Why tour operator liability insurance is so popular

How to use health insurance abroad correctly

Millions of Russians travel to beach resorts in the summer. And if our citizens are familiar with the rules for applying for medical care at Russian resorts, then problems arise abroad. How to properly use your insurance policy abroad - in the review of the ATOR Vestnik.

At the beginning of the summer beach season, the topic “what to do with your insurance and how to apply for medical care abroad” becomes more relevant than ever. "Vestnik ATOR" talked about this with Yulia Alcheeva, executive director of the largest player in the monotourism insurance market - the insurance company ERV. And that's what I learned.

Yulia Alcheeva, executive director of the insurance company ERV, the largest player in the monotourism insurance market in Russia


As part of the tour package, each tourist has an insurance policy - "by default". Depending on which insurance company your tour operator cooperates with, this "basic" policy will contain different conditions.

Let's save the readers' time right away: none of the basic insurance included in the default tour package does not cover sports risks (skydiving, hang-gliding, scuba diving, etc.) and do not cover the risks of complications pregnancy (except for basic ERV insurance, which includes the risks of pregnancy complications up to 12 weeks). For all these risks, you will have to buy (strictly before the vacation!) A separate insurance policy - through a travel agent or directly from the insurance company. You can read about maternity insurance and risks here.

After reading the terms and conditions of insurance (and, if necessary, by calling the insurance company before the vacation), it is worth figuring out for yourself whether your insurance includes such risks common on a beach vacation in southern countries as: solar and thermal blows and sunburn, injuries on water slides, infectious diseases. It is also important that the insurance covers the risks of exacerbation of chronic diseases: according to statistics from the ERV insurance company (by the way, this company includes all these risks in the basic insurance), it is precisely the exacerbations of various chronic diseases that account for up to 50% of tourists' visits to doctors on vacation.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the terms of your basic insurance, you can ask the travel agent to replace your insurance with extended insurance from the same company. However, practice shows that it is much easier and cheaper to buy a second policy on the website of an insurance company. Why it is beneficial to have several policies on vacation - read here.

You can find out more about what the insurance does and does not cover, and how to choose a policy, here.


Organized tourism ranks first in the world in terms of popularity among the population. Russia is no exception. This is very convenient, since you do not have to worry about tickets, hotel rooms and meals yourself. The travel company is responsible for everything. As a rule, the price of a voucher includes not only basic tickets, but also medical insurance for the duration of the trip, local transfer, and, in some cases, excursion services. Taking on this burden, the tour operator bears a certain responsibility, which must be insured. Tour operator liability insurance is an important clause of the agreement between the tour operator and the insurance company.

What is this

Travel agency liability insurance is a type of compulsory insurance. All relationships between the travel company and the insurer are governed by law No. 132-FZ of 24.11.1996 with amendments and additions that came into force on 01.01.2018. This type of insurance is not only a guarantee of the legal activity of the tour operator, but also a system of financial support. The policyholders can be:

As a result of poor quality or incomplete provision of services, any person who has entered into an agreement with a travel company may suffer moral or material losses.

The task of the tour operator's liability insurance is to compensate for damage and pay compensation to beneficiaries.


Obligations of the travel company to the client are drawn up in the form of a document, where all possible insured events that may be covered by insurance are indicated without fail. The tour operator's liability insurance document must include the following items:

  • objects of insurance;
  • all possible insurance risks;
  • the amount of the sum insured;
  • the validity of the document;
  • Terms and procedure for compensation for damage.

An important clause of the contract between the tour operator and the client is the sum insured. It is determined by several factors. The minimum insurance coverage is 500,000 rubles. When calculating the tariff, coefficients are taken into account, which depend on the following factors:

What is not included in the contract

When concluding a document, it is difficult to predict all possible risks, therefore, the following cases are legally defined that are not included in the contract and financial compensation for them cannot be required:

  • radiation or man-made accident;
  • actions of state bodies;
  • riots;
  • military actions; <
  • by intentional actions of the policyholder.

Any actions of representatives of government agencies can be challenged in a separate court proceeding, since they do not relate to the tour operator's failure to fulfill its duties. For the intentional actions of the policyholder aimed at obtaining material benefits, punishment in an administrative or judicial order may follow.

Medical services for foreign citizens who arrive in the territory of the Russian Federation on various grounds are regulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation. A number of decrees speak of the need to obtain an insurance policy for everyone entering from abroad, when he plans to stay within the country for more than three days.

Legal framework for the year

When obtaining a visa to Russia, it is required to provide VHI as well. This condition is required.

Law No. 114 establishes a ban on the entry of persons with foreign citizenship without a policy valid within the Russian Federation. The exception is employees of multinational companies and employees of political representatives.

Law No. 115 regulates the conditions for the stay of foreigners in Russia, indicates the rules for crossing borders, determines the measures of deportation from the country.

If a resident obtains a Russian visa for tourism, the procedure for obtaining voluntary medical insurance is awaiting immediately when submitting documents to enter the country. The same set of federal laws will work for getting treatment, education, getting a job.

Systematizing the requirements of the Federal Law for foreign citizens, the Bank of Russia published Instruction No. 3793-U dated 15.9. 5d, according to which the amount of insurance coverage for a migrant cannot be less than 100,000 rubles.

The policy contains the required details: series and number, as well as disclose information about the policyholder, the insurer and the insured citizen. The contract prescribes the conditions for the entry into force of the VHI after the insured person receives a patent or an employment contract.

The policy applies only to the subject of the federation where the work permit is issued.

The need for a policy for foreign citizens

Without an insurance policy, a migrant is considered to have entered illegally. This is a prerequisite for staying in the country. Each resident is obliged to take care of the availability of VHI, which is provided from personal funds, at the expense of the host employer or organization. It does not depend on the duration and motives of staying on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Labor migrants holding a work patent must take into account the validity of the policy. The period for which it is calculated cannot be shorter than the concluded employment contract. The letter of the Ministry of Labor dated September 26, 2016 No. 16-4 indicates this condition.

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