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The Professional Medical Service company (We treat in Israel. y) is the official (accredited) representative of the best Israeli clinics in Israel and provides services in the field of medical tourism.

On the official website of the Assuta clinic, our company Professional Medical Service is named among the recommended partners of this largest and most modern private clinic.

Our specialization is cancer. For more than 10 years we have been successfully organizing the treatment of oncology in Israel, and we are professionals in our field.

In addition to oncology, we helped our patients with hepatitis C, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, extended the lives of HIV patients, sent them to spinal surgeries, and also participated in organizing infertility treatment, thanks to which beautiful babies were born! <

At the moment, our company Professional Medical Service (We treat in Israel) provides the following services:

Organizes treatment:

1. All types of cancer

2. Benign tumors

3. Neurological diseases

4. Hematological diseases

5. Cardiac problems

The primary source of value for Israel's medicine is the official website of the Ministry of Health. The Ministry's tariffs are publicly available and are regularly updated. The price list includes the entire list of medical services provided to foreign citizens in public hospitals in the country.

However, it is inconvenient to look for how much treatment costs in Israel on the website of the Ministry of Health:

  • full names are in English and Hebrew;
  • data is not sorted in alphabetical order;
  • each medical procedure has a special code, without knowledge of which the search for the desired position will be difficult.

Online service of official prices for treatment in Israel

For the convenience of finding the desired name, we have translated the tariffs of the Ministry of Health into Russian and prepared a convenient ONLINE SERVICE, in which:

procedures are grouped by medical field;

there is a tool for searching medical procedures by code;

there is a mechanism that automatically suggests options as you type.

Find out how much treatment in Israel costs by using the video instruction, which demonstrates the sequence of necessary actions using the example of a specific medical program.

Video instruction on using the online service of tariffs of the Ministry of Health

How will the tariff service of the Ministry of Health help you?

First of all, the service is designed to protect you from unreasonable overpricing by the clinics organizing your treatment. Many of them do not agree to be content with only commissions from hospitals, and their services, which are already paid for by the hospital, are re-included in the final cost for the patient. The service will help you test your health proposal writer for good faith.

The main point to start with is that the official prices of public hospitals already include the help of any medical organizers:

Recently, the popularity of medical tourism in Israel among the population of the post-Soviet countries is growing rapidly. This is an exceptional opportunity to receive qualified and highly specialized medical care in reputable Israeli clinics for people with serious health problems.

Effectiveness of Israeli medicine

According to medical statistics, more than 500,000 people from different parts of the world come to Israel for treatment every year, more than half of them are residents of the CIS countries and other republics of the former USSR. This popularity is due to the highest level of Israeli medicine, an eloquent proof of which is the average life expectancy of the country's citizens: 79.5 years for men and 83.5 years for women.

Flag of Israel

Israel is a world leader in the field of surgery, treatment of the most complex oncological and orthopedic diseases. Among the decisive factors influencing the choice of foreign citizens in favor of Israel are the exceptional skill of specialists, the use of innovative achievements in the medical field, and affordable prices.

Israeli medicine has achieved unprecedented success in the following areas:

  • diagnosis and treatment of oncological diseases;
  • orthopedic diseases;
  • treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system (including angina pectoris, myocardial infarction ) using progressive techniques: coronary artery bypass grafting, stenting, etc.;
  • implantation of heart valves, artificial joints;
  • bone marrow transplantation, internal organs;
  • in vitro fertilization, thanks to which thousands of married couples learn the happiness of motherhood and fatherhood;
  • treatment of hematological diseases: leukemia, aplastic anemia, etc.

Benefits of Israeli medicine

Organization of treatment

The rapid development of science and technology blurs the boundaries between states. Traveling even to the most remote corners of the world is not difficult. Therefore, the field of medical tourism in Israel and other countries is developing at a rapid pace. Many are worried about the high cost of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in this country. Not wanting to overpay, patients are interested in the possibility of treatment without intermediaries, while they do not even have a clear idea of ​​how to get to Israel for treatment.

Mediators are organizations that do not provide medical services themselves, but offer support during treatment and the solution of all issues that arise during treatment. Mediators are often official representatives of hospitals and clinics (one or more).

Treatment in the country's clinics without intermediaries is also possible. There are two ways:

Israel has 373 hospitals scattered throughout the country - from Nahariya in the north to Eilat in the south - 46 general clinics, about 300 hospitals for the treatment of chronic and elderly patients, 13 psychiatric and 2 rehabilitation centers. The largest multidisciplinary leading clinics in Israel are mainly located in the center of the country, all large cities have several hospitals. For example, Tel Aviv has nine main hospitals, Jerusalem has five large hospitals.

The Izmed Coordination Center organizes treatment in the best clinics in the central part of Israel, which are able to provide any type of treatment at the highest international standards. Central hospitals in Israel, as a rule, are better equipped than peripheral ones, have a strong research base, world-renowned doctors in the state, and it is in them that most foreign patients prefer to receive treatment.

What Israeli clinics can offer to foreign patients

In Israeli medical institutions, foreign patients undergo treatment on a common basis with Israelis, despite the fact that the cost of treatment for foreigners is 40-50% higher than for citizens of the country. This ensures the equality of all patients, no matter how much who paid. Medical tourists, who independently organized their treatment, occupy general queues for diagnostics, surgical operations, and therefore, the time spent in a foreign country becomes very expensive for them. The problem of queues is solved by cooperation with medical providers who organize treatment in Israeli clinics in a shorter time frame.

The best hospitals in Israel are most in demand among Americans, for whom treatment here is sometimes twice as cheap as in the United States and citizens of the CIS countries, who expect better treatment than in their homeland.

Some hospitals have an international JCI accreditation level that is highly respected in medical tourism. Today, JCI has seven clinics in the country, including the private Assuta Medical Center, Schneider Children's Hospital, Yitzhak Rabin Medical Center, and 6 more clinics are at certain stages of accreditation.

Choosing a hospital in Israel depending on the disease

Choosing a clinic with our help will help you get rid of exhausting rushes in search of the right and best clinic, save you unnecessary costs and save time, and most importantly - provide the best treatment result.

The fact is that, despite the multidisciplinary nature, all clinics in Israel have a certain specialization, in which they are especially strong. This specialization is not spelled out on the facade of the clinic, but can be traced in the directions of scientific activity, in the level of qualifications of specialized doctors, in the accumulated experience of treating a particular disease.

Depending on the specific disease, Izmed recommends to its patients a clinic in Israel that has experience and all the possibilities for treating this particular disease. Unlike international departments of hospitals, we are not bound by obligations with one clinic, but we work in the interests of the patient, therefore we can choose the most optimal treatment option for you, taking into account also your wishes and financial capabilities.

Which is better - public or private clinics in Israel?

Almost all hospitals in Israel are owned by the state and the Clalit Health Insurance Fund, and several are privately owned. It is impossible to say unequivocally which hospitals are better - public or private, it all depends on the needs of the patient.

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