Useful Medical Words in English

Medical English: 36 Concise Vocabulary and 6 Resources for Language Learning

"Clearly define your goal of learning a language, - we repeat for several articles, - because what you have to learn depends on it."

The English you need is "calculated" by the formula: base (grammar, common words, 4 skills at the proper level) + your own specific vocabulary for a specific purpose.

And today we are starting a rubric for those who learn English for work. In this series of articles, we will learn where to find the very professional vocabulary. We decided to devote the first issue to medical English (especially since today is the international day of the dentist).

The use of English in medicine is very extensive: doctors communicate with each other at international conferences (and if you don't know the language, you won't go), a doctor may come across a foreign patient, many devices and devices are of foreign origin (with English description) and, of course, English allows you to read professional literature, research and world scientific news, the translations of which can not wait.

P. ... the article is suitable for those who already have a sufficient level of proficiency in the language, because first you need to master General English, and only to "impose" professional English on it.

Content of the article:

Where can I find professional vocabulary?

Where to upgrade your skills?

Where to Find Vocabulary: Medical English Program

I think the medical reader will agree that the professional vocabulary for his field has a fairly wide range: these are the organs of the human body, and symptoms, and the names of diseases, and the terms of chemistry, biology ... that scientific terms are largely based on Latin, but still the vocabulary needs to be rather complex. Where can I get it?

English textbooks for doctors

The words presented in this article will be useful, rather, not to doctors, but to ordinary people who are familiar with medicine at the everyday level. There are no complicated medical terms here, I have selected common medical words in English that I hope you never need!

As usual under the heading English Words, vocabulary selections are presented in the form of voiced electronic Quizlet cards, PDF printable cards and word lists.

General Medical Vocabulary in English

Among medical words, there are four similar terms: injury, illness, sickness, disease.

Take the English level test:

medical insurancemeditsinskaya strahovkahealthzdorovediagnosisdiagnozpulsepulsdoctorvrachhygienegigienaillness (disease) boleznrecoveryvyzdorovlenieinjurytravma, povrezhdeniecoughkashelcoldprostudadosedozacrutchkostylwheelchairinvalidnaya kolyaskapainkillerboleutolyayuschee sredstvopatientpatsientdropperkapelnitsapatch (plaster) plastyrside-effectpobochnoe deystviesleeping pillssnotvornoethermometertermometrsurgeryoperatsiya (surgery) syringeshpritsmedical examinationmedosmotrblood pressurekrovyanoe davlenieurine testanaliz mochidrug testanaliz on narkotikiX-rayrentgentreatmentlechenietherapyterapiyaprescriptionretseptmedicine (drug) lekarstvoinjection (shot) ukolpharmacy (drugstore ) pharmacypillspillsointmentointmentambulanceambulance bandage bandagefirst aidfirst aid

Disease names in English

In English, pain can be called three terms: pain, ache, hurt.

  • Ache is pain in the medical sense, concentrated in one place: headache - headache, toothache - toothache.
  • Pain is pain in a broader, everyday sense, usually strong, unexpected. For example, if a dog bites or hits the finger with a hammer, it is pain.
  • Hurt - usually used not as a noun, but as an irregular verb to hurt - 1) feel pain, 2) cause pain, injury.

All three words can be used to refer to mental pain.

abscessabstsess, naryvache (pain, hurt) bolallergyallergiyaasthmaastmabronchitisbronhitbruisesinyakburnozhogcancerrakcoldprostudacold (in the head) nasmorkcutporezdiabetesdiabetdiarrheadiareyafeverpovyshennaya temperaturaflu (influenza) grippfractureperelomgiddiness (dizziness) golovokruzhenieheadachegolovnaya bolheart attackserdechny pristuppusgnoyrashsypsicknesstoshnota (also: disease) strokeinsultsunstrokesolnechny udarsymptomsimptomtoothachezubnaya bolwoundranagunshot woundognestrelnoe injury <

Medical staff in English

Today, many healthcare workers are learning medical English: some want to intern or work abroad, others dream of going to international conferences, and others are the first to read publications about discoveries in medicine. Whatever the goal, you need to take steps to achieve it, and we want to help you with this. In this article, we will provide you with a concise dictionary of medical terms in English, phrases for communicating with a patient, and a list of 42 of the best resources for learning English for medical professionals.

Concise Medical English Dictionary

Of course, in this article we will not be able to put all medical terms in English, but still we decided to give you the basic concepts. Looking to significantly increase your vocabulary on this topic? In the third part of our article, we will tell you what tutorials and sites will help you do this. For now, let's get acquainted with the basic terminology.

We'll start with the names of different types of hospitals, as well as the premises that may be located in them.

Word/Phrase Translation hospital large hospital that has a hospital, that is, there are patients an infirmary/ɪnˈfɜː (r) məri/first-aid post, for example, at a school or university a clinic a small clinic without a hospital, often so called small private a care home a nursing home - an institution in which they care for those who are not able to take care of themselves a day center a center for the elderly and disabled, which provides assistance only during the daytime an asylum/əˈsaɪləm /, a psychiatric hospital a psychiatric hospital a halfway house a rehabilitation center for those who who have been in a psychiatric clinic or prison for a long time and are now adapting to normal lifea hospice/ˈhɒspɪs/hospice sanatoriumsanatoriuma unit department (in the hospital) a ward/wɔː (r) d /, a sickrooma consulting rooma doctor's office where he examines a patienta surgery (BrE) a doctor's office (AmE) doctor's office A & E (accident and emergency department), casualty (BrE) ER (emergency room) (AmE) department an ICU/ˌaɪ siː ˈjuː/(intensive care unit) intensive care unita high dependency unitintensive care unitan operating theater/room; surgerya delivery rooma delivery rooma delivery rooma dispensaryroom for dispensing medicinesa maternity warda room in the maternity ward for pregnant women and childbirth a nurserya room where newborns liea day rooma common recreation room in the hospital where patients can read, watch TV, communicate, etc.

Now let's move on to the hospital staff. Let's explore the specialties of the doctors who work there. This will not be difficult to do, since English words are very similar to Russian ones.

Word/CollocationTranslatean allergistan anesthesiologist, an anasthesiologist, an anesthesiologist/ˌæn. sˌθiː. iˈɒl. ... ʒɪst/anesteziologan otolaryngologistotolaringologa cardiologistkardiologa dentistdantista dermatologistdermatologan endocrinologistendokrinologan epidemiologistepidemiologa family medicine physician physiciansemeyny terapevta gastroenterologistgastroenterologa geneticistgenetika gynecologistginekologa hematologistgematologan immunologistimmunologan infectious disease specialistspetsialist on infectious zabolevaniyaman intensivistreanimatologa microbiologistmikrobiologa neonatologistneonatologa nephrologist/nɪfrɒl. ʒɪst/nephrologist neurologist/njʊəˈrɒl. ... ʒɪst/neurosurgeon neurosurgeonan obstetrician/ˌɒb. təˈtrɪʃ. n/obstetric oncologist ophthalmologist/ˌɒf. ælˈmɒl. ... ʒɪst/ophthalmologist, ophthalmologist orthopedic/ˌɔr • θəˈpi • dɪks/surgeon orthopedic surgeon palliative care specialist palliative medicine specialist a parasitologist parasitologist pediatrician pediatric physiologist/ˌfɪz. ˈⱰl. ... ʒɪst/physiologist plastic surgeon, podiatrist, orthopedic surgeon (specializing in the treatment of feet) a psychiatrist/saɪˈkaɪə. rɪst/psychiatrist pulmonologist pulmonologist radiologist radiologist rheumatologist/ˌruːməˈtɒlədʒi/rheumatologist sleep disorders specialista sports medicine specialist sports surgeon/ˈsɜː (r) dʒ (ə) n/surgeon urologist

Let's move on to the names of the fields of medicine, they also practically coincide with Russian terms.

Word/PhraseTranslationanesthesiology/æn. sˌθiː. iˈɒl. ... ʒi/anesthesiologycardiologycardiologydentistry dentistrydermatologydermatologyemergency/ɪˈmɜː (r) dʒ (ə) nsi/emergency careendocrinologyendocrinologygastroenterologygastroenterologygynecologygynecologyinternal medicine, general practicetherapynephrology/nɪˈfrɒfrɒ ... ʒi/nephrologyobstetrics/əbˈstetrɪks/obstetricsoncologyoncologyophthalmology/ˌɒf. ælˈmɒl. ... ʒi/ophthalmologyorthodontics/ˌɔː. əˈdɒn. ɪks/orthodonticsorthopedics/orthopedicsorthopedicsotolaryngology, otorhinolaryngology/ˌəʊ. əʊ. aɪ. əʊ. ær. ŋˈɡɒl. ... ʒi/otolaryngology, otorhinolaryngologypalliative medicinepalliative medicinepediatricspediatricspsychiatry/saɪˈkaɪətri/psychiatryrheumatology/ˌruːməˈtɒlədʒi/rheumatologysurgeryurologyurology

You can find even more names of specialties and fields of medicine in English on this page.

In addition to doctors, other medical workers do a lot of work for us in the hospital. Abroad they are called differently, let's look at the most frequently used terms.

Word/Phrase Translation: charge nurse a nurse who works in a hospital and takes care of patients a district nurse a patronage nurse (helps people in their homes) a midwife a nurse practitioner a nurse who has the right to practice independently, that is, to treat simple diseases ( almost similar to our paramedic) an attendant a care assistant, a care worker (BrE) a person who cares for the elderly or people with serious illnesses in special institutions a carer (BrE) a caregiver, a caretaker (AmE) a person who works with people, who are unable to take care of themselves

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