit during a sandstorm. The mission staff, considering him dead, evacuated the planet, leaving Mark alone. After turning, Watney discovers that there is no connection with the Earth, but at the same time the habitation module is fully functioning. The main character begins to look for a way to hold out on the available supplies of food, vitamins, water and air for another 4 years before the arrival of the next mission "Ares-4".

Star Wars: The Force Awakens ()

Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Action, Adventure Country: USA

Thirty years after the deaths of Darth Vader and the Emperor, the galaxy is still in danger. State formation The First Order, led by their mysterious supreme leader Snoke and his right-hand man Kylo Ren, are following in the footsteps of the Empire, trying to seize all power. In this difficult time, fate brings the young girl Rei and the former stormtrooper of the First Order Finn to the heroes of the war with the Empire - Han Solo, Chewbacca and General Leia. Together they must fight the First Order, but the moment comes when it becomes obvious that only the Jedi can stop Snoke and Kylo Ren. And only one survives in the galaxy ...

Interstellar ()

Genre: Fantasy, Drama, Adventure Country: USA, UK

When a drought is driving humanity into a food crisis, a team of researchers and scientists is sent through a wormhole (which supposedly connects regions of space-time over great distances) on a journey to transcend the previous restrictions on human space travel and relocate humanity to another planet.

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