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Medical care in Egypt

Medical care in Egypt for foreign citizens - paid. If you need medical consultation - you should contact the reception and use the medical insurance policy.

Medical care in Egypt does not yet respond to European standards. Therefore, in order to avoid all unpleasant surprises in the form of a stool disorder or the consequences of the scorching sun on the beach, it is necessary to fulfill simple recommendations.

  • water from the water supply network and unknown sources of drinking without preliminary sterilization - it is categorically not recommended. In this case, you will help the boiler or an electric kettle, as boiling kills almost all the microbes that can cause intestinal disorders. Voltage in electrical networks and types of outlets are adapted to Russian instruments.
  • Good option - mineral water and juices - in factory packaging.
  • Before leaving the country, it is recommended: for tourists who did not have virus hepatitis A, make vaccination. Since the path of transmitting this disease is the same as all intestinal infections.

Usually, when purchasing a ticket, Russian travel agencies offer insurance. The system of state insurance of tourists in Egypt is valid. However, when accessing a doctor, you will need to pay a visit on my own, monetary compensation will be made by travel agency after your return home. Proof of your costs - submitted bills related to the treatment process. First aid in case of accidents is free of charge. It will not be superfluous to preliminary, before leaving for Egypt, familiarization with the conditions of medical insurance.

In the event of a serious illness, the necessary qualified medical care in the hospital can provide you with assistance in the following medical institutions:

If inpatient treatment is needed, it is carried out after an advance payment in advance, sometimes its amount is very significant. Therefore, it is beneficial to conclude a contract of health insurance for the entire duration of your trip to Egypt.

Important! Tetanus and polio vaccinations are usually routinely given to Russians. If you are not vaccinated, it is recommended to get them before leaving.

Malaria and viral hepatitis A are easy to catch if your route passes through deserts and oases. Take care of vaccinations against these diseases in advance.

Messi at the presentation of the project.

Barcelona and Argentina striker Lionel Messi has launched a campaign in Egypt to promote medical tourism.

First of all, the famous football player intends to draw the attention of the world community to the problem of the incidence of hepatitis C and the success of Egypt in its treatment.

The organizer of a large-scale PR campaign is one of the Egyptian pharmaceutical giants. The campaign was named "Tour & Cure" - "Travel and Heal".

As noted by the Egyptian authorities, the goal of the project is to attract foreign citizens to the country who want to receive treatment for hepatitis C at affordable prices.

It is worth noting that, according to WHO, now this disease in Egypt has become an epidemic. A number of local pharmaceutical companies are developing drugs.

The country's Ministry of Health, meanwhile, announced ambitious plans to completely eradicate this disease by 2022.

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Travel insurance for Egypt

If you need travel insurance to travel to Egypt, please pay attention, first of all, to two points:

1. Is the assistance that organizes medical care in Egypt reliable?

2. Are the risks typical for holidays in Egypt insured?

Medical tourism can be characterized as the process of moving from a country of residence to another country in order to obtain medical services. The rise in popularity of medical tourism has already attracted the attention of policy makers, researchers and the media. Initially, the term referred to patients from less developed countries who temporarily leave their home country in order to receive medical services abroad that are not provided in the country of residence. Today, patient mobility is undergoing both qualitative and quantitative changes. It often happens that people from richer countries come to less developed countries for health services.

Tourism as an integral part of medical tourism is reflected in the fact that people often stay in another country for a short time after medical procedures. Travelers take advantage of the opportunity to go sightseeing, go sightseeing, or take part in other traditional tourist activities.


Medical tourism is a multi-billion dollar global phenomenon that, according to experts, will become even larger in the next ten years. A person interested in medical care primarily pays attention to the cost of procedures. Treatment prices often play a decisive role in the decision to travel to a particular country for treatment.

Since the prices for medical services in many countries of the world are growing unreasonably quickly, the patient can estimate the cost of procedures and choose the one in which the cost of medical care is lower for a trip to treatment.


Quality of health care has two main components: technical and functional. Technical equipment determines the effectiveness of medical diagnostics. Functional quality, on the other hand, can be assessed by the level of service offered in medical centers (including the services of coordinators and nurses, as well as the attitude of doctors towards patients and their assistants). The quality of service in the field of medical tourism is one of the main factors that patients pay attention to.

Of great importance for medical tourists is such a quality assessment tool as accreditation of world famous institutions. In a number of post-Soviet countries, hospitals and medical centers are far from providing services of international quality. At the same time, a trip to another country provides an opportunity to take advantage of new technologies, the results of the latest research and the services of certified specialists. This means a lot when it comes to the patient's health and life.

Types of medical services

The categories of medical services and the level of their availability also significantly influence the decision to become a medical tourist. The most popular treatments for people traveling abroad for medical services are oncology treatments, cosmetic surgeries, dental services, organ transplants, heart surgeries, and orthopedic surgical procedures.




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Egypt is a historically great country with an extraordinary climate. the country in which you touch the history of civilization is also a country that generously endows its inhabitants and visitors with vigor, tranquility, good mood and health. A country that receives tourists from all over the world all year round. In addition to archaeological and religious tourism, there are resorts that have a preventive and therapeutic effect on the body. Health tourism is an obvious development of tourism. Hypet has many healing springs, including hot springs. Scientific studies have shown that the clays contained in these sources have healing properties for joint pain, skin diseases, kidney diseases, upper respiratory systems, broncho-pulmonary diseases, vegetative-vascular dystonia and many other diseases. In addition, the chemical rich waters of the Red Sea and coral reefs help in the treatment of many types of psoriasis. The natural factors of Egypt have been used for medicinal purposes (especially hydrotherapy and sun therapy) since the time of the pharaohs. Healing in Egypt Recommended by Socrates The healing properties of the Egyptian climate have been mentioned since the Greek era. Socrates, the founder of Climate Physiotherapy, mentioned this fact in his famous entries Egypt and Climate Physiotherapy. He advised people to visit Egypt and enjoy the warm weather and the freshness of the sea breeze. On his advice, millions of tourists have come and come to Egypt for hundreds of years to heal diseases caused by the colder and more humid climate of Europe.

Diseases that are treated in Egypt: - musculoskeletal system, rheumatism, scoliosis, joint pain, cerebral palsy - kidney, - respiratory system (bronchitis and bronchial asthma) - skin (including many types of psoriasis) - the digestive system. And this is not the whole list of diseases that are treated in Egypt.

Places of medical tourism Resorts that include medical tourism are Hurghada, Fayum oasis, Aswan, Sinai, Safaga, the Red Sea coast. The main feature of Hurghada is the constant sea breeze and constant light breeze, which makes it pleasant to stay on the beach even in the hottest summer months. The underwater world of the Red Sea in Hurghada is considered the richest, brightest and most colorful in the world. The amazing purity and transparency of the water of this Red Sea is preserved due to the fact that not a single river flows into it, which would pollute it with sand and silt. Hurghada has beaches with clean, fine sand and gentle slopes, which make a safe holiday for families with small children. The resort city of Hurghada is one of the best in Egypt, ideal for living and recreation all year round, here a magnificent dry climate intersecting with the sea breeze and the complete absence of industrial facilities makes the warm and gentle Red Sea an ideal climate for people with asthmatic, broncho-pulmonary diseases has a therapeutic effect for people suffering from cerebral palsy, joint and musculoskeletal diseases. In the coldest months of January - February, the sea water temperature off the coast of Hurghada does not drop below 20-22 degrees Celsius, and the air warms up to 23-25 ​​degrees and above. In the hottest month - August - the water temperature, as a rule, is not lower than 28, and the air temperature is usually not higher than 35 degrees Celsius (in the shade).

Aswan, sand bathing and the Far South A German expert (Bedouno Sanouni) who conducted scientific research made interesting conclusions on the healing properties of Egypt. The Isis Resort in Aswan, since the time of the pharaohs, has been a renowned site for ecological therapy, as revealed from various painted scenes at the Temple of Kom Ombo.

Aswan's dry weather is ideal for sand baths between May and September. Sand baths are useful for diseases such as rheumatism and rheumatoid arthritis. Many Aswan hotels have therapy centers with well trained staff. In addition, rheumatoid patients can receive treatment in the hot sands surrounding the mountains. Aswan, with its bright sunshine all year round and dry weather, provides the ideal atmosphere for the treatment of rheumatism and bronchial asthma. Further south, Abu Simbel, with its high levels of ultraviolet rays and low humidity between December and March, also provides favorable conditions for the treatment of these diseases. Nubians in this region still practice traditional medicine, in particular herbal medicine. They use a plant called "Halef al'Bar" in the treatment of colds, Damsisa in the treatment of urinary tract diseases, and baked pomegranate and fresh zest in the treatment of dysentery.

New valleys with healing springs and herbs Another therapeutic center in New Valley with an abundance of hot springs and healing sands, in addition to medicinal herbs. This area also has a typical dry climate. Here, hot wells and springs are connected to the pools and have temperatures ranging from 35 to 45 degrees Celsius all year round. The waters of such sources treat colds, rheumatism, and some skin diseases such as psoriasis. In addition, medicinal herbs grow here throughout the valley. Al'Sekran can be used as an anesthetic in surgical procedures. Jujube (hibiscus) is used to treat high blood pressure, especially with nervous tension.

Red Sea and psoriasis treatment. and the Red Sea coast, Mars Alam and Safaga are well known as health resorts. Safaga, designated the best resort for the treatment of psoriasis.

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