Photo stocking of events: Space Tourism: Dream or Reality

Photo stocking of events: Space Tourism: Dream or Reality

Humanity does not just dream of space, and carefully masters the near-earth expanses. In future plans - the creation of space hotels. What steps are being made to embody this idea, we suggest learn from our material <

The idea of ​​space travel. Humanity began to discuss from the moment of flight to Space Yuri Gagarin. But only at present, according to experts, it is close to a full implementation. The pioneer in this area was the hotel tycoon and space entrepreneur Robert Bigelou, which is preparing to launch a copy of the space room in orbit. Experts do not exclude that in the future it can be part of the first orbital hotel.

April 8 From a cosmodrome at Cape Canaveral, USA, the Falcon 9 rocket started the company Spacex. The purpose of its flight is to delivery to the international space station of the Dragon ship with a cargo for NASA astronauts. It should be noted that this event is also able to help in the development of space tourism, since the Bigelow Expandable Activity Module inflatable module is included with the cargo (Beam) - the prototype of the number of the orbital hotel of the future.

Beam is a bundle of 22.5 m, which after delivery to the station is attached to one of the external ports of the space station and inflates. This will help the module to increase in size. As a result, it will be 16 cubic meters of residential space, in which there may be a person. We note, the manufacturer of Veam is the American company Bigelow Aerospace, based on the owner of the Budget Suites of America Hotel Network Robert Bigelou.

Company R. Bigelou started launching cosmic residential modules in the orbit ten years ago. In the past, the Dnipro missile launcher brought a test independent Genesis I module into orbit, and after a year, improved Genesis II. Testing both ships was successful: they samples 4.42.5 meters, while maintained communication with the Earth for over two years.

The difference between the BEAM residential module and them is that this is the first inflatable orbital space into which a person enters. It is expected that BEAM will remain attached to the ISS for two years, and astronauts will periodically visit the module. According to R. Bigelow, problems should not arise, since the material from which BEAM is made is able to withstand all tests, including radiation and collisions with space debris.

Provided that the experiment with BEAM goes well, NASA will invest additional funds in the development of such modules. Moreover, Bigelow technology is considered the most affordable at the moment. At the same time, the space hotelier is not going to stop there. The businessman intends to develop full-fledged hotels in orbit and inflatable bases on the Moon. The company is confident that flights and living in space orbits will be of interest not only to NASA, but also to the rich and top officials of the state.

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