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NASA fantasies about space colonization

How to paint space in watercolor?

  • thick watercolor paper (whatman paper);
  • brushes (thin and thick);
  • watercolor;
  • white gouache;
  • toothbrush;
  • water.

Drawing in stages

To get the original drawing, we will depict space in a circle. Take a thick paintbrush, dip it in clean water and go over a piece of paper. This is necessary in order to get beautiful divorces. It is best to start painting space with light colors, using yellow, orange, red and blue. Use random strokes for more natural transitions between colors.

Dilute several saturated blue shades on the palette at once, mixing them with purple and black paint. To paint space in watercolor, you need to apply strokes in quick, chaotic movements, remembering to rinse the brush in water for each new shade. So the colors of the starry sky will turn out to be cleaner and more contrasting, and the stains will look spectacular.

Move from the center to the sides, filling the impromptu space circle with paints. Don't be afraid to brush over areas that are already dry, modifying the space pattern in the process and adding some saturation to some areas.

When you fill the whole circle with paints, you can start working on the details. Take a thin brush and paint red and yellow around the glow area. The color transition will become more interesting, making the stellar nebula colorful.

Would you like to draw a cosmos with millions of stars? Then wait until the drawing is completely dry, take a toothbrush, dip it in white gouache and leave a spray on the sheet, gently running your finger over the bristles.

To make the drawing of space more interesting, you can draw planets on top. To do this, use white gouache to depict circles of different sizes. After the paint has dried, apply colored dotted strokes with a thin brush, not forgetting the semicircular shadow on one side of the planet.

Another way to paint space in watercolor

We meet any event prepared! But it seems to me that for many children, Cosmonautics Day is not “any” holiday, but the most beloved one.

Some of the kids dream of becoming an astronaut, others think that when they grow up, everything will become like in science fiction films, where Space is conquered and any interstellar travel will be real.

And still others just love the stars, love to look at them.

So, it's time to start preparing for the most unusual day for toddlers. And on the agenda is a drawing for Cosmonautics Day for children. I will show you the options, and you and your child can choose what to draw. And go to the posts with crafts on April 12, there are many simple and interesting crafts.

  • Rocket
  • Astronaut
  • Alien
  • Stars, planets


It is impossible to imagine travel to other Galaxies without Ships! Our kids will become the designers of the interstellar flotilla! Will it be difficult for the kid to complete the rocket? It's not difficult at all if we show you how to do it. Then our child can even independently complete the task and draw a rocket with a felt-tip pen or pencil in kindergarten.

But the little one can paint the finished picture without our help.

  • And if you add a little context: stars, the Sun, planets, then everything will become very, very realistic!
  • I like this drawing in my notebook:


To make the Astronaut "like a real one", we must tell our kids about his equipment, in which he goes into outer space and travels to unknown planets. Why do you need a sealed spacesuit? How and what does the astronaut breathe in his huge overalls? This is very interesting information. In addition, she is able to make the picture very believable.

Axiom Space raises $ million to build the first module of the first ever private orbital station

Axiom Space, a Houston-based company founded by former dignitaries from NASA, one of whom served as Program Manager for the International Space Station for over a decade; and whose activities boil down to scaling up production of private space station modules and space tourism, announced on Tuesday a new round of funding in the amount of $ 130 million.

“This round allows us to make a massive contribution to building our module and form a team that we are expanding at a crazy pace,” Axiom President and CEO Michael Suffredini told CNBC. The fundraiser is organized by C5 Capital and has been joined by over a dozen other major funds and even one university. In addition, it became known that C5 operating partner and former Blue Origin president Rob Meyerson will join Axiom's board of directors.

Flight of a crew of four private astronauts aboard the SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft is Axiom's main focus for the near term. The mission, called AX-1, is slated to launch as early as January 2022 and will be the first fully private flight to the ISS. Axiom plans to make such tourist flights a routine part of its business:

- "We plan to operate a couple of flights a year," said a company spokesman.

But Axiom's attention to space flights goes beyond the usual delivery of tourists to the existing station, and the company begins work on habitable modules that will connect first to the ISS, and later work completely autonomously in orbit, as a full-fledged and independent station.

The company is actively seeking talent and aims to have 1,000 competent employees by the end of 2024 to be housed in a new 322,000 square foot headquarters building near NASA's Johnson Space Center.

- "It's not just building a space station as a destination," Ghaffarian said. “Whether it's manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, private astronauts or even satellite maintenance, all types of infrastructure as a service are really the model we are thinking of.”

Axiom has started a dialogue with companies in other industries interested in the unique microgravity environment without access to the ISS. Today, many corporations conduct research aboard the ISS, ranging from the likes of Procter & Gamble to the retinal implant specialist LambdaVision.

NASA recently signed a contract with the company for the docking of one manned module to the ISS in 2024. The $ 140 million contract only covers the costs of launching and operating the module after connecting to the space station - for the development and production itself, the company must attract exclusively private investment, with which, as you can see now, it can handle it quite well. Also last year, the company signed a contract for the manufacture of 2 modules with Thales Alenia, responsible for the creation of at least 5 ISS modules.

Reply to the post "Missions of the UAE and China are 'captured' by Mars, Mars is on the way"

Chinese probe Tianwen 1 filmed video from Mars orbit

Exploration spacecraft "Coraggioso". The goal was to draw just a spaceship in deep space, reminiscent of a scene from the game Eve-Online.

Video with the drawing process.

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And I immediately remembered "Angelada" from Nexus: The Jupiter Incident:

My favorite game of the time. And now she is deep in my hearts: D

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Best Travel Backpacks for 2020: Features, Cost, Advantages and Disadvantages

A tourist backpack can rightfully be called a good friend of every traveler. It is he who accompanies his owner on all trips and is responsible for the safety of his luggage. The quality and spaciousness, and most importantly, the convenience of the backpack you choose depends not only on the number of things that you can take with you on a hike, but also on your mood, which will not be spoiled by a broken carabiner or a torn strap. A loaded backpack should not create a feeling of discomfort, crush, rub, slide or interfere with walking. Therefore, puzzled by the question of how to choose a tourist backpack, it is very important to first familiarize yourself with the information about the varieties and characteristics of modern tourist satellites, and only then go to the store to buy. Types of travel backpacks Depending on the design, backpacks are 1. Soft Soft travel backpack They do not have a frame and are more like the progenitor of a knapsack backpack. The advantage of the soft model is that it has a low weight and low cost. Plus, an empty backpack can be easily rolled up and stowed away until it's useful again. In order for a soft backpack to be conveniently positioned behind the back, it must be properly stowed, which requires a certain skill. For this reason, this model is not very popular these days. 2. Easel Easel travel backpack These backpacks consist of two parts of a metal or plastic machine frame and a soft backpack that is attached to it. With their help, you can carry large luggage by weight, since the frame helps to distribute the weight of the luggage and reduce the load on the spine. In addition to the backpack itself, it is possible to fix other weights on the machine. A modern easel backpack can be equipped with removable wheels, which allows you to make a trolley out of it, if necessary. A convenient solution for a backpack chair. The minus of the model with a frame is dimensions and a lot of weight. 3. Skeleton anatomical Skeleton anatomical travel backpack Such a backpack is mostly presented in specialized stores and on websites. It can be called a close relative of the easel, only the frame in such a model is not outside, but is sewn into the backpack itself and plays the role of a solid base of the frame. Therefore, no matter how you put things, it will not change its shape. The anatomical backpack is suitable for hikes of any length and complexity, it is durable and very comfortable. That is why it is best to opt for such a model. Type of backpack Pros Cons Application Soft Inexpensive, lightweight, takes up little space when folded. Models of small volume and various designs are good as city backpacks Easel Durable, copes well with very heavy loads, distributes weight and reduces the load on the spine Dimension, large weight Long hiking trips in which it is necessary to take heavy loads warm clothes, tents, equipment Frame frame allows you to keep in shape and distribute the load correctly, comfortable, durable The price of a high-quality anatomical backpack is quite high on average from 4 thousand rubles and more Hiking of any range and complexity There is also a division of backpacks by gender into women and men. The main difference between them is the smaller volume of the women's compared to the men's backpack and the shape of the straps. In the female model, they do not put pressure on the chest. Some manufacturers offer the fair sex entire collections of bright and stylish models. However, when choosing such a fashionable travel backpack, it is important to remember that color is the last criterion in terms of importance. We take a closer look at the design of the backpack and its components. 1. Number of compartments, additional pockets and pendants. The main compartment of some tourist backpacks has another zipper on the bottom, which allows you to quickly remove those things that were packed in the first place. There are supporters and opponents of such models. The latter believe that such a design is a certain risk for a tourist, because the lightning can break at the most inopportune moment. If you nevertheless opted for such a backpack, pay special attention to the quality of the fastener in its lower part. Small additional pockets are convenient, you can put those little things that are constantly lost in the main compartment of a match, spare batteries for a camera, a flashlight, a bottle of water, etc. in them. The best option is pockets, which, when empty, fit tightly to the base of the backpack, if they are not needed, then they do not interfere and do not cling to anything. Zip-on pockets are often oversized and help to significantly increase the volume of a backpack. If not needed, they can be carefully removed and hidden until the right moment. In addition to pockets, it is equally important to have a small compartment with a zipper inside the backpack, a secret compartment for documents and money, and a small pocket for your phone. Often the straps and the belt are equipped with small pockets for the necessary little things. In them you can put the same mobile, walkie-talkie, navigator, trifle necessary for travel, and so on. 2. Flap This is a kind of cover made of fabric that closes the upper entrance of the backpack. Can be sewn to the base or removable. The latter is much more convenient, since it can be raised higher or even removed and used as a bag. The flap often has an additional zip pocket. Pay attention to the locks with which it opens, ideally, these should be fastexes, and not laces or buckles, which sometimes you need to tinker with. A backpack with a volume of up to 40 liters may not have a valve. 3. Slings An important part of any backpack is slings. This is a dense standard made of nylon tape of different width, average within 25 mm, the maximum width up to 50 mm varies depending on the purpose. Lanyards are the main part of all, without exception, straps and bindings, side ties and a belt. They should be firm and moderately tough. If the latter quality is expressed to an excellent degree, the sling will become difficult to tighten. Too soft tape, on the other hand, will fray and will not hold the volume of the backpack or the weight of the object attached to it. When choosing a backpack, pay special attention to the end of the sling; it should be cut obliquely to make it easier to insert the buckle, sewn in several layers so that the fastex fastener does not come off. It is convenient to end in a loop to work in conditions of severe frost and icy wind. It is important to check whether the side or bottom mounts fit a rug, a tent, or something else, but no less voluminous. The check should be done when the backpack is full. This will tell you if you have saved on lines for this backpack or not. 4. Shoulder straps and belt Comfortable shoulder straps will not pinch your shoulders and slip off, so they should be equipped with an adjustment system that allows you to adjust them to your height. For added comfort, opt for tapered crescent or S-shaped straps. So that they do not pinch in the shoulders, do not cut into the skin, the straps should not be too narrow at least 60 mm. It is more comfortable to carry a backpack, the straps of which have movable polyurethane cushions. The belt allows some of the weight to be transferred to the hips. It should be soft on the inside well, if a mesh is sewn on the side of the body for better air exchange and dense, hard enough on the outside. The belt needs a self-release buckle in any extreme situation, you can easily take off your backpack in a matter of seconds. 5. Accessories This includes all small, but no less important parts of the backpack zippers, carabiners, buckles, fasteners, eyelets, clips, and more. The fittings can be metal or plastic. The first option is durable, but it is heavy. High-quality zippers, locks and plastic buckles also easily withstand the load imposed on them, and weigh less. When choosing a backpack, imagine that you will have to unbutton it in severe frost or in a cold wind. Based on this, get a model with comfortable fasteners, it is good if strips of thick fabric are sewn to the zipper tongues; the manufacturer's logo is often written on them. The zipper itself should unfasten easily and smoothly, not jam or cling to the fabric. Buckles on tourist backpacks are of two types, fastex and self-reset. The first one is easy to fasten, while the second is unbuttoned. It's good if the buckles are standard, so it's easier to replace them in case of breakage. Popular manufacturers of quality accessories for YKK and Nexus backpacks. Bigger is not better in shape and size A travel backpack is often quite narrow and tall. This form is determined by convenience so as not to cling to passers-by, walls, branches, etc. and by the law of physics, the center of gravity above the backpack is easier to carry. The capacity of a travel backpack is measured in liters. Get a model that can fit all the things that you plan to take with you. Also, the volume depends on the duration of the trip. For a couple of days, a 40-liter backpack will be enough for you. On longer trips, choose a model up to 100 liters, women about 60-75 liters. What modern tourist backpacks are made of. The most popular fabrics for making tourist backpacks are synthetic. Cheap backpacks are made from thin polyester and nylon, which are not particularly durable. Avizent and Oxford fabrics are of the mid-range price range, they are characterized by light weight and sufficient strength, although not very water resistant. But if you do not disappear on hikes all 365 days a year, and periodically go out into nature, choosing good weather for your excursions, then a backpack from an avisent or Oxford can become an excellent companion for you. An expensive option for a tourist backpack made of Cordura. This is a nylon fiber fabric with a water repellent impregnation and a polyurethane coating, this coating is marked as PU. It is very durable, moisture resistant, abrasion resistant. The only drawback of Cordura is that it is heavier than other fabrics. When choosing a travel backpack, carefully examine the quality of the seams. They should not be beaten with a needle; small holes are visible along the seam line, otherwise the fabric will quickly begin to crawl and split. All zippers, slings, belts must be sewn onto reinforcements. The main sign of a high-quality coating is its uniformity, there can be no streaks, spots, stripes or clots on it. Useful Add-ons The features listed below are optional, but they will make your life a lot easier in a variety of hiking situations. A faithful companion of any tourist can have the following additions a memo with help signals a quick-detachable pocket for documents, keys, money, organizer rain cover which is especially important if the fabric of the backpack does not repel water very well reinforced waterproof bottom one of the signs of a high-quality backpack waterproof strips with zippers reflectors drinking compatibility

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