Professions of the future: When we go into space

10 most in-demand professions of the future

Often the main factor in choosing a future profession is high wages. Life does not stand still, and what was relevant yesterday is already becoming obsolete today, this also applies to the professional sphere. Scientists predict a boom in robotics, which means many specialties will be unclaimed. Therefore, not only high school students should think about the future. As they say - it's never too late to learn.

Representatives of the Skolkovo Business School have compiled an Atlas of New Professions, and the country's leading universities are already using this information. He will help you choose a specialty, tell you where to get an appropriate education. Particularly popular is the section devoted to promising professions of the future. There are suitable options for both boys and girls.

City Farmer

This is a specialist who develops projects for the arrangement and maintenance of agricultural enterprises. In other words, useful greening of megacities. The roofs of the buildings will be used as a growing area. Farms are vertical, self-contained structures where you can not only plant fruits, vegetables and ornamental plants, but also breed animals.

This idea may seem crazy to some, but it has already been implemented. In Singapore, such a farm has been operating since 2012. Experts speak positively about it. It is planned to build the same in China, France and other countries, which means sooner or later this innovation will appear in Russia.

Online Doctor

This is not a new profession. Even now, you can get advice from online specialists. Another thing is that while most people do not believe "charlatans" and prefer to sit in line at the clinic.

The government has already passed a number of laws allowing treatment in this format. Of course, government agencies do not yet provide such services, but Skolkovo experts say that in 5 years online doctor's consultations will become commonplace.

Digital linguist

This specialty involves a combination of two different professions: you need to be both a linguist and a computer science specialist. Its main task is to develop linguistic translation systems that take context and meaning into account. In other words, a digital linguist translates the language of machines, makes it understandable for humans. He also develops solutions that will allow artificial intelligence to better understand human speech.

It interacts with robotic devices, creates new communication interfaces between machines and people. This profession is still in its infancy, but it is already possible to get an education in the direction of "Applied Informatics". A certified specialist with no experience can easily find work in this area, because the competition is still negligible.

D-print designer in construction

The name of the profession makes it clear what the specialist will do - designing and modeling buildings. It is already possible to print a house on a printer, and its maximum height is 6 meters. True, at the moment there is no need to talk about integral structures, only individual elements are printed.

10 most in-demand professions of the future

Who is a travel agent or tourism manager

Tourism managers are most often employed by travel agencies. This profession attracts young people with the opportunity to travel. Many companies offer significant discounts on overseas vacations for employees.

Working in tourism is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. The manager has to communicate with a large number of people every day. In addition, having to sell a large number of tours (and the salary level depends on this) can also be stressful.

Young people think that the profession of a travel agent is very interesting. Such a specialist makes tours and descriptions for them, corrects programs. You should not take this profession as a continuous holiday, it also requires hard work and perseverance.

Short description

A specialist in the field of tourism deals with all issues related to the organization of recreation. In this case, you can work in several areas: social and cultural services and tourism, management of organizations, tourism. If everything is more or less clear with the first and third spheres, then with the second it is not very clear. Tourism specialists who have chosen the management of organizations are engaged in personnel management, the quality of services provided, and develops tactics for communicating with clients.

Working in the field of tourism is quite interesting. They not only bring money, but also give moral satisfaction, new knowledge. Such work requires knowledge of a foreign language, communication skills, good memory, because the client needs to provide information about countries and resorts, hotels and excursions. A tourism specialist must love his profession. Then he will be the best of the best.

Description of the profession what he does, functions and responsibilities

A tourism manager should be well versed in package tours and be able to communicate with people. University graduates without practical experience most often work as managers.

The duties of such specialists are as follows:

  • face-to-face and telephone consultations of potential clients,
  • provision of travel guides, advertising brochures,
  • presentation of tourist services,
  • interaction with representatives of the tour operator,
  • conclusion of an agreement,
  • hotel reservations.

10 professions that will be in demand in the near future. The rating is based on the developments of the Skolkovo business school experts. What kind of professionals won't be out of work after the robotics boom?

How many times have many of you enjoyed watching movies about space exploration? Or what dangers are encountered there, problems arise, or, conversely, discoveries? Personally, we are constantly. Space theme is one of the most beloved in cinema. And, at times, regret arises that he was born quite a bit earlier than the time when all this would have been a reality, and all that remains is to re-watch your favorite films again and again.

But we hasten to reassure you! Not everything is so bad, in fact. And for us, young people, there may still be a chance in the near future to experience all the delights of cosmic life, which is now available only to a select few. And even more so for our children. One has only to open his eyes a little and be convinced of the incredible progress that the space industry is making at the moment. Indeed, for those who were born in the 70s and 90s, the space industry was in a kind of stupor. The Cold War, no matter how bad it was, still had a significant positive impact on the development of research and development in this area. And after that there was only a period of stagnation. And we all have already lost all hope that someday we will live on Mars.

But things are changing now. The development of private commercial astronautics is in full swing. Flights are getting cheaper and the world is already seriously talking about cosmotourism and the use of space for private business. What does it say, tickets are on sale for SpaceShip Two for years to come! Humanity is already without any doubt looking into the future of space, where there will be reconnaissance missions, study and landing on other planets, mining and production of resources in space. Everything that we saw in the films gradually becomes reality.

Of course, in Russia so far all space exploration belongs to the state and only small subcontracts are sometimes given to private commerce. However, this will change in the future, like the whole world. Pay attention to how many new professions have appeared over the past two decades in all areas of our lives? Computers, robots, new technologies, etc. The same prospects await space. After some time, space will begin to be actively explored by various companies and private organizations, and vacancies such as "Looking for a geologist to explore deposits on Mars, a contract for 5 years" will become quite a natural phenomenon. Therefore, we bring to your attention a number of professions of the future, personnel for which, according to the assumptions of leading experts in this field, need to be trained already now.

Space structures life cycle designer

Specialist in the design of structures in open space (near-earth stations and stations on the Moon and asteroids).

Over the past half century alone, more than a dozen orbital stations have changed in space. Some of them were very small and consisted of 2-3 modules. Some are simply huge, like the ISS station, which is now sweeping across the dark sky as a bright star. Just imagine: its length is over 100m! The Chinese station has been in orbit for 4 years already, and soon, according to plans, Russia will separate from its own orbital home. Well, it's not worth talking about the number of satellites in orbit, because there are thousands of them.

Orbital commercial tourist flights are planned to start by 2020. And after a while, flights to the ISS will also be carried out. But this station is scientific and, although tourists still visit it, it is mainly scientists and engineers who live there with specific goals. Therefore, it is not surprising that for a long time there have been talks and projects of tourist space hotels are being developed. And this, of course, will require a completely different infrastructure and specialists.

All these technological structures, like everything else in our world, also have a shelf life and cannot work forever, how regrettable it is. As practice shows, just throwing unnecessary parts into space is not the best idea. Every year the danger of damage to satellites and stations in near-earth orbit by space debris increases more and more. And in the same way, the number of launched vehicles is growing every year.

So we can confidently assert that in the very near future there will be such a profession as "Designer of the life cycle of space structures", which will directly solve this problem and make its own additions to the design decisions of the developers regarding the subsequent disposal and reassembly of spacecraft, or to solve these problems on the spot, based on the technologies and components available to him. Such a profession will be most relevant for inhabited stations on the moon, other planets and even asteroids, where it is quite problematic to deliver new materials and spare parts.

professions of the future: IT, management, space, media, art

According to Skolkovo forecasts, by 2030 57 professions will disappear and 186 new ones will appear. Together with industry experts and representatives of international companies, an Atlas of new professions was compiled. We asked our friends from the icanchoose career project to choose 18 of the most interesting professions of the future from this list and tell us what is hidden behind unusual names.


The trend in the IT profession will not go anywhere in the near future, it will only intensify. There will be laws governing IT activities and possibly even state borders in cyberspace. Fantastic technologies from films will become reality: home robots, smart clothes, control of gadgets with the power of thought. The IT sector is the most promising area for a career: pay attention to it if you are only choosing the area in which you want to develop.

Digital linguist

A digital linguist develops linguistic translation systems taking into account context and meaning - we will finally begin to understand the names of goods on AliExpress. These specialists also develop human-computer communication interfaces.

Cyber ​​Investigator

In fact, such specialists are already on the market, since cyberattacks happen quite often, and the demand for them will only grow. Cyber ​​investigators have the same responsibilities as regular investigators: investigating crimes, analytics, finding criminals. The only difference is in the work environment and requirements - a cyber investigator cannot live without technical skills.

Network Lawyer

Along with cyber investigators, network lawyers monitor compliance with laws on the network and are engaged in the legal protection of their clients: here, both intellectual and virtual property.

Personal Profile Security Consultant

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