Why does a tourist need travel insurance

Travel insurance - rating of the best companies, registration procedure, validity period and cost

When going to another country, whether it is a business trip, a beach vacation or an excursion, it is important not only to think carefully about your route, but also to purchase an insurance policy (SP), which will become a reliable financial support in case of health problems and other troubles that can happen Abroad.

What is Travel Abroad Insurance (TCD)

When traveling abroad, experts recommend insuring your own life and health. TCD policy is an agreement with an insurance company, which guarantees that the citizen will be provided with the necessary assistance in the event of an insured event. In the basic version, travel insurance is a medical policy that provides emergency and other medical care.

If desired, the traveler can include in the contract and other clauses that the insurance will also cover:

  • accident;
  • flight delay;
  • loss of luggage;
  • injuries during outdoor activities; <
  • theft, etc.

Types of insurance policies

For citizens traveling abroad, several types of insurance are possible. Depending on the number of persons included in the joint venture, there are:

  • Individual. It differs in that the insured person independently determines the amount of coverage and risks.
  • Group. Provides insurance for a group of people with similar interests. At the same time, the number of travelers entered into the insurance policy does not affect the number of covered risks or the sum insured for each individual person.

Depending on the mechanism of insurance payments, insurance is divided into the following types:

  • Service. In the event of an insured event, the IC pays all costs directly to the organization that provided assistance to the victim.
  • Compensatory. Payments are made to a citizen upon his return to his homeland. To do this, he must provide documentary evidence of the amount spent.

Every third tourist spends his vacation in Russia. The issue of safety concerns travelers not only abroad. In the vastness of their homeland, the unexpected can happen. Travel insurance in Russia will become a "safety cushion" in a vacationer's suitcase.

Do I need insurance for traveling in Russia

Medical insurance is required for international travel. Traveling in Russia for citizens of the Russian Federation does not imply a special procedure. Many do not think about providing a backup policy, having a compulsory compulsory medical insurance. After all, help will be provided free of charge.

Insurance is a prerequisite for arriving citizens. The policy will help a foreigner get medical assistance.

Attention! The state pays for a Russian in case of calling an ambulance. The services rendered to the non-resident are paid by the insurance company.

There are two types of insurance:

  • Compulsory medical insurance for citizens registered in the Russian Federation;
  • Voluntary medical insurance for Russians. Issuing a policy is one of the conditions for crossing the Russian border for foreigners.

The actions of the IC are faster, more effective, and more reliable than going to the doctor on their own, waiting in line, and so on. Under compulsory medical insurance a person applies to state medical institutions. VHI has agreements with many private centers.


The VHI policy is issued by Russians who decide to travel to other regions of the country, or to provide medical assistance to the organization's employees.

Differences between CHI and LCA:

OMSDHI Covered Diseases Diseases within the scope of the law. limited list by agreement. visit to a therapist On a first-come, first-served basis. on pre-registration (priority for the participant of the program). General tests/examinations Performed as prescribed by a physician Performed in limited quantities for a specific time period. false examinations (MRI, CT) On a first come, first served basis (usually several months) or on a paid basis. are produced without waiting, as prescribed by a physician. ospitalization is in progress. exists if the service is specified in the contract. Ambulance call Included. enabled, if the option is paid. Choosing a Medical Facility No. st. Choice of specialist No. st. Territory of coverage of the Russian Federation Depends on the terms of the contract.

Russian tourists who prefer active sports are advised to take out travel insurance. It will help with injuries, fractures, bruises while traveling.

Travel insurance in EPV Travel Insurance is one of the activities of the insurance company, which is in demand among those who decide to leave the country and go to travel and get acquainted with other countries of the world. If the price of the policy is already included in the cost of the trip from the tour operator, then when organizing the trip yourself, you need to take out insurance yourself.

EPV Rating Travel Insurance

Examples of settlements in JSC "ERV Travel Insurance"

If your trip is from 1 to 7 days (for example, 6 days), and you conclude an agreement on Health Insurance for the amount of insurance USD 30,000, the cost of insurance will be as follows:

54.00 rubles (cost of one day of insurance) * 6 days = 324.00 rubles

TOTAL: Insurance for departure for a period of 6 days will amount to 324.00 rubles.

Having concluded a trip cancellation insurance agreement, you need to add 4% of the cost of your air ticket and tour to the above rates in the first table. Suppose that the cost of your air ticket is 30,000 rubles, and the tour you have chosen is 80,000 rubles.

We get the following: [54.00 rubles (cost of one day of insurance) * 6 days] + [30,000 rubles * 4%] + [80,000 rubles * 4%] = 324.00 rubles + 1200 rubles + 3200 rubles = 4724.00 rubles

TOTAL: upon concluding a contract for a period of 6 days for Medical Insurance ($ 30,000) and Trip Cancellation Insurance for, the total amount will be 4,724.00 rubles.

If your trip is from 1 to 7 days (for example 6 days), and you visit a country from WW (Whole World) territory, and you conclude a medical insurance contract for the amount of insurance EUR 30,000, the cost of insurance will be next:

61.20 rubles (cost of one day of insurance) * 6 days = 367.20 rubles.

TOTAL: Insurance for departure for a period of 6 days will be 367.20 rubles.

"If I knew where to fall, I would have put some straws on it": this folk wisdom should be heeded by everyone who is going on vacation, especially now. 2020 proved to the whole world that there are all kinds of cases. For those who previously neglected to buy insurance before travel, we strongly advise you to reconsider their habits. We figured out what types of travel insurance exist and what you need to pay attention to when registering.

Oksana Kravchenko

There is a separate set of insurance measures applied to those who travel abroad (TCD insurance). These include:

  • medical insurance ;
  • accident insurance;
  • civil liability insurance;
  • cancellation insurance; <
  • luggage insurance.

Some types of insurance are required to enter the country, and some are voluntary.

Coronavirus Insurance

With the outbreak of the pandemic, some major insurance companies and banks have begun offering separate coronavirus coverage. For example, "Consent" ("Antivirus. Family under protection"), "Ingosstrakh Life" ("Stop Coronavirus"), "Vostochny Bank" ("AntiCoronaVirus") and Sberbank (#saving itself) have a special program. The first three programs involve payments in case of infection, and the Sberbank package also includes doctors' consultations, tests and examinations.

The listed insurances work on the territory of the Russian Federation and are suitable for traveling around the country. The policy “Coronavirus. ET "from AlfaStrakhovanie 0187, which is valid all over the world (calculated individually).

It is worth considering that the risk of contracting any viral infection is included in many standard travel medical insurance. For example, insurance for traveling abroad from the same "AlfaStrakhovanie" includes the item "Sudden acute illness", however, in order to avoid disagreements in the event of an insured event, it is worth finding out on the shore, that is, during the insurance process, whether this wording implies infection with covid.

But in the conditions of "Tinkoff Insurance" it is immediately stated that "coronavirus, along with other viral diseases (ARVI or influenza), is included in the basic medical coverage of travel insurance policies." In addition to financial compensation, the company organizes the search for a doctor or clinic, and if necessary, hospitalization or transportation to Russia. The Tinkoff policy is valid in any country where the insurance program itself works, but some insurance, whose packages include the risk of viral diseases, may refuse compensation if you travel to a country with a focus of infection or quarantine. All these nuances need to be clarified and discussed when purchasing standard health insurance. Read more about it below.

Medical insurance

If you go abroad on vacation, to study, treatment, on a business trip, you need insurance for traveling abroad. Many people call such a policy differently - TCD policy (traveling abroad), travel insurance, travel insurance, etc.

Spoiler for those in a hurry, busy and don't want to read a lot:

  • ERV and Europ Assistance are great popular choices.
  • Allianz - high quality at the best price.
  • AXA (Oxygen) Assistance - good quality/price ratio
  • On Cherekhap - inexpensive insurance with good assistance Europ Assistance, Savitar Group, Class Assistanc. Available with COVID-19 coverage!

Why do you need insurance

The presence of such a policy is required when visiting a number of countries. For example, this is a prerequisite when applying for a Schengen visa - this is required by consulates and visa centers. When traveling to most other countries, a TCD policy is not required when entering the country, however, it is highly advisable to have a travel insurance policy.

  • The cost of medical care abroad is very high. A visit to a regular therapist can cost anywhere from $ 50 to $ 200. And without a doctor's prescription, the pharmacy will sell you a maximum of cough drops and bandages.
  • The presence of insurance for traveling abroad is required in accordance with Law No. 155-ФЗ dated December 28, 2015, according to which Russian tourists traveling abroad are required to have a completed medical insurance policy in the amount of at least 2,000,000 rubles.

Travel insurance - what is included in the policy

In short, TCD insurance covers your medical expenses - doctor calls, inpatient or outpatient treatment, medication costs. It is worth remembering that if you were intoxicated, the insurance does not work!

As additional options may already be included for free or for additional money:

  • civil liability protection. Covers any damage caused by you to third parties. Does not cover damage caused by driving. There are other insurances for this, read about them in our materials about car rental.
  • insurance of your property - luggage during the flight, items against theft, etc. A very questionable option, in our opinion, because you get tired of collecting certificates and documents about theft and the cost of the stolen goods.
  • trip cancellation insurance. The cost of canceling air tickets, hotel reservations, etc. is compensated. Please note that this is not just your spontaneous trip cancellation. And the cancellation caused by serious circumstances - illness, etc. Therefore, it is also a very dubious option.
  • engaging in risky sports. Must be added if you plan on skiing, snowboarding, etc.

And a number of others, depending on the insurer's imagination.

Insurance and assistance

In the event of an insured event, the referral for treatment will not be dealt with by the insurance company, but by assistance.

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