Ukrainians open the season of vaccine tourism

Ukrainians open the season of vaccine tourism

On February 15 in Ukraine, it was planned to start vaccination against covid, but it did not grow together. There are no vaccines yet. The Cabinet of Ministers assures: as soon as the drugs appear in the country, the process will immediately proceed. But some Ukrainians, without waiting for the manna from heaven, go to Russia to be vaccinated - a vaccine that Ukraine has categorically refused, even enshrining it in the law. Vaccine tourism from Ukraine to the Russian Federation, as Vesti found out, is gaining momentum, besides, the Russians vaccinate all foreigners who wish for free. The State Duma is already thinking about how to put medical tourism on stream and accept groups from different countries.

The experience of a businessman

A well-known Kiev businessman, co-owner of the capital's shopping and entertainment center, Alexander Melamud, is going to go for a second vaccination with the Russian Sputnik soon. As Melamud told Vesti, he did not pay anything for the vaccine, and he gave the injection at the vaccination point using a foreign passport and a test for the absence of coronavirus. However, Melamud acted "by pull" - his daughter, a well-known doctor, lives in Moscow, she has a businessman and is registered.

"The whole procedure took a little time. After examining the doctor, I filled out a questionnaire, where I indicated all the diseases. I answered clarifying questions and received an injection. There were no side effects at all, even the hand at the injection site did not hurt. to Moscow via Minsk. So the vaccination cost me the cost of plane tickets back and forth. On the 17th I fly again for the second vaccination. After that, they say, a high temperature can last for several days. But this is not always and not for everyone. And yes, after the vaccination they issue a special certificate (vaccination passport), I already have it, "Alexander Melamud tells Vesti.

According to him, he heard that in Russia "Sputnik" is already inoculating foreigners. “I know that Ukrainians are vaccinated in Russia. People are looking for an opportunity to avoid getting sick. There was no need to engage in nonsense, but to start producing Sputnik in Kharkov so that no one would go to Moscow,” says Alexander Melamud.

"There is no excitement among Ukrainians"

Free vaccines are vaccinated for foreigners in Moscow both in polyclinics and in special points that have appeared in every shopping center. The largest queue entirely consisting of foreigners is in GUM, where people from all over the world flock to get vaccinated. One difficulty - now entry into the territory of Russia is possible only for foreigners whose close relatives live in the Russian Federation. There are many such Ukrainians. Someone has already gone, and someone is making plans.

"My mom lives in Kursk. I think it's time to visit her, and on the way to get vaccinated and on the way back too. Mom and all relatives have already been vaccinated," Anna Voitenko from Sumy tells Vesti ...

According to the estimates of Ukrainians, a vaccine in the Russian Federation is an expensive pleasure. If you fly by plane, then you need to spend about $ 200 on a round-trip ticket. You can also choose an economy route - by bus. For example, from Kiev to Moscow they will be delivered at a price of 450 to 900 UAH, and back - for the same amount. And taking into account the fact that you need to visit the Russian Federation twice (the second time in 21 days), then the costs will double.

As told "Vesti" in one of the carrier company specializing in flights from Ukraine to Moscow, at this time there is no excitement. "Even if you want to leave tomorrow, one or two places can be found. But we have not heard that they are traveling specifically for the vaccine, although our Ukrainian drivers have already received a free vaccination with Sputnik, they are also at risk because they communicate with passengers." , - say the company.

Vaccination Charters


Hello friends! We will start today, unfortunately, with disappointing statistics. Scientists from all over the world have proven that the risk of developing diseases such as hypertension, osteochondrosis and obesity is most typical for a typical hero of the 21st century. That is, for you and me. What does this come from and why are we again?

Reasons for the active spread of the most famous diseases of civilization

Low psychological stability. A typical representative of the XXI century is highly susceptible to various stresses and nervous shocks. For example, against the background of the tragic events in Ukraine and the subsequent information war, our psyche has become more shattered. The number of visits to psychologists and psychotherapists has increased.

Bad food. Due to the crazy rhythm of life, modern people eat wrong. Not because they do not want to lead a healthy lifestyle, but because of the banal lack of time. McDonald's and bakery stands give us virtually no choice.

The influence of modern technology on the general condition. A typical hero of the XXI century is a man who begged over the computer. We depend on the equipment. Specific example: now 10 in the morning, in front of me - a computer, on the two opposite ends of the table - the phone and tablet. That is, radiation from everywhere. But you, dear readers, do not share. This article can only be read on electronic devices. So what do you have a tablet or computer?

bad habits. Recently, around the world the number of people suffering from alcohol, narcotic dependence, and smokers have increased. Inappropriate statistics persistently adds to its list of women and adolescents.

In fact, friends, this is a sad picture, but not a vicious circle. Everything in life can be overcome, even the laws of modern society. We will not tell you how to eat right and sit less in the phone, no. It will be more correct to think about how to change your mind and resist the diseases of civilization. We propose to approach the solution of this issue in terms of the most useful classes in this world - health tourism. Well, let's understand.

Medical tourism Hospital - She and Africa Hospital

Since we have spoke about health, it will be logical to recall medical tourism. If short, this is the usual practice of treating abroad. For example, we, Ukrainians, do not find a proper care or equipment here (causes can be different) and go to the United States. Why do this relocation call tourism? It is believed that abroad, besides high-quality medical care, we are waiting for a wonderful holiday to the soul. That is, we have the opportunity to enjoy the landscapes of the country in which they pleased. This, of course, is good, but tourism resembles remotely. Hospital - she is in Africa that in America the hospital. Health with medical tourism can be corrected at the highest level, no doubt. But is it possible to change the psychology of the modern urban resident and adjusting his habits ... This is a big question.

whether the business is a tourism wellness. In essence, he is a subspecies of the medical direction in tourism, but by the meaning of the tens of times surpasses it.

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