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Tel Aviv CLINIC Affiliate Program allows you to advertise and promote our medical services through various marketing channels to promote information and brand through websites, social media, e-newsletter campaigns.

Medical tourism and medical treatment abroad is one of the most numerous searches on the Internet, and quality treatment in Israel is especially in demand: thousands of unique visitors every day, and hundreds of thousands of page views. Joining our affiliate program is simple: registering as a partner on the site takes place by filling out the contact form on the site and further discussing the terms of cooperation with a representative of the international department of the medical center.

The partnership program of cooperation with Tel Aviv CLINIC assumes individual information support in accordance with the business needs of our regional representatives, including online consultations online, before the patient can choose high-quality treatment abroad and medical procedures from the best Israeli doctors in our global healthcare network.

Affiliate program - treatment in Israel

Treatment in Israel includes medical services that are supported by our information technology, which provides access to information between doctors, the international department of medical tourism, patients and affiliate program providers. Our partners have complete freedom of choice and the ability to advertise and promote our medical services through various marketing channels to develop their own potential.

Our medical center provides the organization of diagnostics and treatment of foreign citizens on the territory of the State of Israel, and also offers business cooperation within the framework of a medical partnership program. The terms of the contract with which we work are unique and provide 100% transparency of work with us, as well as absolute control over your profits.

You will be able "online" to follow the progress of the treatment of the patients sent by you. Our center represents the best Israeli doctors. We highly appreciate the work with our agents and pay them a commission of 10% or more depending on the amount spent by the patient for examination and treatment, plus an annual bonus of 5% of the amount earned during the year.

You can get a commission by choosing any convenient payment method for your services. We guarantee the professional approach of our doctors, consultants and managers. We will be happy to answer all your questions.

Tel Aviv CLINIC, as the largest representative of medical tourism in the international market, invites doctors, nurses, pharmacists, insurance agents and companies, travel agents and operators - just everyone who is related to the field of medical services to join our affiliate program. We look forward to our fruitful and successful cooperation in the field of treatment in Israel.

To draw up a preliminary program of diagnostics and treatment in our clinic, as well as estimate the approximate cost, please fill out the contact form and send us an extract of the medical history.

The site contains all the necessary information about medical tourism

The main directions of medical tourism

As a rule, treatment abroad, in particular in clinics in highly developed countries, is chosen by people who have been diagnosed with diseases that are difficult to treat in the country of residence. Thanks to the constant progress of science and technology, foreign doctors have learned to successfully overcome most complex and dangerous pathologies, which, for example, in the post-Soviet states continue to be considered incurable.

Methods of treatment abroad allow patients to achieve both stable long-term remission and complete recovery.

Several key vectors of modern medical tourism can be identified. These are the Middle East (Israel), Western Europe (Germany, Switzerland, Spain, France and other countries), East Asia (China, South Korea, Japan), America (USA, Canada).

An integral advantage of treatment in European and American clinics is the use of the latest therapeutic protocols, which have not yet been widely used in the world.

Those wishing to visit sanatoriums abroad can go to the world famous European resorts: Baden-Baden, Wiesbaden, Baden-Württemberg (Germany), Karlovy Vary, Marianske Lazne (Czech Republic), Balaton, Tapolca, Hajduszoboszlo (Hungary) , Yverdon, Bad Ragaz, Leukerbad (Switzerland) and others.

The unique climate of the Dead Sea coast, affordable cost of medical services, combined with their high efficiency, makes medical tourism popular in Israel. After undergoing clinical treatment, patients of local medical centers have the opportunity to spend a recovery period at health resorts: Hamey Tiberias, Hamey Gaash, Hamat Gader and others. Admirers of traditional oriental medicine prefer traveling to Asian countries. There, the fight against diseases of almost all organs and their systems is based on a combination of Western techniques with ancient healing practices: massage, acupuncture, qigong gymnastics, and so on, which are used as auxiliary ones.

What diseases do patients prefer to travel abroad for?

Advanced Treatment Abroad

Since clinics in developed countries are provided with innovative medical equipment, doctors have the opportunity to perform organ-preserving surgeries with minimal intervention in the patient's body.

So, treatment of joints abroad in most cases is carried out using arthroscopy - a minimally invasive surgical technique based on the introduction of a device with a video camera and miniature surgical instruments into the joint cavity. The specialist examines the joint from the inside, thanks to the image projected on the screen, and removes the damage found in it, eliminating the need for arthroplasty.

Israel Medical Center needs representatives in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries. Medical tourism represents the provision of medical services abroad and is a dynamically developing area with potentially growing demand, which makes it highly attractive for small and medium-sized businesses.

Your own business in the field of medical tourism gives you freedom, allowing you to fully realize yourself and earn good money, although it requires hard work, attention and dedication - only with this approach will you be successful. Medical tourism in Israel is an area of ​​high competition and some market research will need to be done to find out how to enter this market and what can be done better or differently than competitors are doing, as well as what is the best way to promote the medical services of an Israeli clinic. ...

Representatives in Moscow required

Medical tourism is a viable business option and it is helpful for the regional representative to develop their business plan, which highlights everything you need to do to get started and focus on finding potential patients interested in treatment abroad. If you would like to receive information, please contact us in any convenient way: e-mail. mail, phone or skype.

There are many things a Regional Representative needs to know and do before he can start working. You may need to register a company and familiarize yourself with tax and legal obligations. The regional representative receives comprehensive support and assistance from the international department of the clinic within the framework of the cooperation scheme.

Our partner incentive strategy helps you start and successfully run your own medical tourism business. Our Treatment Partnership Program will help you start your own business.

Representatives in St. Petersburg are required

The Medical Tourism Agency requires the owner to be half medical advisor and half administrator, helping people find and receive quality treatment in Israel. According to a CNN story published last year, half a million foreign patients received treatment in Israel and is currently seeing a steady upward trend.

Use the Internet for market research, and the medical center's international department is ready to share all the resources with you. Each patient pays the cost of the procedures to the hospital or to the doctor, if there is a private treatment. Controlling the quality of medical care for patients in a foreign clinic is a huge responsibility.

Representatives in Ukraine required

It is interesting to note some undeserved demonization in the field of mediation in the field of medical tourism. The funny thing is that in various fields, people constantly use the services of intermediaries and do not even think about it. There are a great many intermediaries in our life: marriage and travel agencies, employment agencies, etc. But what can I say, even if a bakery store near your home is an intermediary between you and the bakery.

Medical intermediaries: truth and fiction

As for medical intermediaries, it is difficult to imagine medical tourism without them. They are designed to make the treatment and stay of the patient in another country as easy as possible. The intermediary has a better understanding of the market and prices, knows which clinic is cheaper, and which one performs better this or that operation.

Conscientious and not greedy clinics work closely with intermediaries, so often the price of treatment for the patient remains the same. In any case, the percentage of intermediaries is very small, given the guarantees and assistance they provide. It is advisable to contact your local reseller for help. For example, if you are going to Germany for treatment, choose a German mediator, and if to France, choose a French one.

An excellent option is to contact a non-democratic association and find out all the information there about both the mediator and the clinic. This will help you avoid scams or simply poor quality services. In France, this association is ADMFTM.

Today, medical tourism is one of the most profitable industries, and its income is growing every year. This has led to the fact that some unscrupulous intermediaries are primarily interested not in the patient and his needs, but in making a profit.

Often they are tied to one clinic, and this is bad, because it does not give a complete picture of quality and price, that is, the patient may be told that this clinic is good and inexpensive, simply because the intermediary is with it works, although it would be a lie.

Such intermediaries can disguise themselves by saying that they allegedly have many clinics, but in fact they are promoting only one. Of course, it would be better to stay away from such swindlers. However, most of the intermediaries can still be trusted, because they are the ones who make the treatment available in other countries.

The responsibilities of bona fide healthcare agencies include:

1) processing of patients' requests; 2) analysis of case histories; 3) consultation with the necessary specialists; 4) if necessary, translation of case histories; 5) drawing up a treatment plan, during which all the wishes of the patient are taken into account.

In the future, after his arrival for treatment, the patient is provided with full support in order to save his nerves and not distract from the procedures. Another advantage of the mediator is that they often have doctors on their staff who can monitor the treatment and make sure that the prescribed measures are actually needed.

Of course, the medical agency receives a very small payment for its services, but for some reason this causes discontent among some patients who prefer to try to organize everything on their own in order to save very little money on this. Well, this is everyone's business, we will not persuade or push anyone to something. We will simply provide information about the activities of medical intermediaries, and it is up to you to decide whether to contact them.

The best travel experiences at no extra cost.

So, in the last article we discussed the topic of finding the right click or the necessary treatment (diagnosis) abroad. And they came to the conclusion that this is a serious matter, moreover, not cheap and it is better to trust a professional (intermediary). At the same time, one of the readers noticed in the commentary that the mediator still needs to be chosen correctly. And he is absolutely right. This is precisely the question of today's article.

Who's Who

It just makes your tongue itch to ask this question in English; after all, we will talk about foreign affairs.

If for this purpose we go to wander the Russian-language sites, asking questions "treatment in Israel" (or Germany), "Israeli clinics", treatment .... abroad ”, then we will very quickly get confused and experience, at least, annoyance (perhaps, we will want to speak not only in English). If you understand English, German or Hebrew well, it will be easier to figure it out (on your own sites).

But let's agree that now we are analyzing the most standard situation: the seeker (suffering person) does not have special medical knowledge and does not sufficiently speak the required languages.

And let's simplify the situation a little: we will consider all the issues on the example of one country - Israel. It's easier for me - I have carefully studied many sites on this topic specifically for Israel. For some reason, it seems to me that going there is easier and often cheaper.

Your attention is my review with conclusions.

Medical centers

I think I won't be mistaken if I say that you understand the "medical center" - as some kind of reputable medical institution (clinic). However, this is not always the case in Runet (according to the given requests). For example, Israel's International Medical Center, Tel Aviv First Medical Center are not clinics at all, but intermediary agencies, where there are no doctors, but only administrators and managers. This is all done for marketing reasons: they are well aware of the nature of requests on the Runet ("treatment in Israel without intermediaries", etc.). So they call themselves clinics and centers.

It should be noted that there are real medical centers in Israel - as a rule, these are reputable private clinics. So, for example, "Med Center Ramat Aviv" - the clinic where Plushenko was treated (according to rumors, Pugacheva was also treated there).

Other tricks

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