Treatment in Israel: how to choose a clinic and not overpay for treatment

Israel adopted the Law on medical tourism: what you need to know for those leaving for treatment

Tourism in Israel has always been developed. Every year a huge number of people from all countries come here on excursions and on vacation in order to admire the sights, visit the Dead Sea and visit Jerusalem. But today in Israel, medical tourism is on the first place in popularity. And there are reasons for this.

Firstly, it is a well-developed industry in the country. Secondly, it is the leadership of Israeli medicine in many areas, especially in oncology and cardiology. And, of course, these are quite low prices for treatment, which are 1.5 - 2 times lower than in Europe.

Of course, for an ordinary person, such a trip is not as easy to organize as it seems at first glance. It is especially difficult to do this for people who have never been to this country and do not know anything about it.

Therefore, in order to avoid mistakes and not be disappointed, the easiest way is to contact the Manor Medical Center, which has been cooperating with the leading clinics of the country for many years.

How Manor Medical Center works

Medical tourism from Moscow and other cities of Russia to Israel with the help of ManorMedicalCenter is very easy to organize. If a person needs emergency medical care, on which his life depends, then the Manor Medical Center company will easily organize a flight and treatment in the best hospitals of this state in the period from 12 to 24 hours.

Using the services of ManorMedicalCenter, each person receives a complete plan of diagnostic procedures, which will be drawn up by the leading specialists of Israeli clinics. In this clear schedule, both the time of the procedures and their full cost will be scheduled. And your treatment will be handled by the best specialist who has considerable experience in the treatment of your particular ailment.

Photo of the Manor Medical Center

During the diagnosis or treatment, each person who applies for help will be accompanied by an interpreter who is familiar with all medical terms and features of the translation of oral and written medical speech.

However, medical tourism in Israel is not only a treatment by one or another specialist. This is also communication with the attending physician even after leaving home. Manor Medical Center will help you purchase all the necessary drugs for further use at the place of residence, and, of course, carry out control tests after a while in order to make sure that the disease has actually receded.

In addition, the Manor Medical Center is not only meeting a patient at the airport, solving all his everyday problems, finding suitable accommodation for the duration of his stay in the country and the services of an interpreter. This is also the preparation of an excellent excursion program that will help you get to know the country better, learn its history, and see the main attractions. The combination of tourist trips and visits to the clinic has a beneficial effect on the health of each patient, and this is evidenced by the numerous reviews of our wards.


Now there is a special offer from ManorMedicalCenter and Israeli airline EL AL, which allows you to get a discount on air tickets up to 15%!

Advice from the President of the Israel Medical Tourism Agencies Association

Israel has a high level of medicine. But in recent years, there have been several internet scandals that have tarnished the reputation of Israeli clinics. Fraudsters and non-professional representatives of hospitals overestimated the cost of treatment by 5-10 times or took an advance payment and disappeared.

How to choose a clinic and check a medical representative for honesty is told by Mark Katzenelson, President of the Israel Medical Tourism Agencies Association and a partner of Medmost. A word to Mark.

Get a plan

In 2019, the Israeli government passed a medical tourism law to protect foreign patients. It has two important points:

  • Medical tourism in Israel requires a license from the Ministry of Health.
  • Before travel, the hospital or hospital representative must send the patient a plan and cost of treatment.

We have often seen that foreign patients come to Israel and do not know what awaits them: what procedures need to go through and who will lead the treatment. They knew the total cost, some abstract figure, and nothing else. The patient is easily deceived, and some unscrupulous representatives of the hospitals have taken advantage of this.

The Israeli government has ordered hospitals and medical representatives to send a plan with the cost of treatment before the patient arrives for treatment. In this regard, there should be:

  • description of the patient's problem;
  • names of doctors who will treat him, their positions and biographies;
  • list of diagnostic and treatment procedures, to be done;
  • the cost of the procedures.

The hospital representative can no longer say, “Come, the hospital is waiting for you. We will paint and show everything on the spot "or" All this will cost 20 thousand dollars, bring money. " Do not agree to such treatment, this is how scammers usually act.

Check who is responsible

Our patients often complain: “We thought we were going to Ichilov, but the company we worked with behaved in bad faith. We ended up in some other clinic. "

Dishonest medical representatives hide behind the names of well-known hospitals to attract more patients. They send the treatment plan, as if on the official letterhead of the hospital, and write the name of their company in the corner. It seems that the hospital itself sent the treatment plan, but it was not.

Israel joined the world medical tourism relatively recently - at the end of the last century, and in just 15 years took the sixth place in terms of money turnover, behind Germany, the United States and Singapore.

In Russia, according to the statistics of Yandex requests, most people are interested in treatment in Israel. In second place is medical tourism in Germany, in third - in the United States.

Such intense interest is explained by a combination of three factors:

  • High professionalism of Israeli doctors and modern equipment of clinics.
  • Visa-free regime between Israel and Russia for those who want to improve their health.
  • Many intermediary firms ready to solve any problems of tourists.

However, this type of tourism has a number of peculiarities. Let's take a closer look at the advantages, consider the disadvantages and tell you what you need to know for Russian citizens planning to visit this country as a medical tourist.

Main clinics and level of professionalism of doctors

At the end of the 80s of the last century, a favorable situation was created for doctors of Jewish nationality, dissatisfied with the living conditions in different states, including Russia. Most of the high-class medical specialists emigrated to Israel, thereby giving a powerful impetus to the development of the healthcare system. The technical equipment in Israeli clinics and laboratories, incomparable in level with Soviet institutions, allowed doctors to show all their talents and knowledge.

As of 2016, 12 medical centers in Israel have a JCI certificate - a document confirming the high level of services provided. It is difficult to obtain it, in Russia and the CIS countries there is not a single institution that would have a JCI certificate.

Modern Israeli clinics

Most Russians believe that Israel's leading clinics are concentrated in Jerusalem. This is not true. In many cities of the country there are medical institutions, the equipment and level of services which can be envied by Russian hospitals. Consider the most famous clinics in the country.

Haim Sheba Medical Center

This is a state center for medical services, consisting of three clinics: children's, general clinical and a rehabilitation center. The institution is located near Tel Hashomer and is focused on the treatment of local residents. However, foreign citizens can also receive medical assistance here.

Medical Center. Haim Shiba

At last, what the patients who have been waiting for treatment in Israel have come to pass - on July 18, 2018, the deputies of the Israeli parliament approved a law designed to regulate the sphere of medical tourism. How the new law will affect newly arrived patients and whether it will affect the cost of treatment, as well as how they see the future work of the medical tourism company - read on.

For about 2 years, the draft law was at the stage of approval, since not all market participants were satisfied with its basic provisions in the original version. The key mechanism for bringing order to the industry should have been the idea of ​​making payments for treatment transparent. Unfortunately, the lobby of the interested forces contributed to the elimination of this norm and the final text of the law was approved without it.

The DoktorIsrael team initially supported the main idea of ​​the qualitative changes proposed by the draft law, therefore, 2 years ago, they included its basic provisions in their concept of organizational services:

  • Our patients pay for treatment directly to the cashier of the medical institution where they receive medical care. By accepting an official hospital bill with prices regulated by the Israeli Ministry of Health, the patient is protected from the risk of unjustified overpayments. Thus, we do not participate in the pricing process and do not resell hospital services - this is the essence of transparent calculations.
  • We accept the patient on the basis of an agreement concluded between him and the hospital. This means that all the organizational work to find a suitable medical institution and treatment team, as well as ensuring your comfort, is entirely on us, but the preparation of the medical program and the treatment process itself will take place within the responsibility of the hospital.

Not all medical tourism companies are willing to operate in a financially ethical manner. This was made clear by Mark Katzenelson, head of the Association, which includes 16 companies that took an active part in shaping the final text of the law. He clearly expressed his position in the studio of Channel 9, Israel:

... The Israeli Ministry of Health (ed. - The Israeli Ministry of Health initiated the law) wanted to take away all free financial activities from us ...

... a miracle happened when the deputies of pro-socialist views, understanding the essence of our work, said: "They should earn as much as they want."

To which Alexey Ribin, director of Top Doctors, who also took part in the TV program, quite rightly answered:

The Association has achieved that now the hospital receipt does not have to be shown to the patient and considers this to be its main achievement. This maintains the opacity of the market, when people who are accustomed to high earnings do not want to give up their positions. I am totally against this approach. After all, medical tourism companies do not create anything new and are only a link between the hospital and the patient - in all countries with developed medical tourism they adhere to this principle.

The remark of the head of the Association speaks volumes and makes you think:

If we talk about the "transparency" that you are talking about, then let us write on the labels of all products that are sold in Israel for how much the product is bought and for how much it is sold. Knowing the cost, not a single person is ready to spend his money, because it hinders him.

Let's just add that the prime cost, Mr. Katzenelson calls the official prices of hospitals, which already include a commission for the services of an intermediary. But the companies that are part of the association he heads are not ready to be content with modest commissions.

Not all countries can boast of an excellent healthcare system. Unfortunately, the countries of the former USSR in the provision of medical services are still far from world standards. We still do not have uniform medical protocols, modern diagnostics and quality treatment. The good news, however, is that you are not without the opportunity to receive first-class medical care in another country.

Today, medical tourism is developing by leaps and bounds. Developed countries with modern medical centers are fighting for their patients, offering high quality services at reasonable prices. One of these countries is Israel with a developed network of large multidisciplinary medical institutions, where they provide medical care not only to Israeli citizens, but also to foreign patients.

Medical tourism in Israel has been booming since the late 70s. Today, more than 40 thousand patients from all over the world come to the Promised Land. These data are provided by the Israel Medical Tourism Association, which closely monitors the dynamics of demand for medical services in Israel from foreign patients. The lion's share of patients are in the countries of the former USSR, which is not surprising, because Israel for such people is one of the most attractive destinations in terms of price, quality and comfort. For many residents of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other post-Soviet countries who seek help from the doctors of the Promised Land, Israel and medical tourism have become an inseparable phrase.

Many residents from the countries of the former USSR prefer Israeli medical facilities, since there are many doctors in Israel who speak Russian. The absence of a language barrier is an important advantage during consultation and further communication with a doctor.

Israel and Medical Tourism: Top Destinations for Foreigners

At present, all medical branches are developed on the Promised Land. In any large multidisciplinary clinic in Israel, you will be provided with any medical service - from banal check-up diagnostics to treatment of serious diseases.

As for foreign citizens arriving in Israel for treatment, most often such patients need the following diseases:

  • Cancer. This is the lion's share of patients seeking help from Israeli doctors. It is noteworthy that up to 50% of such people from the countries of the former USSR arrive in Israel with false diagnoses. For example, Israeli doctors often do not detect cancer in patients who have been diagnosed in their home country. In the treatment of malignant tumors, Israeli clinics use both classical methods of surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and innovative therapeutic methods, including immunotherapy, targeted therapy, biotherapy and others. Israel boasts some of the most successful cancer treatment rates in the world. Brilliant specialists work here, including doctors with a narrow specialization in oncology, for example, neurooncologists, gynecological oncologists, urologists oncology, oncological surgeons specializing in the treatment of neck tumors, and so on.
  • Diseases of the heart and blood vessels. Brilliant cardiologists and cardiac surgeons work in Israel. Many clinics in the country are equipped with modern cardiac surgery rooms "Hybrid", which allow two teams of doctors to simultaneously perform two operations at once. This is a significant relief for the patient, who instead of two operations undergoes one. All types of cardiac surgery are performed in Israel, including beating heart surgery. Among the most popular cardiovascular interventions are stenting and catheter surgeries, which are performed through the femoral artery.
  • Diseases of the nervous system. Many foreign patients in Israeli clinics are people with neurological diagnoses. Israel is the country where epilepsy was first treated using a unique deep brain stimulation technique. Spinal cord surgeries are performed using neuronavigation systems that allow doctors to perform the intervention with maximum precision.
  • Diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Medical tourism in Israel is also an opportunity to treat acute and chronic diseases of the musculoskeletal system. In Israel, the positions of sports orthopedics and traumatology are strong. Therefore, many athletes and sports teams undergo treatment and diagnostics here. In the treatment of joint diseases, modern conservative techniques are used, as well as unique arthroscopic operations. Israeli medicine has everything you need to carry out the most complex operations to replace the hip, knee, shoulder and other joints. For this, prostheses from leading manufacturing companies are used, which are distinguished by high strength and reliability. Such prostheses serve a person for decades.

All other directions in medicine are developed in the country - gynecology, urology, ophthalmology, gastroenterology and others. Israeli doctors are ready to help any patient.

How medical tourism is organized in Israel

In Israel, most large clinics accept foreign citizens for treatment. At the same time, both state medical institutions and private ones are engaged in foreigners.

One of the ways to get treatment in an Israeli clinic is to contact an intermediary company. Such companies have contracts with leading Israeli clinics. Representatives of the intermediary companies meet the patient at the airport, accommodate him at the hotel, explain in detail about all the upcoming procedures and will accompany him at all stages of treatment and stay in Israel, right up to sending him home.

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