Space flight tourism

Space tourism has become a reality

Over the past decades, space tourism has turned from fiction into reality. The first full-fledged tourist who paid for a trip to the ISS from his wallet in 2001 was the American Denis Tito. He flew in the Soyuz spacecraft.

His journey can be considered the beginning of the era of space tourism. The second was South African businessman Mark Shuttleworth, who flew into space in 2002. After him, two more Americans flew as tourists: Gregory Olsen and Anushe Ansari. All returned home safely.

True, the history of space tourism began in 1986 and, moreover, tragically. During the launch, the Challenger spacecraft exploded. An American teacher Christy McAuliffe was on board among the crew. It was she who was supposed to become the world's first space tourist. Unfortunately, everyone died.

Since then, the US space tourism program has been suspended despite the commercial benefits of such flights.

There are enough wealthy people in the world who want to go to space and visit the space station. Therefore, today space tourism is gaining popularity in many countries of the world. People buy tickets in advance, waiting for their turn.

Russia occupies a leading position among the few countries involved in space tourism. This is not surprising, given that it is our country that is the discoverer of space flights.

Similar services are provided by Roskosmos and the Space Adventures space tourism agency. They send all tourists into orbit on the Soyuz TM-11 and Soyuz TM 12 spacecraft, as the most proven and safest.

Today, Virgin Galactic also offers services to those wishing to travel beyond the earth's atmosphere. Customers can take advantage of a two-hour flight out of the atmosphere. The ticket price is about 200 thousand dollars. Projects by companies such as SpaceX and Aerospace are also gaining popularity.

Development of space tourism in Russia

Therefore, all travel agencies offering to visit space for entertainment or research, offer their clients exactly Russian ships. Thanks to the commercialization of space flights, the development of space tourism in Russia is gaining popularity. In addition to Roskosmos, the CosmoCourse company also sends tourists into space in Russia.

Space flight tourism

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A reality show with a flight to the ISS is being developed for the winner

The television production company Space Hero is developing an international reality show project, the main prize of which will be a flight to the ISS for ten days. The script for the show has not yet been disclosed, the company is in the second stage of financing the project.

The show is slated to end by 2023, at which time the winner will fly to the ISS. This is in line with the plans to increase the commercial attractiveness of the station for non-scientific projects. It is expected that the cost of the winner's flight, taking into account the time spent on the ISS, preparation and training, will be $ 65 million.

Space Hero plans to implement the flight with Axiom Space, which already has contacts with NASA and SpaceX to work together on the ISS. In particular, Axiom Space plans to send tourists to the station, and is also developing its own commercial module for the ISS, which could later become the basis of a private space station. Axiom Space has corresponding agreements, and it also signed a contract with SpaceX to send tourists to Crew Dragon.

Russia invites space tourists to fly to the ISS for days

Russia offers space tourists flights to the International Space Station under an expanded program with an extended stay on the ISS - up to one month, said Dmitry Loskutov, General Director of Glavkosmos (Roscosmos enterprise).

Loskutov spoke at the Global Satellite & Space Show online forum. His presentation contains a list of "additional options" that a space tourist can order when flying into space. Among them is "a flight to the ISS for a non-standard period of up to 30 days." At the same time, it is noted that a standard tourist flight to the ISS lasts up to 10 days.

A modern man does not fit in his head that the first flight into space took place only 60 years ago. Today outer space has been mastered to such an extent that the mighty of this world speak with confidence about the prospects of space tourism. And that's not all - space tourism still exists, and the first passengers went into space in the last century. It's just that the high cost and danger of this enterprise does not allow taking anyone into space.

Is space tourism becoming a reality? And who are they - real space tourists?

Christa McAuliffe's first and last flight

The history of space tourism began with a tragedy. The first regular passenger in space was teacher Christa McAuliffe. Of course, she was trained as an astronaut, but it was planned that she would fly with the crew as a tourist, and even live in a separate cabin. But she was unlucky that her long-awaited flight took place on the Challenger shuttle.

As you know, the spacecraft exploded in the 7th minute of the flight. It was the most tragic incident in the history of astronautics. Christa died, like all the passengers on the crew.

American tourists on Soviet ships

The history of space tourism did not end with the death of Challenger. But NASA has banned sending people into space. Therefore, all space tourists - and they were foreigners - were delivered to the orbital stations by the Soviet Soyuz spacecraft.

Who are these happy people who have visited the vastness of the Universe? They are all dollar billionaires, because the "ticket to space" is measured in numbers with six zeros.

The first tourist to buy a ticket to interstellar space was Dennis Tito, an American. The flight took place in 2001. Then, almost every year, tourists went into space. They were Mark Shuttleworth from South Africa, Gregory Olsen and Charles Simonyi from the USA, as well as American lady Anushe Ansari, Canadian Guy Laliberte and another American Richard Garriott.

Some of these people have been on space travel 2 times.

Difficulties of Interplanetary Cruises

To be indignant at why there are no Russians among the tourists, and of course, it is too early to pack their bags into space. The fact is that space flight requires certain conditions and lengthy preparation. In addition to a fat wallet, you need to have perfect health.

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