Medical tourism in Korea: it is better to contact the agency or directly to the hospital

South Korea will actively promote and develop inbound medical tourism

Treatment in South Korea is becoming more popular every year: tourists consider the republic a worthy alternative to recovery in Europe or the United States. During the quarantine, interest in the direction among Russians does not fall, so the country launched an advertising campaign with medical agencies. The goal of this campaign is to promote medical tourism in the Russian market.

All news and novelties of foreign destinations can be found at the international online exhibition for professionals of the travel industry in Russia and the CIS OTM 2020: ReStart. From June 15 to June 30, representatives of tour operators, host companies, hotels and other representatives of the travel industry will share new travel products and plans for the season.

As part of OTM 2020: ReStart, experts from the National Tourism Organization of Korea will conduct online presentations

Topic: Tourism in Korea: Wellness and Incentives, Individual Travel and Unique Tour Layout from PAC Group and Autumn Travel and K-Shuttle Prefab Tours with Pitertour.

When: Monday June 15, 13:00 (Moscow time)

Moderators: Zahar Konkin, B2B Manager, National Tourism Organization of Korea; Yulia Sokolova, Head of SEA Division, PAC Group Individual Tourism Department; Irina Dorokhina, Head of the Department of Indochina, Indian Ocean and the Middle East, Pitertour.

Subject: “Explore Golden Triangle Cities and an Exclusive Jackpot Asia Tour with Good Time Travel, and Take the Tourist on a Safe Asian Adventure: South Korea + Japan with Quinta Tour!”

When: June 17, Wednesday, 13:00 (Moscow time).

Moderators: Yulia Frundina, specialist on China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, South Korea, Quinta Tour; Lilia Faizova, Good Time Travel specialist in the following directions: South Korea, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, China, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Albania, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan.

Kongan Tour International Medical Tourism Agency was opened in 2014. Since then, thanks to our work, many patients from the CIS countries have been able to receive quality treatment in the best clinics in Korea.

We understand that people who have not been able to find a solution to a medical problem in their country contact us, so we take a very responsible approach to organizing the treatment of each patient. Our goal is to find the best clinic for the client, the best doctor, and to provide an efficient, organized medical tour process.

We officially cooperate with more than 50 leading medical institutions in South Korea, which allows us to offer treatment in any area of ​​modern medicine.

We always stand on the side of the client's interests. This means that if it is possible to receive similar treatment for a lower amount, we will offer the client such an option. Sometimes the prices for treatment in different clinics can differ by 30 - 70%, with the same level of medical care. It is also important to find a clinic and a doctor who have extensive experience in treating a specific disease, so we are constantly exploring the possibilities of clinics and the degree of patient satisfaction.

We take close care of patients from the moment they first contact us. Many people are worried about the thought of being in an unfamiliar country. Without knowledge of the language and infrastructure, it's pretty easy to get lost. Therefore, customer care is our main task. From the moment you first contact us, we will always be there. Each client is assigned a personal manager, until the moment of departure he will help resolve all issues related to obtaining a preliminary consultation from the clinic, help with the choice of a medical institution and a doctor, explain how to prepare for the trip, help find a hotel, and organize a transfer. And after the client arrives in the country of treatment, he will continue to supervise the entire treatment process.

Most agencies provide only virtual support for their clients from far away. We actually accompany clients in Korea at the most stressful stages of the tour - meeting at the airport, checking into a hotel, the first visit to the clinic, surgery, departure. We provide these services to our clients completely free of charge. Welcome to Korea for treatment!

Get top-notch treatment in South Korea. Fill out the form and our specialist will contact you shortly.

Seoul National University Hospital

Medicine in South Korea has gone through a very difficult path of establishing and gaining trust in patients at the international level, occupying, today, leading positions in many of its areas in terms of the quality of medical services, which is due to the support of the Government of the country and the creation of all conditions for the continuous development of medical science and technology.

Seoul State University Hospital (SNUH) is the most prestigious, largest and only fully publicly supported hospital, with 3,664 beds serving over 4 million outpatients annually, over 1.2 million patients in the hospital, performing more than 100 thousand operations per year. The scientific achievements of the SNUH professors are the most significant in the country, having received worldwide recognition.

The staff of the SNUH Hospital have many years of experience, traditions, being a kind of "forge of Korean medicine", an excellent technical and intellectual base, which allowed them to achieve the highest rates in literally all areas of medicine not only in their own country, but also in comparison with the world's leading clinics.

Treatment at SNUH is the high quality of the offered medical and service services, the warmth and cordiality of the staff.

South Korea Daily COVID Cases Report

Due to the spread of the coronavirus in China, the Korean government has taken a number of measures to ensure the safety of its citizens and foreigners inside the country. As of today, February 16, 2021, the number of cases of coronavirus COVID-19 in South Korea is 84,325 people; 74,551 patients have already been discharged from hospitals. 457 new cases have been reported today.

February news update

Update: to date, February 16, there have been 457 cases of infection, of which 28 are imported cases and 429 are local cases. The Korean government continues to restrict large crowds and is trying to stop the spread of the virus in high-risk facilities. But the rules that have been in effect for the last 2 months have been relaxed. From February 15 to 28, the country moves to level 1. and Seoul and the surrounding area to level 2. This means that establishments can be open until 10:00 pm, including entertainment nightclubs and sports facilities. Gatherings of 5 or more people are still not allowed, but families can meet, although they need to prove their relationship with an official document (official ID, family ID).

The Korean government recently designated Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan and Bangladesh as high-risk countries.

The Korean authorities, regardless of nationality, are asking all foreigners wishing to enter Korea to provide a negative COVID-19 test result 48 hours before boarding and leaving the host country.

The number of new cases is likely to grow in the coming days, but it will be significantly less than the previous figures. Compliance with social distance and other protocols remains in place as before, but life in cities never stops or stops.

The epicenter of the spread of infection in Korea is in the city of Daegu, which is about two hours' drive from Seoul. Approximately 90% of the cases reported in Korea involve a religious group called Shinchonji, after one member of that group attended a mass attended by more than 1,000 participants. The authorities raised the national alarm to the maximum. At the moment, the government is devoting a huge amount of resources to contain the proliferation in Daegu City.

The safety of our customers comes first

Medical Avenue constantly monitors coronavirus news from local media and healthcare facilities in Korea. We know that at present Seoul National University Hospital, Bundang Hospital also at Seoul National University, Myeongji Hospital and other hospitals are treating coronavirus cases in Korea. While there is no real threat yet, please note that Medical Avenue has suspended the sending of clients to the above facilities at this time.

Almost everyone who contacts me for medical care in Korea is wondering how best to arrange travel - through an agency or go to a hospital. In this article, I will go over the pros and cons of each approach.

Contacting the hospital directly

Most of the major Korean hospitals have established international centers that deal with medical tourists. The more foreigners come to the clinic for treatment, the better for its prestige.

Usually, the responsibilities of the coordinators of international centers at hospitals include answering requests from those wishing to come for treatment, making an appointment for patients, issuing invitations for obtaining a visa, and so on. By the way, for citizens of the Russian Federation there is a visa-free regime for travel to Korea up to 60 days, for citizens of Kazakhstan - up to 30 days, so in most cases a visa is not needed at all.

Also, the responsibility of the international center includes the provision of translator services at the time of the doctor's appointment (either attracting a full-time specialist, or inviting a freelancer). Sometimes the hospital also helps arrange patient transfers and helps book a hotel.

Advantages of going directly to the hospital

Disadvantages of going directly to the hospital

Contacting a professional agency

Cons of contacting a professional agency

Very often I hear that when contacting an agency, a person will definitely spend a lot of money, since he will pay for the agency's services and overpay for treatment. I would like to debunk this myth.

The professional agency cooperates with multidisciplinary hospitals and specialized clinics that are interested in seeing as many foreigners as possible come to them for treatment. And it is the clinics that pay the agency for the attracted patients. So there is no difference in cost between going to the clinic directly and through the agency.

The patient pays the agency for additional services, such as transfer, provision of a medical translator, accommodation, excursion program. However, it is in the interests of the agency's employees to make your trip the most profitable and comfortable. Experienced coordinators already know the best transfer options, cooperate with hotels, guesthouses and hostels (and often receive discounts for their patients), are familiar with the menu of good restaurants and the schedule of discounts in shops and shopping centers.

May 2, 2017 2 comments about 13 minutes to read

Drive to the Barguzin Valley.

Nikolay Semenyuk traveled through 27 cities of Russia.

History and traditions of the people living in the Irkutsk region.

Hot discussions

South Korean doctors point out an interesting feature of Russian patients: often people take expensive medicines, they are intensively treated, but at the same time it is impossible to say with certainty that the diagnosis has been established accurately. Such situations, of course, surprise specialists from a country that is known as one of the leaders in healthcare in Asia.

In Korea, healthcare is a well-functioning system. World-class clinics are concentrated here, where patients are received according to the one-stop system, that is, all procedures - diagnostics, surgery, rehabilitation - can be done in one place. Fast and convenient. This approach is especially important for patients who come to Korea from all over the world for beauty and health.

The world-class medical service that Korea is proud of - it means high-class doctors recognized by the professional community, qualified medical personnel in general, advanced equipment, effective treatment technologies and comfortable service.

- At the same time, the cost of examinations and treatment in Korea, as a rule, is much lower than in European clinics. And the quality of service does not lose to them at all, - says Mr. Yun Yong Won, professor of the cardiology department, head of the international center of the Gangnam Severance clinic. - Medicine in South Korea has been developing at an accelerated pace in recent decades, and the country successfully competes in the diagnosis and treatment of complex diseases. Of great importance is the fact that the work of Korean medical institutions is under strict state control, which is carried out by the Health Insurance Corporation. Clinic specialists are fully aware of their responsibility for patient care. And this is also a guarantor of the effectiveness of treatment.

At the end of March, the delegation of the Gangnam Severance clinic - the head of the international center, Mr. Yun Yong Won, professor of the department of gastroenterology, Mr. Yun Yong-hoon, and the manager of the international center, Mr. Kim Yong Dok, visited Irkutsk. Experts took part in the Baikaltour exhibition, where they discussed, among other things, the development of medical tourism and partnership relations between Russia and Korea. Representatives of Gangnam Severance also visited Irkutsk City Clinical Hospital No. 1, with which Asian colleagues are building close cooperation. What treatment options does a well-known South Korean clinic provide to patients from Russia? Mr. Yun Yong Won told about this to the correspondent of "Irkutsk Online".

The high level of development of Korean medicine is recognized all over the world. What place does Gangnam Severance Hospital occupy in the Korean healthcare system? Please tell us about the history and reputation of the hospital. - Severance Hospital is the first Western-style medical facility in Korea. In the history of Korean medicine, the health care system at Yongseo University has received a huge number of reviews for over 134 years as the best medical institution in the country. In 1983, the health system at Yonsei University established the Severance Clinic in the country's economic center, Gangnam.

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