In 2020, the first tourists from Russia will go into space

The first tourists from Russia will go into space in 2020

Permission to implement the project on tourism in outer space was received by the private firm "CosmoCourse". This firm is committed to creating a reusable system that will be able to send everyone into outer space and deliver back to Earth. CosmoCourse is the first Russian private company to be entrusted with such a responsible task.

Already, employees of the above-mentioned private company are developing a reusable system, which will consist of a rocket carrier and an apparatus capable of lifting people into space at an altitude of 200 km. Volunteers will fly into space in small groups of five to six people. A standard tour will last no more than fifteen minutes. Of these fifteen minutes, people will stay directly in space for only six, and the rest of the time will take flight. The initial price of such a trip is equal to 200 thousand dollars.

Header Wizards. Nobody flies anywhere in the 20th year, first you have to do it. Forgive me my skepticism, but for a private company in our country to do something that it was going to. I would like to believe, but all sorts of bankrupt and closure of "Marusya", "E-mobiles", unique tablets and so on. etc. do not allow. And here is a reusable space travel system.

There will be chicken on the newspaper and boiled eggs in the rocket)

I propose to send the State Duma and the Federation Council there

And they will shout in orbit: "Tagil!"

What should they do there if there is no all-inclusive system and a beach with a sunbed ??

We need to add a twist. The flight itself is free, but to return - here you have to fork out.

5-6 people, 200 thousand dollars each. Total $ 1.2 million. Experts, please comment on $ 1.2 million for launching 6 people at an altitude of 200 km and returning them back with regular launches of a reusable system - is it real?

And a new wave of jokes about Russian tourists in space will begin

In Austria, the travel agency refunded money for a ticket to the moon bought years ago

In September 1964, at the direction of his editor-in-chief, journalist Gerhart P. came to the Vienna Travel Bureau. He became the first person to book a flight to the moon. This story has spread all over the world. Now the 83-year-old pensioner has been refunded 50 euros for a trip that never took place, reports the Heute portal.

The Sales Assistant thought it was a joke at first, but since Gerhart P. made a contribution of 500 shillings, the booking was forwarded to international airlines. Aviators immediately jumped on the idea. Thus, Aeroflot recommended "a single room at the Crater Hotel for a stay on the Moon," PanAm reported: "We have booked a seat for the first person on the Moon."

The first tourists from Russia will go into space in 2020

Initial training of space tourists

Until recently, only cosmonauts and astronauts could visit space. Now any person with good health, sufficient money and time to complete the required training can make an exciting journey beyond the Earth.

Tourist flights are carried out from the Baikonur cosmodrome to the International Space Station on the time-tested Soyuz spacecraft, as part of the cosmonaut crew. Many companies are engaged in the development of new spaceships, but at the moment they have not yet been created. The flights are organized by the Russian corporation Roscosmos and the American Space Adventures. The training takes place in Star City, in the town of Shchelkovo near Moscow, and in IL-76 aircraft, on board of which the effect of weightlessness is created.

Our company is the official partner of the Cosmonaut Training Center. Together we offer both selective services and a full range of space training with the provision of official documents and certificates. The training course for suborbital flights allows you to find out the capabilities of the body and gain valuable skills for further travel into outer space.

The first space tourists

Dreams of space tourism have come true since April 2001, when US millionaire Dennis Tito took his first tourist flight into space. After him, space excursions were made by:

  • 2002 - Mark Shuttleworth, South African entrepreneur;
  • 2005 - Gregory Olsen, US businessman;
  • 2006 - Anushe Ansari, citizen USA of Iranian origin;
  • 2007 and 2 years later again - Charles Simonyi, billionaire from the USA of Hungarian origin;
  • 2008 - Richard Garriott, millionaire from the USA, creator of computer games;
  • 2009 - Guy Laliberté, Founder and Director of Cirque du Soleil in Canada;
  • 2021 - under contract with Space Adventures, two tourists are scheduled to fly to the ISS to celebrate the New Year in space for the first time.

New opportunities for private space travel

Many modern developers are building ships for suborbital tourist flights - at an altitude of 100-220 km. In particular, the CosmoCourse company is engaged in the creation of a modern complex for solving such problems. Its development consists of a launch vehicle and a spacecraft designed for reusable use. From 2025, it is planned to use them for organizing commercial flights to the altitude of Gagarin's orbit - 180–220 km.

It is planned that the crew consisting of an instructor and 6 tourists, after passing a medical check and special training, will make a 15-minute flight. During the space excursion, each of the participants will be able to stay in zero gravity for 5-6 minutes, move freely in a cabin with a capacity of 30 m 3 and see the Earth through their own window.

The spacecraft is launched to a given height vertically using a launch vehicle. After separation, they continue their inertial motion along an open path. The spacecraft performs ballistic descent and landing using parachute and jet systems. The launch vehicle performs the descent and landing using special propulsion systems. Thanks to new technologies:

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Man's long-standing dream of penetrating the vastness of space began to be successfully realized with the launch of the first artificial Earth satellite on October 4, 1957.

On April 12, 1961, at 0900 hours Moscow time, the world's first manned spacecraft launched, announcing the beginning of a new space era for mankind to the whole world. The Vostok-1 spacecraft was piloted by Yuri Alekseevich Gagarin.

Following the first manned space flight in history and until recently, only professional cosmonauts and astronauts had the opportunity to visit outer space. And on April 28, 2001, American millionaire Dennis Tito laid the foundation for space tourism by flying into space on the Soyuz TM-32 spacecraft and becoming the world's first space tourist.

After Dennis Tito, South African businessman Mark Shuttleworth (April 25 - May 5, 2002), American businessman Gregory Olsen (October 1-10, 2005), Iranian American Anushe Ansari ( September 18-29, 2006), American billionaire of Hungarian origin Charles Simonyi (April 7-21, 2007), American millionaire computer game developer Richerd Garriott (October 12-24, 2008), Charles Simonyi for the second time (March 26 - April 8, 2009), Founder and CEO of the Canadian company Cirque du Soleil - Guy Laliberté (September 30 - October 11, 2009).

If you dream of making an incredible journey, have good health, time and money to go through all the stages of preparation, we can assist you in making your dream come true.

As a first step towards it, we suggest you take a training course at the Yu. Gagarin, during which you can find out the capabilities of your body and get the necessary skills to complete a space flight.

During such preparation, program participants have the opportunity to:

  • obtain a medical certificate of fitness for space flight;
  • study some theoretical foundations of astronautics;
  • acquire practical skills in working in zero gravity on board laboratory aircraft;
  • to acquire skills in extravehicular activity under conditions of weightlessness simulation in a hydro laboratory;
  • to acquire skills in piloting the Soyuz spacecraft during rendezvous and docking with the International Space Station; <
  • test the body for the tolerance of space flight factors using the TsF-18 centrifuge and vestibular stands;
  • gain practical knowledge of survival in various climatic and geographical zones, such as taiga, sea, tundra, desert and mountains.

See you on space routes!

Medical Selection Program

Medical selection includes a complex of medico-biological, medico-psychological and other special research and test activities that directly ensure the selection, preservation of health and high performance of astronauts.

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