Professions of the future: space tourism guide, city farmer and flying car instructor

Professions of the future: space tourism guide, city farmer and flying car instructor

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After Gagarin's flight into space, almost every boy dreamed of becoming an astronaut. Years go by, people's interests shift.

Psychologists believe that today's younger generation is more pragmatic and dreams of more mundane professions. A survey conducted in Russia showed that among respondents aged 18-29, only 7% said they dreamed of becoming cosmonauts (versus 12% in the 40-55 age group).

Interest in space has subsided, not least because of the notion that the professions associated with it are inaccessible.

But today experts assure us that space has become closer.

They predict that space-related professions will grow in the coming decade.

  • expanding the geography of space research;
  • continuous improvement of manned control systems;
  • a large number of projects related to unmanned research;
  • commercial space travel (tourism).

How is the work of an engineer connected with space, what kind of specialists maintain on-board control systems. How to choose a promising space profession ????

New challenges to humanity and rapid development have become prerequisites for the emergence of new professions in most industries and new approaches to the process of organizing work.

In the future, people will share jobs with jobs, dozens of industries, and with them, specialties will disappear forever. But new ones will arise, requiring new fundamental knowledge and skills from the personnel. # Letters tell about changes and trends in the labor market that await the world in the coming decades.

New approaches

According to the International Labor Organization, twenty-four million new jobs will be created worldwide by 2030, provided the right policies are put in place to promote a greener economy.

“Jobs rely heavily on a healthy environment and the services it provides. A green economy will enable millions of people to overcome poverty and improve livelihoods for this and future generations, ”said Deborah Greenfield, Deputy Director General of the International Labor Organization.

According to the ILO report, new jobs will be created at the regional level in America, Asia and Europe, which will amount to about 3, 14 and 2 million vacancies, respectively, in the field of energy production and use. At the same time, there may be net job losses in the Middle East (-0.48%) and Africa (-0.04%) if the regions continue to depend on fossil fuels and their production, respectively.

ILO experts have determined that 6 million jobs can be created through the transition to a “circular economy” that includes activities such as “refining, repairing, renting and renovating”, replacing the traditional economic model of “mining, manufacturing, use and disposal ”.

According to the futurists' forecasts, not only professions will be transformed, but also the very approaches to the organization of labor. Already now, numerous worldwide, and with them Ukrainian companies, have switched to a remote work format. In a comment to Forbes, futurist Gray Scott suggested that the workspaces of the future will provide access to a hyperreal virtual office through a virtual reality headset and brain implants.

“Today's digital workplace will be virtual office space with real meaning,” said Scott. When our physical presence is required for a meeting, we will use humanoid robotic avatars equipped with a holographic version of our face. ” The futurist predicts that between 2035 and 2050, our neurons will begin to transform into a user interface, while keyboards and 2D screens will be "relics of collectible nostalgia."

New specialties

A constant trend in the coming decades in the world labor market will be the growth in demand for professions related to the environment. So-called “green jobs” will span multiple industries, from alternative fuels to food. So, "green builders" will build houses from environmentally friendly materials and recyclable materials. Natural science experts will observe climate changes on Earth and their impact on all ecosystems. Popular future specialties include extinct species recovery specialists, water quality technicians, city farmers, recycling specialists - recyclers, solar panel engineers and biofuel experts.

According to the futurists' forecasts, in a few decades, unmanned sea and air liners will be remotely controlled by ground services, and city transport drivers will refuel their cars with new types of fuel, move along smart roads and be able to fly around traffic jams. Hence the pool of new professions in the transport sector - an instructor of flying cars and a regulator of the movement of unmanned vehicles, a refueling station with alternative fuels, a developer of "smart" roads.

With the growth of the space tourism industry, there will be a demand for specialists with the appropriate specialization. Therefore, pilots of commercial spaceships, guides in the field of space tourism, mineral explorers in space, space debris cleaners and cosmobiologists will soon become in demand. Comprehensive knowledge of these disciplines is already available at the Caltech Astronomy and Aerospace Curriculum at the Caltech Astrophysics Department at Princeton University and at the University of Chicago.

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Should there be "I will be released in 2023" on the territory of Russia?

In Austria, the travel agency refunded money for a ticket to the moon bought years ago

In September 1964, at the direction of his editor-in-chief, journalist Gerhart P. came to the Vienna Travel Bureau. He became the first person to book a flight to the moon. This story has spread all over the world. Now the 83-year-old pensioner has been refunded 50 euros for a trip that never took place, reports the Heute portal.

The Sales Assistant thought it was a joke at first, but since Gerhart P. made a contribution of 500 shillings, the booking was forwarded to international airlines. Aviators immediately jumped on the idea. Thus, Aeroflot recommended "a single room at the Crater Hotel for a stay on the Moon," PanAm reported: "We have booked a seat for the first person on the Moon."

The joke quickly turned into a lot of fun.

"Around the world, 93,000 people have followed my example and have also booked a trip to the moon.

- In 1969 I was even allowed to meet a real moon tourist Neil Armstrong. The only thing I never saw again was my down payment money. "/ P>

When Gerhart P.'s flight was canceled a few weeks ago due to the pandemic, and he had to wait for a refund for his tickets, they remembered an old story. The office of the Vienna Transport Authority organized a meeting of the former journalist with the seller of the ticket to the moon, Ilse S., who is now 77 years old. The pensioner received a € 50 travel voucher as reimbursement despite the statute of limitations. A spokeswoman asked what he would do with the money. In response, Gerhart asked:

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