What did the collapse of one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy lead to?

Balneological resorts of Georgia

Mehmed's main field of activity is medical tourism. What it is and what prospects are there in this direction, he told the Sputnik project "Georgia through the eyes of foreigners".

How I ended up in Georgia

While living in Turkey, I received a scholarship to study abroad. At first I wanted to go to study in Europe, but it is quite expensive. Then he thought about the near abroad, including Georgia.

After reading reviews on the Internet, on reflection, after talking with relatives, I decided to enter the International Black Sea University at the Faculty of Tourism. There were several reasons: training in English, a modern approach to training and assistance in subsequent employment.

After graduating, I decided to stay in Georgia. He started his work as a simple sales manager in a hotel. Gradually moved from one position to another, from one place to another. Today I have already become the director of a German medical clinic and run the hotel with it. My main occupation is medical tourism.

What is medical tourism?

Imagine that you are a wealthy person from some Arab country, say, Saudi Arabia. You really want to go somewhere, but at the same time you have a toothache or you need to undergo vision correction surgery. In this case, a company specializing in medical tourism will help you. Together with the manager, you will choose the country and clinic where you will go for treatment.

Why do you need such tourism, because you can go to the dentist at home? The services of our clinic are often used by people who need highly qualified assistance along with a vacation in another country.

Georgia has great potential in the field of medical tourism. There are certain areas here, developed at a fairly good level. For example, dentistry, gynecology and ophthalmology (treatment of eye diseases). These services are provided by our clinic.

Basically, clients come to us from Azerbaijan and Arab countries, but there are also Spaniards, Israelis, Turks and some other neighboring countries. Georgia is chosen for two reasons: good service and low price.

What kind of medical tourism features does Georgia have?

Sometimes you just want to disconnect from all current affairs for a week, be alone with nature, surrounded by mighty forests, pamper yourself with water procedures, walk in the fresh air. Where will you look for such a vacation? In secluded mountain villages. It is in Georgia that there are a lot of such places, which is an absolute plus for medical tourism.

One of the main features of Georgia, I would call balneological resorts. This niche is completely undeveloped today! Sno, Sairme, Tskaltubo - in these towns and cities it is necessary to create rehabilitation centers, develop infrastructure and increase the recognition of these brands.

Sputnik Georgia tried to understand the situation on the country's health insurance market and will talk about the main types of insurance and their cost

All people go to doctors. Seasonal viruses, bad teeth, annual health prevention - all this is an integral part of the life of most people, and Georgia is no exception.

Commerce now rules the country to replace the Soviet system of free medicine, and a regular visit to a doctor can cost a pretty penny - you have to pay separately for an appointment, separately for tests, and separately for procedures. Even not every working person can afford the luxury of taking care of health, and for the majority of the country's population, this is a big problem.

There is a way out of this situation if a person is a citizen of Georgia - this is health insurance. There are two types of insurance in Georgia - state and commercial. These types of insurance offer citizens of the country certain discounts on medical treatment and medicines, and even, in some cases, free treatment.

However, the market for commercial and state insurance itself is very diverse and filled with pitfalls, and the fact that a person is insured. does not exclude all problems.

Commercial Insurance Pitfalls

In fact, for an ordinary person who just wants to go and insure their health, there is not much choice in Georgia - only three out of 12 companies can offer individual insurance services. At the same time, prices and services are about the same, as are the services themselves. The cost of the package for a month ranges from 11-15 to 46 dollars.

The minimum package includes only a doctor's appointment, an ambulance, 50-60% discount on outpatient services, discounts on dental services and surgery.

The difference in the supply of insurers is only in the annual limits for one or another type of treatment and in provider clinics. However, it will be difficult for a person who does not know the rates of Georgian medicine when choosing such insurance.

Therefore, those wishing to get insured, first of all, should carefully read the contract with the insurance company and find out if their health problems are included in the list of covered medical services of the company.

Another pitfall is provider clinics. When choosing an insurance company, it is necessary to carefully check the clinics and their reputation in general.

You also need to remember that the package company pays only for the limit that you have chosen and for any luxury over the limit, be it a separate ward, an appointment with a well-known doctor who does not work in a provider clinic will have to be paid from own pocket.

Georgia is a country not only of wine and gastronomic delights, but also of famous resorts. Georgia is famous for its various resorts - balneological, mountain climatic and therapeutic mud.

The main factors of curative Georgia are a mild climate, clean air, an abundance of thermal springs and healing mud deposits, as well as the beaches of the Black Sea coast.

The creation of resorts in Georgia began in the first half of the 19th century, although the inhabitants of Georgia since ancient times have used mineral waters to treat various diseases, and mountain air to strengthen the body.

Most of the resorts are located in coastal and mountainous areas. The mountainous zone of Georgia is characterized by beautiful landscapes, clean air and numerous sources of mineral water, of which there are more than two thousand in the country.


The climatic and balneological resort Sairme is located 55 kilometers from Kutaisi (Imereti region). It is located at an altitude of about 950 meters above sea level, at the confluence of several mountain rivers.

In Georgian, "sairme" means "deer place". This name was given to the city, as herds of deer descended here in winter to drink.

The resort is surrounded by coniferous and deciduous forests, and has a mountain climate. It is rich in medicinal, mineral and thermal waters of four types, used for the treatment of digestive diseases, metabolic disorders.

Sairme belonged to the Eristavi clan during the imperial rule. Then the natural resources of the resort were not used for their intended purpose. In 1932, when the healing properties of local mineral waters were fully studied, doctors recognized Sairme as a urological resort.


The balneological resort of Tskhaltubo was known as early as the 7th-9th centuries, and from the 12th-13th centuries it was already very popular as a medical resort.

Today Tskhaltubo is a balneological resort of world importance. It is renowned for its thermo-radon mineral water treatments. Warm (35 degrees), light, clean and odorless water flows directly from the springs into the baths, without heating or cooling.

Who and how can now come to Georgia, why the second wave of coronavirus in the country is much stronger than the first, and why the government is afraid to return strict measures, Kommersant correspondent Iya Barateli found out.

"We want to go to Georgia!" - friends from different countries have been writing to me for six months already. At first, sitting each in his own quarantine, we planned meetings at sea, then we hoped to celebrate Tbilisoba together, now the New Year is next in line. But the forecasts are disappointing - at best, Georgia will begin receiving tourists in the late spring of 2021. The country has been closed since March and has been living without tourists for eight months. The government solemnly promised to open the borders to foreigners from July 1, but in the end it did not dare to take this step.

Recently, on a warm autumn evening on the terrace of a large nightclub in the most touristy place of the Old City, I myself saw how empty Tbilisi had become. The coronavirus has almost killed the habit of going to crowded places, but our small company had a good reason: we were going to console a friend who was abandoned by a girl. We realized our mistake at once.

Usually, Meydan is not crowded: continuous restaurants and cafes, tables on the streets are arranged in several rows, tourists walk in crowds, live music, smells of food, hookah, multilingual conversations until the early morning. Now all this is gone. A balloon hung over Metekhi - a new attraction for tourists. But Meydan was not crowded. Several taxis, a dozen passers-by - someone was returning home from the store, someone was walking the dog. The cable car that lifted visitors to the Narikala fortress was also not working. At the beginning of the street of Tsar Heraclius, a saxophonist was diligently playing the melody in the semi-darkness. He seemed to be playing for fifty overturned chairs on display near closed cafes. As a result, everyone became so sad that it was decided to complete the procedure for treating a broken heart in another area of ​​the city, in a non-tourist hipster institution.

Photo: Sandro Shamanidze, Kommersant

Tourism in Georgia has declined by almost 100% and is officially declared the sector of the economy most affected by the pandemic.

In 2019, Georgia received $ 3 billion from tourism with a total GDP of $ 15 billion.

90% of hotels are closed in the capital, and only local tourists have visited the sea and the mountains in the summer. There are few of them, and the income from them is scanty.

In 2019, the booming tourism sector of Georgia set another record: more than 9 million foreign guests visited the country. Only from Russia - about 1.5 million people. The flow of tourists from Europe has been steadily growing, on which Georgia has made a bet after Russia canceled direct flights in July 2019.

Economists explain that an abrupt halt in the tourism boom will significantly reduce the share of this sector in the economy. Meanwhile, this is as much as 12%, as well as about half a million people employed in the tourism sector: employees of hotels, restaurants, guides, drivers.

“Tourism was a major blow to the economy during the pandemic. Other sectors have recovered, and tourism is closed today.

Despite the fact that people received help from the state, the income of the population has significantly decreased; if a person's income has decreased, then he will consume less and use savings. Less savings in banks means less money for lending. Reducing consumer spending reduces sales, which ultimately has a bad effect on the economy, this is a chain reaction. The income we received in foreign currency from tourism helped maintain the lari exchange rate. The fact that the lari has dropped to 3.2 per $ 1 today reflects the lost income from tourism, ”Beso Namchvadze, economist and chief analyst of the non-governmental organization Transparency International Georgia, said in an interview with the Mtavari TV company.

The government is not hoping for a quick recovery in the sector. According to the official forecast laid down in the draft state budget, a repeat of the 2019 record, that is, a recovery of tourism by 100%, is expected only by 2025.

India is a country that keeps many secrets regarding the health of the human body. Many tourists choose the medical resorts of India. At the same time, do not forget that this is a country of exotic charm and magical beauty, where the past is intertwined with modernity. Arriving here, you should definitely visit its main attractions.

Wellness with Ayurveda

Most holidaymakers go to the health resorts in India for specially designed Ayurveda treatments. One of the most popular Ayurvedic massages is Sirodhara. During this procedure, a thick warm oil is slowly poured onto a person's head, which is made on the basis of various herbs. It is a great way to relieve stress, eliminate insomnia and migraines, and improve brain performance.

Do not forget about Pizhichil - massage with the addition of aromatic oils, which is done daily for 2 weeks. Pizhichil lasts about an hour and has a unique anti-aging effect.

Some go to India for health improvement for the Nyavarakkizhi procedure, which helps people with rheumatism, arthritis and various limb diseases. During such a healing process, a person is beaten with scalding bags filled with medicinal herbs and special rice.

Such a health-improving complex also includes a variety of herbal steam baths. They are essential for relieving muscle pain and are great for high blood pressure. Baths of this type also contribute to the removal of toxins and toxins from the body.

An important condition for healing with the help of Ayurveda is considered to be a special preparation of a person - Panchakarma, which helps to improve metabolism and sensitivity to specific medical procedures.

Typically such wellness programs include not only Ayurveda, but also spa therapy, meditation and yoga. Each vacationer can choose a health complex that suits him best, which will help to restore health to the maximum, strengthen immunity, rejuvenate and achieve harmony of body and soul.

Medical Resorts in India

It is important to choose the right health tours to India, because there are a huge number of options. Before deciding on the choice of a health resort, you need to study all the options proposed. Since some health-improving establishments focus their activities specifically on health improvement, while others - on a comfortable rest, combined with exciting excursions and medical manipulations.

You can go to a complex of cleansing procedures at the following resorts:

  • Thrissur (Kerala);
  • Bangalore (Karnataka);
  • Parwanu (Himachal Pradesh);
  • Gokarna (Karnataka);
  • Kovalam (Kerala) t. etc.

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