What certificates are needed for the sanatorium

What certificates are needed for the sanatorium

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Sanatoriums offer everyone not only rest, but also treatment. Health resort specialists have developed many targeted health promotion programs. They include complexes of procedures aimed at diagnosing, preventing and treating certain diseases.

When planning to purchase a ticket to the health-improving complex for yourself or your child, you should take care of all the documents necessary for arrival in advance. The list of documents required for submission at the place of demand includes originals and copies:

  • passports of the Russian Federation/birth certificate (for a child);
  • OMS policy;
  • SNILS (not always).

What certificate does an adult need to visit the sanatorium?

According to Order No. 256 of 22. 1. 4. "On the procedure for medical selection and referral to sanatorium-resort treatment", each adult must draw up a CCC - a sanatorium-resort card. The form has a 072/u-04 form and to receive it, the patient must:

  • examine: therapist, women - additionally a gynecologist;
  • examine: issue directions for clinical blood and urine tests, ECG, FLG.

What certificate from a gynecologist is needed for a sanatorium? The usual conclusion from an obstetrician-gynecologist about the absence or presence of chronic inflammatory ailments, infertility or hormonal disorders.

It should be noted that the above list of specialists and examinations is conditional. It will expand depending on the patient's health status and may include:

  • examinations by a number of narrow specialists (neurologist, surgeon, cardiologist, dermatologist, etc.);
  • allergy tests, etc.

Thus, the design of the health resort card is individual for each subject.

What certificates does the child need to travel to the sanatorium?

A medical certificate for a competition acts as an official document that confirms that a person (be it an adult or a child) has no contraindications to engage in a particular sport.

Access to the competition in the form of a certificate allows you to take part in competitions, tournaments and more. A certificate of admission for a specific event is issued.

Why and who needs help?

Help is required for those who plan to take part in certain sports, competitions or tournaments. The need to draw up a document is regulated by Order of the Ministry of Health No. 134n of 01. 3. 016 g.

How do I get help and what does it contain?

The document is a special opinion, which can only be made by a sports doctor. The conclusion is made on the basis of a physical examination, as well as basic clinical research, such as:

  • electrocardiogram ;
  • blood test;
  • urinalysis.

The admission to competitions in a specific sports discipline contains information that a specific person is ready to withstand the necessary physical activity, that his state of health is satisfactory. The admission certificate can be long-term or one-time. One-time certificates are issued for a specific competition. Long-term - for a specific period and only for those sports that are classified as non-hazardous.!

Only based on the results of the examinations, the doctor can decide whether a particular person is ready to take part in certain competitions, what is his state of health, whether it allows him to endure a certain kind of physical activity.

The received certificate for the competition is provided to the sports committee at the venue. The document must be checked for errors and forgeries. For this reason, the specialists of our medical center recommend that you think carefully before buying a certificate for a competition without undergoing a medical examination or purchasing a blank certificate that you can fill out yourself if necessary.

How long is it valid?

There are two types of inquiries - long-term and one-time. In the first case, the certificate is valid for 6 months. The certificate is suitable for sports not related to dangerous sports (running, swimming, rhythmic gymnastics, etc.) A one-time certificate is issued to persons involved in dangerous sports (boxing, mountaineering, wrestling, etc.) immediately before the competition and is valid for 3 months.

Sample and Competition Form

Citizens wishing to visit the pool are faced with the need to purchase a medical certificate of health status. The requirements of the administrative staff of swimming centers are not always justified, but are aimed at creating a safe environment for swimming.

What do you need to know about the document?

Help for visiting the pool - a medical document confirming or refuting the healthy state of the human body. Designed to detect viral and infectious diseases transmitted by contact.

A sample help can be viewed here.

Certification is not required for adults to visit the pool. This is a kind of reinsurance of the management of the pool, which is obliged to control the sanitary well-being of the institution.

Who needs a certificate and when?

Help is a mandatory document for preschoolers and primary school students. The examination is aimed at identifying the disease of enterobiasis (worms).

A child undergoes a similar examination:

  • before signing up for a swimming group for regular training, and repeating the procedure once every 3 months;
  • with periodic visits, if the time interval between them is not less than 2 months.

The mandatory procedure for children is established by the Resolution of the Chief State Sanitary Doctor of the Russian Federation dated January 30, 2003 No. 4 “On the introduction of SanPiN 2.. ... 188-03 "p. 3. 2..

For an adult, examination is not necessary to visit a swimming facility, but it is desirable. Understanding people are examined to prevent negative consequences from ignorance of their state of health.

Resolution No. 4, clause 3. 2. indicates the need to require a certificate from adults only in cases of the spread of epidemics, which are warned by the state sanitary supervision.

Adult Pool Help

A medical certificate of health for traveling abroad will be required when applying for long-term visas. For example, workers or students. It is also needed when applying for a visa to enter the state of the Schengen zone, without which it will not be possible to obtain medical insurance, and without it you will not be allowed into the country.


The cost of medical care abroad is high. Therefore, we believe that health insurance should be provided when traveling to all countries. Even in those that do not require certificates and insurance.

In the countries of Asia, South America, Africa there are viruses that are unusual for our body, and you will have to make the necessary vaccinations for a certain time before leaving. Each country has its own list.

Abroad, you can get sick not only from infections, but also from unusual food, extreme temperatures, animal and insect bites, therefore, representative offices of countries prefer to let healthy people into their territory. They have good immunity and a minimal chance of getting sick, and even in case of illness, they can return home on their own.

Sometimes countries require a different form of medical certificate to apply for a visa. Therefore, check in advance if they will accept the document in the form 082/y. If not, where can the document be issued.

Why you shouldn't save on insurance when traveling abroad

Even if you are one hundred percent confident in your health, we recommend taking out insurance. Traveling abroad is always a risk.

According to the statistics of the Federal Tourism Agency, the first place among insured events is occupied by infectious diseases and colds. The latter can also appear in a hot country due to the contrast of temperatures. For example, after sipping a cold cocktail in the heat or lying under an air conditioner. The second place is occupied by digestive problems. This is followed by bruises, injuries, fractures, burns, allergies, heatstrokes, toothaches and animal bites.

As you can see, it is quite possible to get sick or get injured abroad, especially in extreme tourism.

A medical certificate for China is required for employment or study. You must pass a medical examination and provide certificates with translation and legalization. In this article we will cover the basic design issues.

The procedure for legalizing a medical certificate

A medical certificate for China is legalized in the following order:

Issued by a Russian notary. The notary makes a photocopy and draws up as a certified copy. This copy will be used for further consular legalization.

To carry out this stage, you need to go to the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation, which is located in Moscow. After submitting all the documents, you need to wait 5 working days. The original certificate, additional papers and personal presence are not required. There is no state duty.

To complete this stage, you need to submit documents to the consular section of the Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. The state fee for the legalization of translations of a medical certificate will be 350 rubles. Additional papers and powers of attorney are also not required.

Certification at the Chinese Embassy.

The last and most important stage is the consular certification of the certificate at the PRC Embassy. All stamps, correctness of translation and design will be checked.

Legalization of a medical certificate

If you are in China, you can get a medical examination there. If you are in Russia, then in order to obtain a certificate of passing the medical examination 外国人 小格检查 记录, you need to contact any Russian clinic; the Chinese Embassy does not have any accredited clinics. What needs to be checked during the physical examination: vision, pressure, skin, sensory organs, cardiac system, respiratory system, gastrointestinal tract, spine and nervous system. In China, medical certificates are usually required with the following tests: ECG, fluorography, blood test for HIV, AIDS, syphilis, etc. The complete list depends on the requirements of the host.

Attention! A medical certificate for China must be “live” sealed and signed by the head of the laboratory or doctor. As for the INVITRO company, very often they print in the form of a good quality color scan. Such a seal will not work, the notary will refuse to make a notarized copy from such a certificate. Therefore, make sure in advance that the certificates have normal stamps.

Options for obtaining a medical certificate for China:

Option 1 is a simpler option that we always recommend to our clients, namely, a special medical board form with all examination results. The form is usually issued by the employer himself. You need to print it out and ask the doctors to put the test result and signature on this form. This form of certificate is accepted without legalization and translation.

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