17 Crazy Facts About Richard Branson, Creator Of Virgin

17 crazy facts about Richard Branson, creator of Virgin

The cream of the cryptocurrency community has been preparing loose linen shirts, soft moccasins and ideas for the development of blockchain technology for the fourth year in a row, going to visit the billionaire Richard Branson (# 388 on the Forbes global list, $ 5 billion), who is hosting the Blockchain Summit. This summer, they were all forced to fly not to Branson's private island, but to Africa.

The reason for the postponement of the already famous blockchain summit is simple and tragic - a devastating Category 5 hurricane with the beautiful name Irma, which left no stone unturned in the Virgin Islands. A few months ago, the elements destroyed the homes of thousands of residents of the archipelago. After sitting out the hurricane in a wine cellar, Branson actively helped rebuild the neighboring islands and their infrastructure. However, Branson decided to postpone the next summit from his private island Necker, where the best blockchain minds gathered for three years in a row.

Branson's choice of the Kasbah Tamadot hotel, located near Marrakech at the foot of the Atlas Mountains, was not accidental. Instead of randomly determining the location for such an important event, the billionaire decided to use the summit to draw attention to the regions whose technological development lags far behind at the global level - Africa and the Middle East. And help local authorities solve some of the problems through blockchain technologies.

Thinking Leaders

Branson is the living embodiment of the cryptocurrency motto "to the Moon", for who, if not this eccentric billionaire, will take us all to sky-high peaks and cosmic heights. There is an expression in English called thought leader, which literally means "thought leader", but I like to translate it as "thinking leader." As such, Branson truly believes in technology, its potential and benefits, and strives to surround himself with the same thinking people who turn thoughts and ideas into action.

Who is helping Branson in his quest to ride the blockchain and help the emerging economies of the world? Among the "thinkers" this year was another billionaire, co-founder of Google Sergey Brin (No. 13 in the global Forbes list, fortune of $ 47.5 billion). Sitting against the backdrop of a Moroccan carpet in a white jellaba, he admitted that the IT giant has lagged behind life in terms of blockchain use and is already "not at the forefront." Brin together with his son "mined" on the game console "ether" (Ethereum coins), after which the technology finally interested and "fascinated" him. So in the near future we can clearly count on the corporation to enter the blockchain market.

The traditional organizer and inspirer of the summit, as before, was the BitFury Group and its CEO Valery Vavilov (the fortune of $ 500-700 million earned from the crypto business and sales of mining equipment provided him 13th place in the rating of cryptocurrency billionaires Forbes). He was supported, as always, by the head of the non-profit association ACTAI and venture investor Bill Tai, who is on the board of BitFury.

Thanks to the gatherings that have already taken place on Necker Island at Branson's home, the community has built very important alliances and partnerships. The Blockchain Alliance includes 36 government organizations from all over the world, and the Global Blockchain Business Council consists of members of the business community from 35 countries. This year, a representative of the alliance is the Secretary of the Cabinet of Ministers of Kenya, the head of the Ministry of Information, Communications and Technology, and earlier - one of the top managers of Google Joe Mucheru. His violin at the summit in Marrakech is one of the main ones. And he is confident that blockchain innovation should be synchronized with the development of the Black Continent - and stay on it.

Blockchain for Africa

Bill Tai from ACTAI proposed using blockchain technologies in the development of the economy and technological and social infrastructure of Africa. According to him, Africa is a completely undeveloped territory for the blockchain.

Mad Men in Africa: Why Richard Branson needs a blockchain conference in Marrakech

This UK resident has a fortune of over $ 5 billion, making him one of the richest people in the country. Richard Branson has come a long way from a poor boy in school to a businessman who owns about 400 companies.

This versatile person not only headed the largest international conglomerate, but also devoted his life to other, no less interesting things. He has set several records in the Guinness Book, wrote two bestselling business books that have sold millions of copies, and even starred in reality shows and TV series.

In this article, we'll show you how Richard Branson reached such heights!


The family of the future billionaire was large and fairly wealthy, from a noble family. Richard was the eldest son of four children, and he was born in 1950 in a small area of ​​London called Blackheath.

Surprisingly, the boy did not study well and changed schools, and he attributed his terrible academic performance to dyslexia. He also suffered from myopia, and once broke his leg, which is why he was transferred to a school for mentally retarded children. He studied in educational institutions where there were relics of the past - children were beaten with rods and taught Latin and Greek.

Having barely finished his studies until the age of 16, Richard decided to quit school and move to London. He did not have a gift for teaching, but the inclinations for entrepreneurship were revealed.

His first steps in this direction were disastrous - he tried selling Christmas trees and raising budgerigars. However, the seedlings of spruce trees damaged the rabbits, and the parrots were too loud and voracious.

But the next project was quite successful. In London, he opened his own magazine, Student, which featured free-to-play stars like Mick Jagger and John Lennon. He was still studying when the student magazine began to bring success. The principal of the school told the future entrepreneur at parting that Richard would either go to jail or become a millionaire.

Sound Recorder

Branson was already living in London by 1968, where he was spinning among the musical crowd. Together with friends, he decided to open a small business selling defective records.

At first, he sold them, delivering them in his own car to retail outlets. Then he decided to set up a mailing list and started Virgin with his friend Nick. As you know, in translation this word means "virgin" - it was suggested by one of Branson's associates.

Extravagant billionaire transported blockchain enthusiasts from Necker Island, destroyed by Hurricane Irma, to Marrakech. Will this benefit the inhabitants of the African continent?

Yesterday we were pleasantly surprised by the news that the world famous Virgin operator Richard Branson will soon start operating in Russia.

He is a successful entrepreneur who has won the hearts of millions with his extraordinary antics and interesting facts from life. Let's talk a little more about them.

How many companies he owns is unknown

According to several research companies in the Virgin Group. includes more than 400 companies. It's funny that Branson himself doesn't know exactly how many there really are. He buys and opens everything.

It's not really that important. The quality of services is important - it is at a high level.

School teachers thought he was an idiot

Despite being widely known now, the multi-billionaire was not taken seriously at school.

Even the teachers thought Richard was a clinical idiot. After a couple of months, they realized that the boy had myopia and picked up his glasses. He began to see what was written on the board, but the numbers and letters never made sense.

Branson's first office was in the dormitory

Branson was allowed to "figure out" an office for his company in the school dormitory. True, the phone was not allowed to be installed.

So Branson called the advertisers from the street phone booth. He did not pay for calls - having closed the door of the booth behind him, he called the telephone exchange and reported that the conversation had been interrupted, and the coin was swallowed by the machine.

The telephone operator connected the entrepreneur with the required number and said: "Mr. Branson will talk to you!" Everyone took her for the secretary of the big boss.

Life, family and work

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Richard Branson Biography

Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson is an English entrepreneur and investor, co-founder of the transnational Virgin Group, which consists of more than 400 companies around the world. Forbes magazine estimated his financial condition at $ 5 billion.

The businessman is famous for his participation in the space tourism project, his love to shock the public, a passion for extreme travel and a penchant for adventurism.

Billionaire Richard Branson

Among his extravagant acts are his appearance at the opening of the salon for the newlyweds of his company in a women's wedding dress, a record hot air balloon flight across the Pacific Ocean, a high-speed crossing of the English Channel in an amphibious car, shooting in a provocative photo shoot for a magazine Vanity Fair.

The photograph was taken in the Caribbean off Sir Richard's Necker Island while kitesurfing with a fully nude South African supermodel Danny Parkinson sitting on the back of a business tycoon.

Childhood and adolescence of Richard Branson

The shocking billionaire was born on July 18, 1950 in the south-east of London in the Blackheath area with a lawyer-barrister and a former flight attendant on airplanes. In addition to him, the couple had two younger daughters. Branson's father was noble. He was the son of an English Supreme Court Justice and Privy Councilor.

There are many versions of why Richard Branson decided to create an airline. The romantic itself says that the millionaire could not fly to a date with a woman. The plane did not take passengers and the flight was canceled. Without thinking twice, Richard rented a plane, wrote in chalk the comic name of the airline, the price of $ 40 per flight, bypassed the passengers at the airport and completed his flight.

In his book Losing my virginity, Branson writes that in 1984 he was offered to become an investor in an airline by an American lawyer, Randolph Fields.

After the bankruptcy of Sir Freddie Laker's airline two years earlier, the lucrative transatlantic route London-New York was freed up. Although the Virgin group, which was run by a millionaire, had no experience in the airline business, Richard got the idea.

Everyone tried to dissuade him: friends, relatives, business partners. But Branson didn't hear anyone.

£ million and a second hand aircraft

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has agreed to license Branson's Virgin Atlantic flights only if certain obligations are met.

The regulator required the airline to have £ 3 million in operating capital. The CAA also wished that their representative participated in the test flight. Thus, she wanted to make sure of the technical reliability of the vessel.

But without an airplane, it meant nothing.

The plane of the airline that existed only on paper, no one wanted to give. It was also affected by the hot-tempered nature of Randolph Fields, due to which the key figures responsible for sales in international markets began to refuse to cooperate.

After lengthy negotiations, the Boeing Company leased a used Boeing 747 aircraft. Virgin Atlantic borrowed money for the lease from Coutts Bank under the guarantees of Virgin Group.

And in June 1984, the new airline was ready to conduct its maiden flight.

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