People from orbit

People from orbit

Second Titov

He is called "the most unhappy astronaut", because the first two flights were unsuccessful. One almost ended in tragedy because of the unopened antenna, and the second one fell off altogether - the crew managed to escape four seconds before the explosion of the launch vehicle at the launch pad. For superstitious space explorers, this is a cross on a career, but Vladimir Titov categorically refutes this belief. “What kind of bad luck is it if I survived two times in an emergency situation? He wonders. "On the contrary, this is happiness."

It is difficult to disagree with this, because Vladimir Georgievich nevertheless proved that the fate of a person is in his hands. On account of Titov - four space flights and a record for staying in space - 365 days. But 40% of fully trained astronauts never leave Earth. Perseverance, love for their work, unconditional support of loved ones and inexhaustible optimism helped to achieve their goal. And this despite the fact that the once great German Titov, with whom, contrary to rumors, Vladimir is not connected by any kindred ties, publicly declared: “There will be no second Titov in space!”

Universal Observers

The most memorable moment for the Soviet space explorer was the first look at the Earth from above. Vladimir Georgievich recalls with a laugh how the doctors before the flight advised not to rush to look through the window, so that "motion sickness" would not appear. “Well, how could I resist? As soon as he took off his spacesuit, he immediately rushed to the window, and the first thing he saw was the Seychelles. The islands in the Indian Ocean looked like pearls against a blue background - an indescribable beauty. "

According to the astronaut, he smiles everywhere in all the photographs of that period. “I felt so good, so interesting. Happiness is limitless! Although later I was convinced: a person sees little on the first day, week, - explains the astronaut. - But a month later you begin to notice those things that I have not seen before. The eye adapts to new conditions - due to the lack of gravity, its optical properties change, even without binoculars you begin to see everything on Earth. "

Observations - an integral and important part of the work of astronauts. But they should not only notice, but also to know the nature of seen phenomena, that is, being a specialist in different fields of knowledge.

Preparation, tells Vladimir Georgievich, colossal, it is not just physical training in conditions of weightlessness and a bunning. "Before flying, we flew off the whole country. Looking for wheat fields of stupid. Watched how glaciers are formed and die. Studied how to define an accident at nuclear power plants. Observed as orange smokes from the Krivoy Rog Metallurgical Combine stretched 300 kilometers, falling to the ground with poisonous precipitation. They saw how a huge "mirror" of the oil spot of the tanker was formed, which washes his containers right in the ocean. We studied the cultivation of crystals for the radio electronic industry. Conducted a lot of medical experiments, "the titles lists.

Our Spacks are better, food - tastier

Comparing the equipment of the Soviet and American astronauts, the pilot recognizes: the gloves of colleagues are more convenient, because they were knitted "at hand", but in our, almost football mittens, it was difficult to work. But the jade is thought out much better. By the way, the astronauts are two of them: for the start and to enter outdoor space. The latter is very heavy, and on earth in it is terribly uncomfortable. But he is designed to serve as one person: he prepared, opened the door from his back, went and closed behind him. "Americans have everything differently: a separate helmet, separately - the lower and upper half. To wear it without any help is impossible, "explains Vladimir Titov. In addition, domestic scaffolds were developed for repeated use, and Americans are forced to carry them back and forth.

Space food of the two countries is also different. To the question of which tastier, Titov is evasively responsible: "The deal of habit." But he tells how his colleague from France, being at the ISS as part of the schedule's expedition, constantly asked him to go to dine at the Mir station.

But the food in the tubes remained only in emergency reserves. Now the main products are made in two types - bags (the cooked dish, from which all the water is retrieved) and large banks, such as canned food (ready-made dish you want to warm up). Bread is reduced in advance with small pieces that do not need to bite it to be less crumbs.

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