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How much does treatment cost in Israel in 2019

Holidays in Israel - a popular holiday abroad in the Mediterranean for foreign tourists. Recently, the number of people who want to rest abroad has been growing, who, choosing tourism in Israel, ask themselves the question of where to relax in Israel. Despite the popularity of European and Turkish resorts, Israel for Russians is quite an attractive and comfortable place for recreation, and especially for families.

Tourism in Israel includes a comfortable holiday in Haifa on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Historical relics, a beautiful beach, a healing climate and much more make a vacation in Israel attractive to many tourists. The sparkling charm of the Haifa beach provides a very special, comfortable and never annoying vacation in Israel.

While vacationing in Israel it is impossible not to feel, not to feel the greatness of these places. Israel is a land of shrines and historical monuments, the center of the main world religions - an atmosphere of tremendous spiritual energy. Israel is a truly unique country, despite its compact size, it has access to three seas, so when you go to Israel on vacation, you can choose where you want to spend your vacation at the sea.

Israel has resorts in the Mediterranean, Red Sea and Dead Sea. There are many resorts on the Mediterranean coast in Israel. One of the most famous is the resort town of Haifa. Thanks to its gorgeous beaches and developed infrastructure, many tourists come here from different parts of the world.

Holidays in Israel - an unforgettable experience

Holidays in Israel every year deservedly claim to be the best: a high level of service, a lot of options for recreation and countless interesting and exciting excursions. Israel is a unique country for those who like to have a varied and interesting vacation.

Holidays in Israel are suitable for those who want to sunbathe on the beach, and for those who like to visit interesting places. The Holy Land has attracted people at all times. Today you have a unique opportunity to spend an unforgettable vacation in Israel and get to know the peculiarities of this region.

Today, independent rest in Israel, filled with a huge number of interesting impressions, is in rather great demand among vacationers. The number of tourists who choose Israel for vacation is quite large. Every year Israel is visited by thousands of tourists who are attracted by the country's unique climate, which has a healing effect on the body.

Self-guided tourism in Israel

Each of us very carefully chooses a place for a planned vacation at sea, where he could enjoy all the beauty of travel. We will try to help you plan your vacation in Israel. An unforgettable holiday in Haifa on the Mediterranean Sea - a cocktail of ancient history, the spirit of the sacred land. Holidays in Israel are interesting for all categories of tourists.

Here you can relax, soak up the spirit of history and touch the shrines. will optimally meet your individual needs. Prices for holidays in Israel also allow the whole family to go - the family recreation sector in the country is actively developing. Thousands of tourists from all over the world come to Israel every year, but not only for recreation and treatment.

One of the key factors that influence a person's decision to come to our country for treatment is the cost of treatment in Israel. For foreign patients from Europe, the Middle East, the United States and citizens of post-Soviet countries, this factor works in different ways.

Europeans and Americans choose Israeli medicine because of the lower prices for medical services (Reproductology, Dentistry, Bariatric medicine) than in their country, and residents of Eastern Europe, Latin America and the Middle East come to Israel in order to receive better quality medical care than is available in their country.

For them, the prices for treatment in Israel are quite high, especially in the light of illusions about free medicine in their homeland. The reality is that surgery and treatment of serious diseases, primarily oncological ones, today in the CIS countries are not much cheaper than in our clinic, based on the final result.

The average cost of cancer treatment in Israel is higher in comparison with the cost of cancer treatment in Eastern Europe, but at the same time the result is higher by 30-50%. For example, on the website of one well-known oncologist in Russia, it is written that only 10-15% of women will step over the annual milestone at the 4th stage of breast cancer, in our practice, 100% of women with breast cancer will step over the annual milestone, provided that they had not received this treatment at home before.

This rating serves as an illustrative example for those who compare prices for procedures, for example, in their own country and in Israel, forgetting for a moment about the quality of the received treatment. Thanks to this rating, all the i's are dotted. Some may say, "bourgeois" rating, false information. So, the United States (Bloomberg is an analytical company located in the United States) in this rating is in the fourth ten, so lovers of conspiracy theories will remain dissatisfied. We also attach a link to the primary source page with a list of the full rating.

Average prices for treatment in Israel, at the Assuta clinic

Biopsy under the control of ultrasound, CT, MRI

Consultation of a specialized specialist

Operations with the Da Vinci robot

Thyroid resection

Cardio CHEK-AP (ECG, Argometry, ECHO of the heart, consultation of a cardiologist)

Heart scintigraphy (SPECT)

Coronary angiography, excluding the cost of stents

The Isramedic Coordination Center pre-calculates the cost of treatment in Israel based on the documents provided by the patient, offers a detailed program and approximate prices, with several options.

Factors affecting the cost of treatment in Israel

When you plan to carry out diagnostics or treatment in Israel, you should know that the cost of medical services will depend on many factors:

  • of the selected clinic in Israel;
  • of the attending physician: his academic degree, title, qualification category;
  • stage of the disease (especially in the case of oncological pathologies);
  • the individual characteristics of the patient himself;
  • the length of stay in Israel and the number of accompanying persons and, possibly, other points.

It should be borne in mind that the estimated prices for treatment in Israel, indicated in the preliminary program, may change, and this is due to the following.

First of all, the degree of confidence in the diagnostic results of another country is rather low when prescribing a course of treatment in Israel, and secondly, physicians are not legally able to rely on the results of tests that were performed outside the country. Therefore, there is a need for a preliminary examination to confirm or deny the diagnosis in Israel. Often, situations are revealed with an incorrect statement of the conclusion in the homeland of patients.

But in a number of cases, for example, the results (disks) of computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging can be used, provided that the quality is optimal. The biopsy samples brought by the patient are reviewed in an Israeli hospital, as well as the latest results of many examinations.

In addition, it is impossible to accurately calculate the preliminary cost of treatment in Israel for certain types of diseases. For example, the final prices for cancer treatment in Israel will be established only after a full diagnosis of the patient and an in-person consultation with a doctor.

Treatment in Israel cost

Gastroenterologist consultation, laboratory tests, gastroscopy with biopsy, colonoscopy, abdominal ultrasound.

Additional gastroenterological examinations (not included in the total price): MRI of the abdominal cavity, CT of the abdominal cavity, Magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography (MRCP), Video capsule (examination of the small intestine), Endo ultrasound.

Consultation with a hematologist, laboratory tests: general clinical blood test.

Additional hematological examinations (not included in the total cost) are carried out in case of suspected oncohematological disease (leukemia, lymphoma): bone marrow puncture $ 1,800 - 6,000 (depending on the number of tests required, the results are prepared within 14 days), Visualized diagnostic methods: PET CT, computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), surgical biopsy of the lymph node $ 4,500 - 6,000 (if lymphoma is suspected).

The effectiveness of treatment of various types of diseases is provided by the Medical Center. Sourasky (Ichilov). To guarantee the efficiency and quality of the services provided, only modern medical equipment is used on the territory of the center, services are provided by doctors of higher qualification. Multidisciplinary complex them. Sourasky is located in the central area of ​​Tel Aviv, he is ready to receive patients from anywhere in the world at any time. Due to the scale in which the institution operates (more than 4000 employees of various levels), the center is one of the leading leaders in offering medical services of any complexity.

Melanoma Unit occupies a leading position among Israeli clinics for the treatment and diagnosis of melanoma and other skin diseases. This institution is a division of the largest medical center in Israel "Assuta" and specializes in oncological and dermatological diseases.

One of the most famous medical centers in the world is the Shaare Zedek clinic in Israel. The scope of this clinic is extensive - it covers many areas and areas of medicine. Including: oncology, nephrology, cardiac surgery, surgery, treatment of gastrointestinal diseases, urological and orthopedic pathologies.

Assuta Medical Center (Israel) is a network of private clinics providing services in various directions. In order to provide patients with quality services and provide optimal medical care, European medical standards and corporate principles of activity are observed here. The Assuta center offers full-cycle medical services (from diagnostics to rehabilitation) in such areas as oncology and hematology oncology, surgery, neurology, orthopedics, cardiology, urology, cardio and neurosurgery, etc. Treatment is possible both in a hospital and on an outpatient basis.

Rambam Medical Center • st. Alia HaShniya 8, P.O. Box 9602, Haifa 31096, Haifa

Rambam Medical Center • st. Alia HaShniya 8, P.O. Box 9602, Haifa 31096, Haifa

Hospital. Chaima Sheba • Derech Sheba 2, Tel Hashomer, Ramat Gan, Ramat Gan

Treatment in Israel

It has long been known that Israeli medicine has stepped far ahead in comparison with the most advanced powers. World practice shows that the methods, means and techniques used by local doctors are not only effective, an Israeli doctor can treat even the most seriously ill patients, including patients with malignant tumors. It is not surprising that if it is a question of carrying out medical treatment abroad, Israel is the best solution for this.

Why is it profitable to be treated in Israel?

Choosing treatment in Israel (there are or without intermediaries - it doesn't matter), the applicant gets a lot of advantages, namely:

The climatic conditions of Israel, the Dead Sea and numerous thermal mineral springs open up wide opportunities for spa treatment. Israeli sanatoriums annually receive tens of thousands of patients from abroad. It successfully treats psoriasis, eczema and other skin diseases, diseases of the respiratory tract and nervous system. And those who do not have serious health problems can undergo cosmetic procedures, various types of massage and just relax.

How much does treatment in the sanatoriums of Israel cost

Of course, the cost of staying in Israeli sanatoriums depends on their level, the services offered and other circumstances. Here are the average prices for spa treatment in Israel:

Course programCost, US dollars from 1100Cost of 1 week stay in a 4 * hotel in the Dead Seafrom 1500Cost of 1 week stay in a 5 * hotel in the Dead Seafrom 1700Cost of 1 week stay in a country sanatorium complexfrom 600

Patient feedback on treatment in sanatoriums at the Dead Sea

Russian woman Inna went to rest at the Dead Sea with a friend. The young people did not have any particular health problems and preferred cosmetic procedures. Inna liked the cozy hotel room near the beach. In addition, the hotel had a Dead Sea pool. The girl notes a wide range of dishes and excellent quality of food in the hotel. Inna and a friend did their own mud wraps. They were satisfied with the rest and treatment in Israel.

Elena from Russia went to rest at the Dead Sea on the advice of a friend. Swimming in the sea seemed to her an unusual and unusual procedure. Therefore, she preferred the seawater pool on site. In addition, walks by the sea and the air saturated with healing vapors also had a healing effect. Elena also liked the spa treatments with heated water.

Where to get treatment and rest in Israel

Hamey Gaash Sanatorium

The sanatorium is located in a kibbutz in the center of the country, not far from Tel Aviv. It is famous for its thermal mineral springs. The sanatorium has 2 large saunas and 3 pools with mineral water from hot natural springs. There is also a spa with 14 rooms and a hydromassage center. The sanatorium treats patients with skin diseases, hypertension (pressure treatment in Israel), joint diseases and back pain. There is a hotel, cafe and restaurant on site.

Sanatorium "Rachel"

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