Excursion to Star City

Excursion to Star City


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1. GO OOOV RF Armed Forces 125009, Moscow, st. Dmitrovka B., 9, bldg. 7, apt. 2 Activities of other public organizations not included in other groups Founder - Skuratov Ivan Sidorovich 2. PA "KORTIK" 119334, Moscow, Leninsky avenue, 45 Other wholesale trade Founder - Skuratov Ivan Sidorovich 3. PA "CLUB ADMIRALOV" 119119 , Moscow, Leninsky avenue, d. 42 Activities of other public organizations not included in other groups Founder - Skuratov Ivan Sidorovich 4. PA TC "LAND OF TOURISM" 121099, Moscow, per. Smolensky 1 st, 4/3 Organization of complex tourist services Founder - Skuratov Ivan Sidorovich 5. PA "AGENCY OF INNOVATIONS AND INVESTMENTS" 105064, Moscow, per. Furmanny, 10, str. 1 Production of medical instruments and equipment Founder - Skuratov Ivan Sidorovich

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Health tourism in Turkey

The cosmonaut town was built in 1965 as a military settlement Zeleny, later named Star town. Previously, the cosmonauts lived in the village. Chkalovsky, known in the open press as the village of Zeleny.

In the Star City, there is the Cosmonaut Training Center, the official name of which is the Yuri Gagarin Russian State Research Testing Center for Cosmonaut Training (Yuri Gagarin RGNIITSPK). Since the 1960s, all cosmonauts have been trained here for space flights on domestic manned spacecraft, including the International Space Station.

You can get detailed information about the excursion and leave a request by calling the organizer of excursions - Lyubov +7 (926) 465-01-67 or by email. mail: info @ sktur. u

On an excursion to Star City from the Country of Space Tourism company, you will learn about the history of the appearance of Star City, the history of the creation of the Cosmonaut Training Center named after YU. . Gagarin, and you will also be able to visit the unique objects of its technical territory, where the real training of cosmonauts for space flights is directly carried out.

You will have the opportunity to see a full-size analogue of the huge Mir space station. You will learn its history and familiarize yourself with the life and life of astronauts in near-earth orbit.

During your visit to the Soyuz simulator hall, you will learn how cosmonauts prepare for a flight into space, what is included in the astronaut's diet, how they return to earth, and much more.

This excursion program, in addition to a sightseeing tour at the Cosmonaut Training Center, can be supplemented by a visit to the Yuri Gagarin Museum of Cosmonautics, which was founded in 1967 on the initiative of Yuri Alekseevich Gagarin.

Today the museum is one of the largest repositories of documents and materials on the history of manned astronautics in the country. The four halls of the museum display unique exhibits reflecting all stages of manned flights - from the legendary Vostok to the International Space Station. Here you can see the personal belongings of academician S. Korolev and Yu. Gagarin, spaceships and their models, spacesuits and various equipment for cosmonauts, scientific equipment and devices that have been in space, items of symbolism.

Having been on an excursion to Star City from the "Country of Space Tourism" company, you can feel like a real astronaut!

Cost of excursion to the Star City for adults

Cost of excursion to Star City for schoolchildren

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Survival program for astronauts after spacecraft landing

The spacecraft makes an emergency landing in manual control mode after a failure of the automatic engine braking system. The capsule flops on its side in deep snow with a decent deviation from the calculated place, somewhere two hundred kilometers from Perm in the frosty Ural taiga. Two pilots, not having warm clothes, find themselves face to face with the wild nature, awaiting rescue ...

This story is not fiction, let alone a game scenario, it is a historical fact that happened in March 1965 with the space crew of the Voskhod 2 manned spacecraft. Only by a lucky coincidence, for Alexei Leonov and Pavel Belyaev, the spacewalk flight did not end in tragedy. Too many extraordinary situations they were destined to overcome.

The cosmonauts stuck in the cold forest warmed their bodies with the screen protection of their spacesuits, peered and listened to the sky, calling for hope. A rescue helicopter found them about a day later. They spent the whole night in a hastily folded hut until the loggers cleared the area for the helicopter to land.

After these events, survival courses were included in the compulsory training program for cosmonauts.

The survival course is based on cosmonaut training methods. The extremeness and complexity of this training and the reality of the survival conditions imitated by Russian specialists is evidenced by the fact that during a 48-hour training session you can lose from 3 to 8 kg of weight.

Survival Tour Let's Go!

Do you want to be in the shoes of an astronaut in real life and go through the extreme path from the emergency landing of the descent vehicle to the strong hugs of friends who came to your aid?

For everyone who wants to test their strength, tickle their nerves and gain practical skills of survival in the absence of civilization, the Russian Cosmonaut Training Center (CTC) conducts extreme training tours in the Moscow region, including a 48-hour training program for training space crews.

Our team's specialists create a scenario that simulates as much as possible the landing of a spacecraft in an unfamiliar swampy area covered with dense forest. For two days, the project participants act as a single team with a mission to rescue themselves until the arrival of the emergency helicopter service.

Practical benefits of astronauts for tourists

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