World Medical Tourism Association

World Medical Tourism Association

The Israel Association of Medical Tourism Companies is a network of institutions that guarantees high-quality medical care to foreign patients in accordance with the rules and laws of the health sector of the State of Israel. Find out more about ISMTA's activities that raise the country's profile in the medical tourism industry.

Some interesting facts about the Israel Medical Tourism Companies Association

In 2013, a team of like-minded people decided to create the Israeli corporation ISMTA (Israel Medical Tourism Association), which would not be some kind of commercial project, but focused on improving and further developing quality medical services for foreign patients.

The initiators and co-founders of the alliance have made a lot of efforts to popularize Israeli medicine in the international market and maintain its leading position to this day.

Now the Association of Medical Tourism Companies is led by a board of representatives from leading Israeli medical centers. The structure of the consortium is a highly professional team, which includes a legal adviser, a press secretary, a communications manager, an administrative director, and a number of others.

For almost six years of its existence, ISMTA has become the most influential and respected institution in Israel, which provides medical care to foreign citizens at the highest level. Ultimately, as the president of the Israel Medical Tourism Companies Association Oleg Shulman noted, the number of medical organizations wishing to join this community is growing rapidly, as all colleagues realize that ISMTA really cares about the interests of the medical tourism business in the country.

The Israeli Association of Medical Tourism Companies coordinates all its activities not only with the Ministry of Health, but also with the Ministry of Tourism, being the official representative of the State of Israel in the transnational health tourism market.

ISMTA closely cooperates with the World Medical Tourism Organization, which brings together representatives of federations from European states, America, African countries, Asia. Thanks to such joint activities of professionals, information and experience of treatment abroad are exchanged, additional promising markets are opening up for the development of business in the field of medicine ..

The unique ITAMAR logo is the distinctive emblem of the Israel Association of Medical Tourism Companies.

Main principles of ISMTA operation

Currently, the Association "ITAMAR" includes about 30 companies that are engaged not only in monitoring the activities of institutions in the medical tourism industry, but also require a high level of professionalism from providers working in this area. Due to strict control over the quality of medical care at a relatively low cost of treatment in Israel, thousands of citizens from other countries choose Israeli clinics for medical and diagnostic procedures, and the Israel Association of Medical Tourism Companies is trying to maintain the country's reputation in this area.

What are the key objectives of ISMTA? First of all:

  • providing foreign patients with full-fledged reliable information about all medical industry enterprises that operate in the field of medical tourism;
  • an association of Israeli departments with experience in the medical business, and popularization of health tourism on the international market;
  • provision of qualified legal assistance to patients who have arrived from abroad, if they have been subjected to fraudulent actions by unscrupulous intermediaries, or in the case when the patient was treated with negligence , which affected the final result;
  • guarantee of the most effective medical care in Israeli treatment centers;
  • cooperation with government departments of the relevant area to coordinate the actions of authorized persons in the field of health tourism;
  • maintaining ethical standards in the work of the medical tourism business;
  • defending professional and public the interests of the members of the Association;
  • punishment in the form of disqualification and removal from the medical tourism market of dishonest enterprises that damage the reputation of the state.

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