Mobile applications, internet portal, camping and space tourism; to whom and for what the grants of the Federal Tourism Agency were allocated

Mobile applications, internet portal, camping and space tourism; to whom and for what the grants of the Federal Tourism Agency were allocated

Last week the winners of the Rostourism competition for grant support of projects for the development of domestic and inbound tourism were determined. Among the winning projects, which this year will be able to receive funds from the federal budget, were public and entrepreneurial initiatives of members of the Russian Union of Travel Industry in the North-West. RTourNews. u tried to find out in detail which tourist business projects the state is ready to support with the ruble.

Let us remind that grants for tourism development are provided for the first time. For the implementation of this new support measure in the travel industry, the Government of the Russian Federation allocated 1.2 billion rubles this year. The head of the Federal Tourism Agency Zarina Doguzova said that the industry's interest in it turned out to be huge, in total, more than 4 thousand applications were submitted from all over the country. After checking the applications for their compliance with the requirements, 2,735 applications were admitted to the competition. The average amount of the requested grant is 2.6 million rubles. Thus, almost 6 applications applied for 1 grant. The projects were evaluated by a competition committee of more than 100 industry experts and representatives of public organizations, which identified 474 winning projects.

According to the terms of the competition, the winners must invest in their project at least 30% of their own funds, and the maximum grant amount cannot exceed 3 million rubles. The grant implementation period is six months from the date of the agreement, which must be signed by the end of this year.

With "Radio Guide" in Tsarskoe Selo

The Radio Guide company became the winner of the Rostourism competition and will receive grant support for projects to create mobile applications for the Alexander Palace and Catherine Park of the Tsarskoye Selo State Museum-Reserve. “The projects that we have to implement are primarily focused on the implementation of specialized all-season programs and routes. In our work, we plan to implement a multifunctional approach focused on Russian and foreign visitors to the museum-reserve, ”said Maria Drozdova, Deputy General Director of Radio Guide.

The Radio Guide projects are original mobile applications with an audiovisual guide designed to attract all categories of Russians and guests of the country, people of different ages and social status to familiarize themselves with the Alexander Palace and Catherine Park. The planned work is focused on the introduction of specialized routes that will generate loyal visitors and stimulate repeat visits to the Tsarskoye Selo Museum. In the implementation of the projects, the intellectual potential of the Museum staff will be involved in preparing excursion texts and the technical capabilities of Radio Guide LLC for the development and implementation of original applications with programming to increase the volume of thematic routing. The idea of ​​the project includes the possibility of the Museum participating in such cultural and educational projects as the Silver Necklace of Russia and the Imperial Route, active interaction with the Russian military-historical society in order to inform a larger number of interested visitors about new excursion routes.

“We are counting on the introduction of a mobile application for the Alexander Palace and Catherine Park in the services of the Museum in order to maximize everyone's access to information about excursions,” said Maria Drozdova. “These projects have the potential and all the necessary components to become part of a single integrated cultural and tourist product that will stimulate long-term visits of visitors and stable all-season income of the Museum. In modern economic conditions and the realities of the tourism market, the introduction of original specialized mobile applications will have a positive effect from the introduction of the requirements of Rospotrebnadzor and the Ministry of Culture for the prevention of various diseases. "

"Native expanses" and forward to the stars!

The Travel Stars tour operator submitted three projects to the competition at once, two of which - the Rodnye Prostory Internet portal and the SpaceTrack project of space tourism - were approved by the competition committee. As the general director of the company, Oleg Aframeev, said, the main goal of the "Rodnye Prostory" project is to create the first unified portal of online excursions in all regions of the Russian Federation in Russia. During its development, the most innovative technologies of online tourism will be involved: 360-degree video tours, virtual tours and 3D presentations of tourist infrastructure objects. The implementation of the project will increase the availability and attractiveness of domestic tourism, and will also contribute to the development of inclusive tourism and the emergence of new opportunities for people with limited mobility. “The Internet portal will provide travelers with the opportunity to get acquainted with infrastructure facilities and confidently plan trips within the country,” said Oleg Aframeev. "The relevance of the project is dictated by the growing interest of the audience in domestic and online tourism amid the coronavirus pandemic, as evidenced by the statistics of inquiries on the Internet." It is also planned to attract a foreign audience by adapting materials and creating a multilingual version of the portal. "

Speaking about the second project that received grant support, the head of Travel Stars emphasized that its implementation is an old dream for the company. As conceived by the authors, the SpaceTrack project should help stimulate a niche tourist flow by popularizing the achievements of the Russian Federation in space exploration. Grant support is needed to conduct a systematic campaign to promote newly created tourist routes, to create elements of tourist infrastructure, including interactive ones, and content in foreign languages. “Many states, in particular the UAE, use the technological capabilities of the Russian Federation to implement their own space program. The first UAE cosmonaut Hazzaa al-Mansuri departed on September 25, 2019 as a member of the space flight of the Soyuz MS-15 spacecraft and a visiting crew member of the ISS VC-19 under the space expeditions program. He became a true hero of the UAE and sparked a genuine interest in space tourism. First of all, domestic and foreign schools, colleges, youth organizations with vocational guidance and scientific and educational purposes are interested in the implementation of the project, ”said Oleg Aframeev.

According to the expert, at this stage of development, the project provides for two levels. The first is mass youth and youth tourism, which includes a rich excursion program with visits to specialized museums, apartment museums, and thematic sightseeing tours. As part of the excursion programs, tourists have the opportunity to get real familiar with space topics (imitation of Earth observation from space, optional connection to a real orbital station, the opportunity to try space food, visit virtual simulators that imitate life on the orbital station). The second level is premium. Designed for the international and domestic premium segment. The focus of the route is aimed at gaining experience of real training with cosmonauts, mandatory visits to specialized training sites, passing a number of training elements, depending on the level of physical endurance. The third level is being considered in potential - the organization of its own tourist space flights.

Photo: Alexandra Mamaev

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