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All the best and always! Wow, how our compatriots missed Vietnam! Only in the news there was information that Russia and Vietnam were restoring flights, as soon as chats and social networks became more active, and some tourists, succumbing to general euphoria, are already running to book tours and pack their bags. Let's figure out if it's worth doing this in the near future. After all, the restoration of communication does not mean that Vietnam is about to open its borders to tourists, including Russians. To be notified of new publications, please subscribe to the tozhe-life blog updates.

Attention! On February 10, a new article was published on the situation in Vietnam in February 2021.

Russia and Vietnam are restoring flights - what's next?

On January 16, our news channels reported that from January 27, 2021, Russia will restore air traffic with Vietnam, India, Qatar and Finland. We assume that progress has been made due to the mass vaccination against coronavirus started in the Russian Federation.

What's next? But nothing. So far, it has been announced about 2 flights a week Moscow - Hanoi, and before Tet, the Vietnamese New Year according to the lunar calendar, it is unlikely that at least one of them will take place due to the restrictions imposed by the Vietnamese side. Tet this year falls on February 12th.

After Tet, the announced direct flights will be useful to those who are officially allowed to enter Vietnam: investors, diplomats, experts, highly qualified specialists, and their family members. All these worthy people enter on the appropriate visas, invitations for which are not cheap. Previously, they had to travel either with transfers in other countries, or by special flights.

A quick search showed the nearest available flights Moscow - Hanoi direct from Aeroflot, starting March 28, 2021. Price

25 thousand rubles. at the Economy Budget tariff (no refund, changes are paid). Tickets with more flexible terms are more expensive. But it is not yet clear at all whether these flights will take place.

Of course, the very fact of the restoration of air traffic is a good sign. The ice is slowly moving, pah-pah. However, remember: with Japan, for example, the communication was restored in the fall, and tourists, at the time of publication, are not yet allowed.

Conditions of entry to Vietnam remain the same

For the categories listed above, the conditions for entering Vietnam now remain the same: they have not canceled (and are not going to) the mandatory 14-day quarantine at their own expense, with the passing of 2 - 3 mandatory tests, also paid. In addition, after a 14-day quarantine, the arrivals must be in a 2-week self-isolation at the address indicated when entering the country. Medical insurance covering COVID-19 treatment is mandatory.

There was a category of comrades who entered for business purposes for a period of less than 14 days. Formally, there was no 14-day quarantine for them. But in fact, the receiving party had to pick up from the hotel by special transport and return it to the hotel, the schedule was scheduled ahead of time, approved and monitored by the competent authorities. That is, there is no quarantine, but actually it is, just with the check out of the hotel under supervision.

However, at a meeting of the Vietnamese Antique Committee on January 15, 2021, it was proposed to extend the quarantine for arrivals from countries where a new strain of coronavirus was recorded (which is from the UK, with more infectiousness). Now those who have been quarantined for less than 14 days must quarantine for 14 days, and those who have quarantined for 2 weeks have to quarantine for more than 2 weeks. Something like that, there are no details yet.

Dental services in Vietnam are very inexpensive. At the same time, Vietnamese dentists have modern dental equipment and provide quality services. This attracts foreigners.

For example, the cost of dental treatment in Vietnam starts from $ 10, installation of a cermet column from $ 50, installation of braces from $ 175. In large cities, prices can be slightly higher than in small ones.

It is not uncommon to meet foreigners among the visitors of an ordinary dental clinic, therefore, often, even in small private dental offices, the doctor speaks English or has a colleague-translator nearby.

Dental Tours to Vietnam

And in the last few years, offers of dental tours to Vietnam have appeared on the Internet. Travel agencies in different countries offer to combine vacation in Vietnam with a useful business - dental treatment. And recently, dental tourism in Vietnam has moved to a new level.

New Vietnam Dental Tourism Portal

A dental tourism website has been launched by Vietnam Tourism Dentistry. Thanks to this portal, Vietnam has every chance to take one of the leading positions in this area in the future.

Website users . N can choose various services, ranging from the treatment, cleaning and bleaching of the teeth and ending with the installation of crowns, implants and veneers. The information on the site is set out in two languages ​​- Vietnamese and English.

Website partners are the largest dental clinics of Vietnam.

First of all, dental tourism is focused on Australians and Americans, developing to the quality of services provided.


The site has a search in which you can choose the city (Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and Vungtau) and therapeutic procedure (bleaching, sealing, crown, bridge, implant, etc.). Choose a date in advance and get a list of clinics and prices. About each clinic There is information: the address and phones, how many specialists work, how long ago there is a clinic, on which dental services specializes. For example, the cost of a seal with booking through the site will be $ 50. It is more expensive than in a small, nobody is not a well-known dental office, but much cheaper than the treatment of teeth in the United States and Australia. In some clinics there are Russian-speaking staff. This also has information on the portal (but there is no search for the presence of Russian-language employees).

How to live in your pleasure <

Many of my friends and acquaintances follow the international situation. With a fading of the heart listen to news about the opening of new directions and borders. Therefore, the renewal of flights between Russia and Vietnam from January 27, 2021 did not remain unnoticed. It seems to be a good event, but rejoice as it turned out, while early. About the flights in Vietnam and new rules tell in this article.

Situation in Vietnam

A year ago it was difficult to imagine that we would look forward to information about the opening of the borders. Neither January nor February 2020 did not foretell trouble. Wintering or vacation in Vietnam looked ordinary and extremely affordable business. And when the news came out about the closure of Vietnam, it seemed that these were just short-term measures. But soon a year, how tourism died around the world. At the same time, the countries of Southeast Asia were the most closed, the very, where so easy to fly to wintering or for a long and not expensive rest.

Now most Asia countries are closed precisely for tourism, especially for its budget sector. For business purposes, Asia looks much more affordable. And the rich tourists are ready to take. For example, the same Thailand is glad to meet the guests secured, but with a huge amount of conditions. And Indonesia, easily distributes a business visa to everyone who is ready to pay a little.

Vietnam did not accept foreigners for a long time. The country's sky was closed for flights from anywhere in the world. Perhaps this method avoided infections and severe restrictions within the country. Vietnam became the record holder for the minimum number of cases of coronavirus. Those tourists and expats who stayed in the country and refused exit flights continue to live there, extending business visas or issuing long-stay cards. They do not experience strong difficulties. There are practically no restrictions in the country. The small number of foreigners has had a huge impact on food and hotel prices, pushing them closer to record lows.

There is no epidemic in the country. Life is measured. Wonderful weather. The sea is warm and not as dirty as it happens with an abundance of tourists. One snag - the big difficulty in getting here. There are several options, but it's hard to call them budget.

How to get to Vietnam in winter -

Despite all the restrictions, with a great desire and desire, Vietnam, as well as many other countries, could be reached in the fall of 2020, spending a lot of effort, building a long flight route and paying pretty much. The legal way is to be a valued professional and get special approval and a visa. The basic rules for visiting Vietnam are as follows:

  • there is no visa-free visit to the country for tourist purposes, you need a work or business visa
  • a visa can only be made through an agency or employer
  • upon arrival it is necessary to provide negative results of a PCR test for covid-19, made no later than 72 hours before arrival in Vietnam
  • upon arrival you will be quarantined for 14 days in a limited list of hotels at your expense
  • during these 2 weeks, you are given three more tests and if it turns out that you are sick, the treatment will also be at your expense
  • medical insurance with coverage for coronavirus treatment is required. This item is the lesser of evils, choose any here

Here is a fairly detailed story about such a visit. If you look not hunting, I will say that the amount turned out to be a little less than $ 5,000. It took 5-6 weeks for everything. The heroine of the video intends to stay for at least half a year. For a shorter period of time, there is no point in arriving with those expenses and two weeks of quarantine.

Approximately the same services are offered by the Dima-Tours agency, whose offices are located in the Vietnamese city of Mui Ne. The prices for organizing the trip are slightly lower than what is described in the video. Here they are ready to help you for almost $ 2800 for two people. However, the price does not include the flight. How much you can trust the company, I do not presume to say, the site is quite old, the reputation is established. But I myself did not use their services, I personally do not know them, which means I cannot give guarantees. In any case, you need to understand that by making a business visa for a tourist trip, you are a little, but you break the law and risk a little.

As you can see, it was possible to get to Vietnam even before the news about the opening of flights. So what has changed?

What is Vietnam Vacation? This is an acquaintance with an exotic country, its culture and customs - from national cuisine to traditional Vietnamese theater. This is a variety of recreation and entertainment: beach holidays, excursions to natural and cultural attractions, riding elephants and camels, noisy nightlife in popular resorts like Nha Trang or Mui Ne, or the calm, inspiring beauty of mountainous Da Lat. This is an opportunity to combine different types of recreation - active, health, beach, sightseeing - within one resort or moving from one city to another. This is a sea of ​​unforgettable impressions.

What are the advantages of vacationing in Vietnam, how to purchase a ticket to this country and how to relax in it with your children - you will learn from this article.

Holidays in Vietnam: what is good, who suits, how much it costs

Vacation in Vietnam has many advantages. It is suitable for different categories of vacationers: those who prefer active holidays, and those who like sea resorts and beautiful beaches, and people looking for exotic things, and even families with small children.

What are the benefits of a holiday in Vietnam?

The optimal time to stay in Vietnam depends on the resort you choose. For example, it is preferable to go to Ho Chi Minh City from October to April, and to Phan Thiet, on the contrary, from April to November, since the rest of the year in this area lasts the rainy season. For Nha Trang, the best time to visit is from January to August. Thus, throughout the year you can find at least one Vietnamese resort, where the tourist season is in full swing right now.

The most popular resorts in Vietnam

The most popular resorts in Vietnam include Nha Trang, Phan Thiet, as well as the town of Mui Ne adjacent to Phan Thiet.

Nha Trang

Nha Trang is the seventh most populous city in Vietnam and the most popular Vietnamese resort among Russian tourists. Fans of noisy, active entertainment, beach recreation and water sports come here. There are also healing springs in the vicinity of Nha Trang - mineral and mud. Therefore, those who are interested in health tourism also come here. Infrastructure is well developed in Nha Trang: there are a lot of hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes, diving centers, etc.

Currency: Vietnamese Dong (VND)

Voltage in the electrical network: 220V/50Hz

Time zone: GMT + 6. Time ahead of Moscow by 3 hours

Geographical location, climate

Vietnam is one of the ancient states of Southeast Asia, located on the eastern coast of the Indo-China Peninsula.

Its full name is the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (SRV). Vietnam's area is about 330 thousand square kilometers. The country's territory is strongly elongated in the direction from north to south (about 1600 km), while in the central part of the state the distance from the western border to the coast is only 50 km. The coastline is more than double the distance from the northern border of Vietnam to the southern one, forming a coastline with a length of 3,450 kilometers.

Vietnam's western border separates it from Laos and Cambodia, while China is adjacent to it to the north. The natural border of the country from the south and east is the South China Sea. The capital of Vietnam is the city of Hanoi, located in the northern part of the state on the Bakbo plain. In the fertile Mekong Delta in the south of the country, Vietnam's largest city, Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon), is located.

The natural landscape of Vietnam is very diverse. The bizarrely broken coast of the South China Sea, more than three thousand kilometers long, reveals to the traveler the mountains covered with ancient forests, beautiful lakes and graceful waterfalls, river valleys and magnificent sandy beaches with transparent water near the coast.

The central part of the coast conditionally divides the country into two regions - North Vietnam and South Vietnam. North Vietnam covers an area from the mountainous border with China to the Gulf of the Bakbo River. The greatest interest in this part of the country is caused by the Halong Bay and the colorful islands located in its water area - there are more than one and a half thousand of them. Many of them have a bizarre relief with mysterious caves. Lush tropical nature in its diversity is featured in the Catba National Park. The highest point in the country is located in North Vietnam - Mount Fansipan. Historically, the medieval capital of Vietnam - the city of Hoala (10th century) and the modern capital - the city of Hanoi - are of interest.

The ancient settlements of Hoi An and Hue are located in Central Vietnam. These cities, as well as the Michonne temple complex, are protected by UNESCO as sites of world cultural significance. The beautiful resorts of Da Nang, Phan Thiet and Nha Chang offer a comfortable seaside holiday.

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