What is medical tourism

What is medical tourism

Medical tourism: types, organization features and advantages

Medical tourism is an organized event that involves a trip abroad in order to undergo diagnosis, treatment or recovery from serious illnesses and complex injuries. Recently, this direction is gaining more and more fans from around the world. The interest of tourists is associated with the possibility of receiving more qualified or economically affordable assistance. Modern international medical centers offer various types of services, ranging from dental treatment to transplant surgery or cancer therapy.

Main types of medical tourism

Conventionally modern medical tourism is classified into several categories. These include:

  • diagnostic - a person is sent to another country to undergo a thorough examination of the body using highly professional and high-precision equipment, to pass laboratory tests, to consult with specialists. All these activities allow to identify and determine the nature of the disease;
  • curative - in this case, the tourist goes abroad to receive specific services aimed at treating his existing disease. Therapeutic technologies can be very diverse: surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, apparatus therapy, etc.;
  • restorative - a direction of tourism that allows you to return the lost body functions resulting from trauma, stroke, coma, paralysis and other pathological processes.

Traditional medicine can be classified in a separate category. In many countries there are centers that practice Buddhist teachings, yoga and other techniques that differ significantly from traditional methods. In this case, acupuncture, massage and herbal medicine are often used.

Peculiarities of medical tour organization

Today, medical tours are organized by specialized companies. Specialists, working in this field, not only arrange the train for clients abroad. Very often they accompany the patient directly to the clinic, providing comprehensive assistance in a foreign country.

By contacting the appropriate company, a person receives full information about clinics, doctors, equipment, treatment methods, the cost of services of medical institutions, legal aspects. Having listened to the patient's requirements, the tour operator selects a country, a clinic, is engaged in visa processing, transfers, translates documents and sends them to a medical institution, and books tickets and hotels. Cooperation with a travel company must be supported by a written agreement. This will protect the tourist from unpleasant situations.

One of the most popular destinations in Belarus among foreigners is dental tourism, which involves the treatment and prosthetics of teeth. On the territory of the post-Soviet countries, this industry is at a high level of development. Leading dental clinics compete with the best foreign institutions of this profile. Residents of the USA, Canada, Great Britain and other highly developed countries prefer to receive dental care in Belarus, since here it is more profitable from an economic point of view.

As a rule, dental tourism is combined with other types of recreation. These are excursions, shopping, trips to theaters, museums, restaurants and more. It is worth noting that the countries of the former post-Soviet space have gone through a truly dizzying development. Western dental centers have been introducing various dental treatments for over seventy years. Belarusian specialists have achieved the same results in just ten years.

Modern medical tourism has many advantages. The latter include the following aspects:

  • highly qualified diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation in different areas of medicine;
  • the use of innovative technologies and techniques that have no analogues at home;
  • modern equipment that allows you to set accurate results and carry out effective operations;
  • professional doctors with unique knowledge and rich experience in the treatment of similar pathologies.

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