We are treated correctly, or What you need to know about medicine in the Czech Republic

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Medical insurance is one of the prerequisites for obtaining a student visa to stay in the Czech Republic. However, often the acquaintance with the local health care system ends with an insurance card. The author of the GoStudy blog, Alexandra Baranova, tells what else you need to be prepared for when you are a foreigner and it is about your health.

Healthcare in the Czech Republic is, according to statistics, news about discoveries in this area and patient reviews, at a very high level. Local doctors are consulted for a variety of problems, including complex chronic and congenital diseases that sometimes require surgical intervention. The culture of treatment "on the waters" deserves a special mention - local mineral water spas (Czech. Lázně), where tourists from all over the world come together.

In the Czech Republic, there is a system of health insurance for its citizens - in essence, it is not much different from insurance for foreigners, but it implies monthly contributions, and not a one-time payment for a certain period, and in total it may turn out to be even more expensive.

If you do not have serious health problems, then most likely your insurance card will remain in the folder with documents until the next visa extension. However, since no one is immune from flu or food poisoning, it is worth keeping in mind some nuances in advance regarding how Czech medicine functions in practice.

A foreigner residing in the Czech Republic must have a comprehensive medical policy from a Czech insurance company. There are a number of insurance companies on the market that offer comprehensive insurance for foreigners, primarily: MAXIMA pojišťovna, a. ., Slavia pojišťovna, a. ., Pojišťovna VZP, a. ... The cost of an annual insurance policy for foreigners is about 400 euros.

We leave old problems at home

Before moving to the Czech Republic, it is worth undergoing a full medical examination at home and completing all untreated caries, sinusitis and sprains - this will allow you to be sure that your health will not let you down immediately upon arrival, and will save you run around the doctors, accompanied by an interpreter.

If you have any serious chronic diseases that can aggravate at any time and endanger your life, do not be stingy and send all the necessary documents for translation - medical history, doctors' opinions and results meaningful surveys to be fully armed.

A foreigner living in the Czech Republic must always have a Czech health insurance policy with him.

We cook sledges in summer

We are treated correctly, or What you need to know about medicine in the Czech Republic

When I was little, my grandmother often told me: “Never put your job or relationship above your physical condition. There is nothing dearer than your health. " It was only years later that I realized that it was not a "golden quote" at all. In the literal sense, few things in the world are worth more than hospital treatment.

We are used to thinking of European medicine as something ideal, sublime and beautiful. Advanced technologies, the best specialists. Well, why are they always collecting money for the treatment of children abroad? We firmly believe that in Europe things with medical care are much better than ours, and that work for doctors in the Czech Republic is much more important than for their colleagues from the CIS countries.

I won't tell you for the whole of Europe, the whole of Europe is too big. But if you decide to move to the Czech Republic for the sake of medicine, then you have made a mistake. I will not scold hospitals, doctors or proverbial equipment. I will tell you about a system that is very different from the one we are used to.

At first, it can be frightening and seem incomprehensible. But while you are studying at the Prague Education Center language courses, experts will help you choose an institute, but also cope with visits to a doctor in a foreign country. PEC specialists will not only help you learn Czech up to level C1, but will also provide the necessary support for each student.

Health Insurance

If you've watched American movies or TV shows, you may have noticed how their characters take care of their insurance policy. This is because in America, if you do not have a certificate of insurance, medicine automatically becomes paid and very expensive. So expensive that you literally can't afford it. The situation is similar in the Czech Republic.

Your acquaintance with Czech medicine begins when you buy insurance. It is so necessary that, along with housing and confirmation of training, there is in the list of necessary documents for obtaining a visa. It can be purchased directly from the offices of insurance companies or from insurance agents.

The contract with the insurance company works as follows. You pay them a certain amount and they agree to cover your medical expenses. They will only benefit if they can spend less on you than you paid them. Therefore, initially they stipulate a whole list of cases when they will not pay for you. Each company sets its own terms, but they are similar:

  • Your case should be urgent or urgent (you got sick or broke something for yourself). Chronic or minor diseases, diseases will have to be treated at their own expense. The degree of "frivolity" is determined by the doctor.
  • You must see certain doctors with whom the insurance company has an agreement. You will either be given a list of doctors at the conclusion of the contract, or you will need to make an appointment through the hotline, where you will be directed to the nearest specialist.
  • Insurance payments cannot exceed a certain amount (determined by the insurance company).

The four main insurance companies for foreigners are VZP, MAXIMA, SLAVIA and UNIQA. Previously, VZP was the most reliable and expensive company on the market. The quality of services from MAXIMA, SLAVIA and UNIQA was worse, but more profitable. Therefore, they were the most popular among students - we do not plan to go to doctors for examinations, and we only need insurance in case of emergency. But in July this year, the situation changed dramatically - the state is trying to bring the level of insurance coverage for foreigners as close as possible to the level of coverage of companies from the public sector. Therefore, now their cost is about the same.

Do not forget that before obtaining medical insurance, you need to take care of obtaining a student visa and nostrification of documents.

What if you get sick?

We are treated correctly, or What you need to know about medicine in the Czech Republic Medical insurance is one of the prerequisites for obtaining a student visa to stay in the Czech Republic. However, often on registration

Medical specialists abroad are demanded, respected and highly paid professionals in their field: the profession of a doctor is considered very prestigious. This is largely due to the fact that training to become a doctor is long and difficult (especially in comparison with other specialties), which, however, practically does not affect the flow of applicants - the competition for each vacant position is consistently high.

One of the most popular countries for higher education in medicine is the Czech Republic. Here, the duration of study is usually 6 years: 3 years of bachelor's degree, 2 years of master's degree and a year of practice, internship or internship. A big plus is that foreign students in any course of the university can study for free if they choose a program in the Czech language.

Training structure

In general, the entire training course for a doctor in the Czech Republic can be divided into 3 periods:

  • 1-2 course: study of general subjects of general medicine (anatomy, physics, biology, biochemistry, chemistry, etc.)
  • 3-4 course: study of subjects according to the chosen specialty, internship in public and private clinics
  • 5-6 course: the choice of a clinical direction and its in-depth study.

Entry Requirements

Applicants are waiting for entrance examinations in specialized subjects - it is necessary to pass biology, chemistry and a foreign language. We always recommend starting preparation in advance, at least six months before applying: the competition for vacant places is consistently high, which means that the requirements are strict, and each student must meet them 100%.

We have identified for you the 6 best medical faculties in the Czech Republic based on a variety of national and world rankings. Perhaps one of them will become your alma mater as well?

Czech Technical University, Faculty of Biomedicine

The main feature of this option is the absence of direct, “real” analogs in the Czech Republic and throughout the world. The local faculty is actively introducing numerous newest nanotechnologies into medicine, working on the creation of implants and stents, and creating biocompatible thin layers that are so needed by modern healthcare. Faculty students work in 30 superbly equipped laboratories, conduct independent scientific research, and practice in hospitals in the intensive care and emergency department.

  • Languages ​​of instruction: Czech, English
  • Study programs: Bachelor's degree (“Biomedical and Clinical Engineering”, 3 years), Master's degree (2 years, the direction is the same)
  • Competition: Approximately 35% of applicants successfully enroll in the course.

Charles University, Third Faculty of Medicine

Why it is worth getting an education in the field of hotel and restaurant business

Globalization and the current pace of development of our society have led to the fact that tourism and hotel and restaurant business today are one of the most dynamically developing areas of international business.

According to the forecast of the International Tourism and Travel Council, by 2025 the number of jobs will increase to 375 million! With this boom, there is a growing demand for experienced, energetic and educated leaders in international tourism and hospitality.

This area is primarily characterized by exciting work with people, primarily with foreigners, which means there is a constant opportunity to practice languages, as well as see the whole world! In addition, you are provided with: a large number of travels, a multicultural environment - not only guests, but also your colleagues will be from different parts of the world, proficiency in several foreign languages ​​at a decent level.

When we talk about education in the field of tourism and hospitality, it is impossible not to focus on the excellent job prospects for graduates, not only in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries, but also in Europe and the United States. Education in this field provides an opportunity for employment not only in a hotel or travel agency, as most people think, but also in the following areas:

  • organization of conferences, government and private banquets
  • work in hotels (reception, restaurants, housekeeping, catering)
  • management (contacts public, sales)
  • airlines, casinos, cruise ships, spa & wellness

It is worth noting that whoever you dream of becoming, the hotel and restaurant industry will help make your dream come true, because it needs financiers, marketers, designers, entrepreneurs, real estate agents and specialists in a wide variety of fields.

Who is this profession for

Ekaterina Saulina, a career guidance expert, in her interview with MSM spoke about the main character traits and characteristics a person should have in order to enjoy work and, most importantly, to become successful in the hotel and restaurant industry.

“When it comes to personality, it is very important that a person likes to interact with people. It is not necessary to have skills, students learn the art of communication in the learning process, the main thing is that a person likes the very fact of communicating with a large number of people, because the hotel and restaurant business is continuous communication. An important quality is entrepreneurship and an active life position, a willingness to understand the matter, to take responsibility and initiative into their own hands, especially if a person wants to become a manager.

Organization is very important, because a hotel, restaurant and any tourist facility - this is a huge amount of information that requires accuracy, a huge number of cases that require clarity and timeliness. Any mistake leads to a scandal.

If we talk not about personal qualities, but about abilities, then, of course, the ability to speak languages ​​is very important, especially from the point of view of career growth. So that a person can master at least 2 more foreign languages, since only English from the point of view of current trends is not enough. Attentiveness to details, willingness to be open and client-oriented, listen to everything the client has to say and smile. If we are talking about management, then the ability to organize a team and leadership qualities are important.

The Czech Republic is known for its health resorts and sanatoriums, where they successfully carry out the prevention of various diseases with the help of natural springs and mineral waters. The country's clinics are equipped with the best medical equipment, and Czech doctors are multidisciplinary specialists.

Basic information about Czech medicine

Medical sanatoriums and resorts of the Czech Republic have been popular for several centuries, both among residents of the CIS countries and among the population of Europe. Treatment in the Czech Republic is justified by the balneological properties of local baths and the bewitching beauty of architecture, luxurious nature, gardens, lakes and forests. The quality of medical care in Czech clinics can only be compared with treatment in Austria. Staying under treatment in this country is complemented by a well-developed infrastructure, many entertainment tourist facilities and hearty national cuisine.

For a long time such Czech resorts have been known all over the world:

  • Karlovy Vary,
  • Teplice,
  • Klimkovice,
  • Velke Losine,
  • Lazne Belograd,
  • Marianske Lazne,
  • Podebrady,
  • Frantiskovy Lazne,
  • Jachymov.

Medical institutions of the Czech Republic deserve special attention, where experienced doctors specializing in the treatment of the most complex diseases are successfully working for the benefit of their patients. All this makes treatment abroad effective and comfortable.

Benefits of treatment in the Czech Republic

Accurate diagnostics in the Czech Republic

Czech medicine is based on preventive diagnostics. Complex programs of Check-Up examinations are successfully used here, thanks to which everyone can undergo an examination of the body as soon as possible.

Regular diagnostics are actively used by residents of the country, which allows minimizing mortality among the population. The best Czech doctors are sent to diagnose the body of Czech citizens at least once a year. The same approaches to diagnostics are practiced in leading clinics in Israel. The frequency of examinations is determined not only by the state of human health, but also by the diseases diagnosed in the next of kin. Many diagnostic programs are funded by the government of the country.

This has made it possible in recent years to obtain such indicators of life expectancy in the Czech Republic:

  • women live on average 81 years,
  • women live on average 75 years.

Foreign tourists can also participate in diagnostic programs, which can take no more than 1-3 days for them. This allows you to combine relaxation and wellness.

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