X Anniversary International Medical Forum "Innovations in Medicine - Health of the Nation"

X Anniversary International Medical Forum

- the long-awaited event in the health sector of Ukraine - the X Anniversary International Medical Forum "Innovations in Medicine - the Health of the Nation" will take place in April

Now we meet at the International Exhibition Center at 15 Brovarsky Prospect!

Every year the Forum becomes a meeting place for specialists whose activities are related to medicine. These are scientists and doctors of various specialties, heads of healthcare institutions of various forms of ownership, chief doctors and their deputies, developers of new technologies and IT programs, manufacturers and suppliers of equipment for medical institutions and laboratories, medical goods and pharmaceutical products.

What achievements are world and Ukrainian medicine proud of? What innovations are waiting for doctors and patients? Have the approaches to the treatment of common diseases changed? Answers to these and other questions can be obtained within the framework of the Forum. Among such thematic events, its main distinguishing feature is a rich scientific and practical program and large-scale specialized exhibitions. The International Medical Forum is an opportunity not only to hear about new products, but also to see them with our own eyes, test and get acquainted with the features of their practical application.

The results of 9 years of the Forum's work are impressive. It was attended by over 100,000 specialists from all over Ukraine and foreign countries. More than 700 conferences, symposia, seminars, master classes were held. More than 5000 well-known speakers shared their own experience and valuable advice with the participants.

The International Medical Forum is organized by the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education named after P. L. Shupik, LMT Company. The event is held with the support of the President of Ukraine, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the Kiev City State Administration, under the patronage of the Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Healthcare.

Medical associations, public associations, higher educational institutions, mass media of Ukraine and abroad also joined the preparation and information content of the event.

General partner of the Forum - CANON.

Official partner: Medical School.

Participating partners: INMED Ukraine, Amed, UMT +, Med Exim, HIMLABORREAKTIV, Biomed, Expert, UKR DIAGNOSIS, RH, Vector-Best-Ukraine, Viola Medtekhnika, Protech Solution Ukraine, Medicom Ukraine, Zdravo etc.

The list of participants for all the years of the Forum is extremely large. These are such companies as: 3M Ukraine; Balton; Bio-Rad; CHISON MEDICAL IMAGING; DX-SYSTEMS; Integrated Medical Group; GUANGZHOU IMPROVE MEDICAL INSTRUMENTS; Labco; Medonica; SonoScape; Winncare Polska; Abbott Laboratories S. .; AVIS - HONEY; Agate-Honey; Alpha SPA; Ampri Ukraine; AFS Medical technician; Bio Test Honey; BIOLINE Ukraine; BMT UA; Vega Medica; VKF-Medtekhnika; VOLES; Hemoplast; Granum; Dana MC, Dent Land; Dentaum; Diameb; Diaprof-Med; EximCargoTrade; Erba Lahem; Sering GmbH; IMESK; IN Medical; Indar; INMED Ukraine; Intermedica; Intero; CARDIO; QUANTUM; KVO MEDAPPARATURA; Contact, Kormay; Ksenko; LABWELL; LABVITA; Ledum; Lycard; Medgarant; Medigran; Mercator Medical; MERCURY WEST; Miz-MA; MK Quertimed Ukraine; Modem 1; NEW MEDICAL GROUP; Oniko; Optima-Farm; Organization of Medical Business; OSD Eastern Europe; Polypromsintez, POLTAVA MEDOBORUDOVANIE; Practice; Premier Dental; Profimed-Service; RADMIR; Ramintek; Rehaflex; Ridan Engineering; Roche Ukraine; RUS-Co, Servismed; Simesta VAAL; Scanner; SportMedImport; T. ... Groups; Takeda Ukraine; Teleoptic; Terra-Med; TESPRO; UKRORGSYNTEZ; UKRTELEMED; FARMASCO; Photonics Plus; Heel, Hema; Schorl; Yuvis; United Medical Service; UTAS and many other well-known companies.


Ata Vizyon Health enters the Ukrainian market

More than 30 thousand medical institutions and 1500 thermal springs in Turkey have become available to Ukrainians. bottom of the leading Turkish companies in the field of health tourism Ata Vizyon Health intends to actively develop this niche direction among Ukrainians. In the near future, the company expects to sign dozens of agreements with players in the Ukrainian tourism industry.

According to the company, it plans to conquer 25% of the outbound medical tourism market in Ukraine over the next five years. During this period, Ata Vizyon Health will invest over USD 1.5 million in the promotion and development of the direction in Ukraine.

“Turkey has long been a popular destination in resort tourism for Ukrainians. Our goal is to discover and show all the possibilities of individual areas - health and wellness and thermal ”, - assures Yashar Türksoy, director of international public relations and corporate communications at Ata Vizyon Health.

Turkey ranks third in the world in terms of the number of foreign "patients" according to the report of the Global Health Workforce Alliance. The country accounts for 12.2% of all medical tourists in the world, and this is about half a million people annually.

There are over 30 thousand medical institutions and about 1500 thermal springs in the country. With the help of Ata Vizyon Health programs, Ukrainians will be able to undergo treatment or rehabilitation in any of them.

According to representatives of the tour operator, the average bill for a two-week recovery in Turkey is about $ 1400, which is 35-40% lower than the competitive offers of traditional European medical tourism destinations. At the same time, package offers for the Turkish direction are formed on the principle of "all inclusive", thanks to which Ukrainians can save significant funds. “Ata-Vision Health has a special agreement with the leading hotels in Turkey, thanks to which a tourist“ patient ”from Ukraine has an opportunity to save only 25-30% on accommodation,” emphasizes Yashar Türksoy.

“There are 60 medical faculties in Turkey, whose diplomas are recognized all over the world, and the level of medical services provided here meets the best European standards. Medical institutions in Turkey are equipped with the most modern high-tech equipment. Our country also ranks first in Europe in terms of resource potential and third in the world in terms of the number of resort areas, ”comments Yavyz Yilik, General Director of the Testud Thermal and Medical Tourism Association.

Ata Vizyon Health counts on huge potential in cooperation of Ukrainian tour operators with Turkish clinics in the field of medical tourism.

The Turkish Medical Tourism Agency Ata Vizyon Health specializes in thermal treatments. Ata Vizyon Health collaborates with the best doctors and hospitals in the Republic of Turkey and is a member of the Turkish Travel Agencies Association (TÜRSAB).

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