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Recently, along with such popular destinations of medical tourism as Germany, Israel, China, medical tours to Korea are gaining more and more recognition. Indeed, South Korea is distinguished by a high level of medical care, professionalism of doctors and the availability of modern medical equipment

What can be treated in Korea?

As a rule, patients from other countries travel to South Korea for the treatment of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, treatment of infertility and diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Traditionally all over the world it is recognized that the specialists in South Korea are among the best in the field of plastic surgery. There are good reviews about the rehabilitation of patients in medical centers in Korea, while the cost of services of Korean specialists is much lower than in clinics in the USA, Europe or Japan.

Treatment methods

Korea is one of the countries where high technologies are successfully applied for surgical interventions. With the help of robotic surgery, Korean specialists successfully carry out operations in the most difficult cases. These achievements are actively used in the field of oncological and pediatric surgery.

Korea has been using the cyberknife system for several years. Its main purpose is the treatment of cancer with a precisely directed radioactive beam.

Thanks to three-dimensional images and the ability to project the beam directly to the tumor and metastases, minimal invasiveness of treatment and the absence of serious side effects are achieved.

Cyber ​​Knife is actively used to treat brain tumors, vascular diseases, tumor recurrence. Importantly, the cost of operations carried out using this method is much more affordable than in other countries.

Cost and benefits of treatment in Korea

Korean doctors combine the traditions of Eastern and Western medicine for the best results. Separately, it should be noted that doctors and medical personnel in Korea speak English, which greatly facilitates mutual understanding between medical personnel and patients from other countries.

The cost of treatment depends on what kind of disease you want to treat in Korea, however, on average, the cost is half the price of similar operations and the provision of treatment packages in Europe and the United States.

How to arrange treatment in Korea?

In this article, we present some facts that will be of interest to anyone interested in plastic surgery in Korea.

Cosmetic Surgery Rise in Korea

The past century has been filled with many dramatic events for Korea. It began with the colonization of Japan for 40 years, liberation from colonial oppression as a result of the end of World War II (for Korea, it ended on August 8, 1945, which is the day of Korea's Independence Day). After that, the exhausted country also experienced a civil war, followed by a division into North and South as a result of the 1953 Korean War. At the time, it was one of the poorest countries in the world. In such conditions, the desire to look beautiful in Korea faded into the background, since it was necessary first to resolve the issue of hunger and survival. In 1961, Korea's GDP per capita was below $ 100. This means that the average family earned less than $ 100 a year, so one can only imagine how poor the country was.

Fast forward to 2015, when South Korea's GDP per capita is approaching $ 30. 00. For a better comparison, such an incredible economic success story is unmatched in any other country in the world over the past few centuries. The flourishing of the South Korean economy was stimulated by the holding of the Olympic Games in Seoul in 1988 (by the way, after a long hiatus, both the USSR team and the US team arrived at these games, which had been alternately absent during several Olympic Games due to the Cold War).

This short excursion into history helps us understand how from a country that many could not even find on the map 60 years ago, Korea has turned into a highly developed country and reached the world level in many spheres of life. As people get richer, they have more time and money to spend on health and beauty. Today, the emphasis on looking beautiful in Koreans' daily lives is so high that this cultural phenomenon has been dubbed the "boom in Korean plastic surgery." Since the Seoul district, Gangnam, being the concentration of plastic surgery clinics, is at the same time the richest area in all of Korea, it is here that you can see the consequences of the boom in Korean plastic surgery with the naked eye. The boom in plastic surgery in Korea correlates with the boom in the economy that has made Korea what it is today.

According to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, nearly 15 million plastic surgery procedures were performed in South Korea in 2011. Therefore, at the moment, Korea is considered the country with the largest coverage of the population of plastic procedures in the world. South Korea also ranks first among countries for the highest rate of aesthetic surgical procedures per capita of all ages per year (see diagram below)

In general, modern Korea can be described as a country where people pay a lot of attention to how they look and where the competition is very high. There is a strong belief in Korea today that success in love and career depends largely on how attractive you look. This opinion is so strong that children are often given money for plastic surgery as a graduation present. This is seen almost as a certain ritual, transforming the exit of a young man or girl into the real world in order to successfully meet the coming trials of life.

If you look at it from the economic point of view, then, as you can see in the diagram, Korea owns 24% of the total market share of plastic surgery on a global scale. More precisely, it owns a share of $ 5 billion as of 2014 (Source: Fair Trade Commission of the Republic of Korea). Considering that the total global plastic surgery market is $ 21 billion, we can see that Korea's plastic surgery is in high demand.

Also, the so-called Korean wave of popularity (K-Pop, K-drama, etc.) has swept all countries around the world. Today, a huge number of international tourists travel to Korea in search of the "natural look" that Korean surgeons are very adept at creating.

Increasing demand for plastic surgery

Over the past few years, the number of medical tourists to South Korea has increased several times. At the same time, statistics on plastic surgery in South Korea show that of the approximately 7.5 million medical tourists who come to Korea every year, more than 80,000 come for the purpose of plastic surgery.

Since Korea is currently the best country in tourism for plastic surgery, this beauty industry is considered a national treasure of sorts. That is, plastic surgery is an important factor in the development and growth of South Korea's medical tourism industry. Since South Korea has established itself as a major center for plastic and cosmetic surgery, today it is considered the plastic surgery capital of the world.

The importance of plastic surgery in Korea

How Korean Medicine Works

South Korea ranks fourth in the world in medical development and leads in five-year survival after cancer treatment. The clinics promise treatment at the level of Israel and Germany. But in statistics and on the websites of clinics, you can write anything.

In the article, the founder of Medmost, Vladimir Ten, talks about how Korean medicine works in reality and how Korean doctors manage to treat diseases that are not taken up in their homeland. Vladimir himself was treated in South Korea, when doctors in Kazakhstan threw up their hands and did not know what to do. Now Vladimir is helping other patients to go to Korea for treatment.


I communicate with patients and feel distrust of South Korea. I understand them: the country is not mentioned in the news, it is not known what the standard of living is and what about medicine.

In fact, South Korea is a developed country. For example, Samsung, Hyundai, Kia Motors, Algy are Korean brands. The country has low crime and no active volcanoes, so something about it rarely appears in the news.

The level of Korean medicine meets the standards of American JCI clinics. This standard is used to assess the quality of medical services, comfort and safety for patients. The certification is carried out to reduce the risk to patients and doctors.

Thirty Korean clinics passed certification in 2016, for comparison, there are twenty-one such clinics in Israel, and three in Russia.

According to Bloomberg analytical agency, South Korea ranks fourth in the world in terms of medical development:

Rating is based on data from WHO, UN and World Bank. For this, the average life expectancy, government spending on medicine and the cost of medical services per capita are estimated. Israel ranks seventh in this rating, Germany - 39, Russia - 55.

Rating is a generalized figure. They evaluate medicine according to several indicators and give an overall picture. For example, the United States has the most advanced medicine, although it is ranked 50th out of 55. Because they spend the most on medicine, but medicine is expensive. Therefore, it is better to look not at numbers, but at how medicine works and what success doctors are achieving in treatment.

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If you are looking for a treatment option abroad, then you can confidently opt for South Korea.

Why choose South Korea for treatment?

1) Efficiency

The most important factor why people go to Korea for treatment is efficiency at every stage.

- it takes from 2 hours to 3 days to receive a response from the clinic (second opinion).

- obtaining a visa for many CIS countries is not required

-organization of the entire trip, takes no more than 1-2 days.

Over the past twenty years, South Korea has advanced in modern medicine to such an extent that it occupies a leading position in the world ranking along with European countries, Israel and the United States. Despite the high level of medical care, the prices for treatment are more than affordable. Esquire has compiled 7 facts you need to know about medical treatment in South Korea.

Diagnostic accuracy reaches 97%, and the survival rate is almost twice that of the United States. These results are achieved thanks to early diagnosis and the use of innovative treatment methods.

Successful graduation from university does not guarantee employment. The selection is so strict that only a small number of students make it to the end of their studies, and even fewer go to work in clinics. Full education, including internship and residency, lasts a total of 11 years, and only 0.5% of first-year students will be admitted to work in their specialty and make a career in the chosen direction.

Follows from the previous point. Only professionals work in the country's clinics, and their word is not subject to discussion. The South Korean doctor will not discuss with the patient about the chosen treatment program and listen to the latter's doubts about the prescribed procedures. The reception itself, as a rule, does not last longer than a few minutes. It is believed that if the attending physician speaks for too long, it means that he is not a professional in his field. He accepts the patient, listens briefly to complaints and just as briefly gives his opinion. Doctors are unquestioningly trusted by Koreans.

If you want to use medicine, pay. Every South Korean citizen and people who come to work are required to have public health insurance, which is paid 50/50 with the employer. It allows you to cover up to 95% of all medical expenses, depending on the disease. However, if treatment bills are too high, Koreans spend their savings. It is not accepted here to ask for help in fundraising for an operation.

South Korea is among the top medical device manufacturers. Naturally, the first thing new products are introduced in their homeland. Many devices are unique and are in high demand not only in Korea, but also in countries such as Germany and Japan, which, by the way, do not complain about the lack of their own manufacturers. Interesting fact: hospitals in South Korea are committed to investing money from insurance payments to develop clinics and buy the latest equipment.

By the way, despite the high quality of treatment and service, their cost in South Korea is 20-60% lower than in European countries and the United States.

The service offered by an average Korean hospital is many times better than what can be obtained in private clinics in the CIS countries. Patients are accommodated in comfortable wards, and if necessary, assistants are assigned to them to solve everyday issues. The whole process of work of any hospital is built in such a way that it would be as convenient for the patient to undergo treatment as possible.

The first is to organize your trip yourself. To do this, you can choose a clinic yourself, send a request, receive an invitation, buy a ticket, find a hotel or apartment, and then find a guide or translator.

The second is much simpler. You need to contact the official representative of foreign clinics in your country, who will fully organize the trip to South Korea.

One of such agencies in Kazakhstan is the South Korean company WOWVOS with a representative office in Kazakhstan, which provides the highest and most extensive service for its clients.

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