Where to go for health? Features of medical tourism in Russia and abroad

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The answer is dermatocosmetologist, physiotherapist, candidate of medical sciences in restorative medicine, chief physician of the medical center Natalya Yavorskaya:

- Yes. This is medical tourism, that is, a practice that allows you to combine recreation in another region of the country or abroad and receiving highly qualified medical care. Medical tourism appeared not so long ago, a little over ten years ago, and today, if you look at world statistics, it accounts for about 12-15% of the income from the entire tourism industry. Today the medical tourism market has been formed, all the main directions for various diseases are known. This means that if a region claims to know everything about a particular disease, it most likely does.

Yulia Borta, PRO Zdorov'e: Natalya, where did the idea to go somewhere to get medical treatment come from?

- Initially, medical tourism appeared in economically developed countries due to the fact that the treatment of complex, chronic diseases was somewhere cheaper than at home. There were other options - for example, people went to receive treatment somewhere because they needed more qualified help than local medical institutions can offer. Thanks to the development of medical tourism, the largest foreign clinics have become not only well-known and accessible (it is much easier to get there now than, for example, ten years ago), but also got the opportunity to develop, improve technologies, equipment, scientific work, which generally promotes world medicine forward. Medical tourism is especially widespread for the treatment of diseases such as oncology, cardiology, genetic diseases, etc.

But in other cases, it is sometimes better to go abroad or in your own country to another region in order to forget about the annoying disease forever, and not to treat it for years in a polyclinic near your home.

- It is often said that chronic diseases are not cured, and then once - and it turns out that somewhere with them successfully cope. Are you talking about this now?

- Of course. As a rule, such tourism combines high-level medicine and natural and climatic features, and this gives a serious advantage and allows you to recover even from neglected chronic conditions. For example, you have chronic sinusitis, which you diligently treat in Moscow, but the treatment lasts for several weeks while the weather is fine in the city. In this case, it is not enough to be treated in a highly specialized clinic, you need to live at least a month in good climatic conditions.

Narrow-profile medical centers are good because in their work they use their own developments, patented author's methods of treatment, which allows them to achieve high-quality results.

You can choose centers with a wide profile of services provided if there are no serious health problems, but you just want general improvement, relieve fatigue, stress.

- Is this kind of tourism practiced in Russia?

"MedicaTour" company is a serious professional with extensive experience in the field of medical tourism and one of the leading companies organizing treatment both abroad and in Russia.

The company is constantly monitoring the medical services market around the world and is aware of the emergence of new innovative treatment methods. Therefore, for its clients "MedicaTour" offers not only classical methods of treating a particular disease, but also innovative methods.

We are proud that many people trust us and turn to us for help in finding a treatment. Our feedback and gratitude is our main incentive for further work.

Show in full. Thank you for trusting us! We work for you!

You can read reviews, as well as leave your own, on our website: . u/otzyvy

The number of requests to our company is growing every day. And we are very proud that we are trusted and listened to in the search for treatment.

During the operation, medical cement is injected into the spine with a needle. The procedure is performed under X-ray control and is considered minimally invasive, as the work is carried out through a small puncture in the skin. There is no open incision.

Laparoscopic hepatectomy is a liver resection procedure in which surgical instruments are inserted into the abdominal cavity through 4-5 holes around the navel measuring 5-12 mm. The resected liver is removed through an incision (4-5 cm) below the navel.


In mid-December, the General Director of MedicaTour Tatiana Sokolov took part as a speaker in the online conference "International Conference on Health Tourism", organized by the famous Greek-Italian foundation "Interreg VA Greece-Italy", the Ministry Tourism of Greece and the Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Tatiana, as one of the main players in the medical tourism market, was asked to talk about the work of MedicaTour during the pandemic, what problems the company faced and how she managed to continue working in this difficult time.


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